Unfolding Perfection Trusting The Process

Unfolding Perfection – Trusting the Process

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BQH practitioner, Christina Lavers is located in Upper Orara, New South Wales, Australia, and in this article she shares the beauty behind trusting the process as she writes about a recent Quantum Healing session. 

It can be daunting to embark on a journey with no road map; no plan or agenda. Schedules, formulas and recipes can make us feel safe and in control. 

The structure acts as an assurance that we will reach our final destination. However, when we are willing to let go and trust the process something magical happens. We make room not just for high frequency divine intelligence to weave itself into the structure, but to create the structure itself. 

This is one of the beauties of BQH sessions. We can have no idea how a session is going to unfold and yet, as long as we can hold space in a state of trust, we can be sure that the magic will happen. 

Sometimes it may seem as though the journey is unfolding in a way that doesn’t make sense, but experience will show us that as long as we continue to trust we will eventually be amazed at the intelligent and miraculous way it all comes together in the end. 

For example, in a recent session a client found herself in what she described as a cowboy town in the old West. When she left the town and moved on to a new scene, she discovered that a horse had followed her from the town. She felt no connection to the horse and didn’t understand why it was with her. When I suggested that she speak to the horse and ask why it was there, the answer that came was ‘comfort’.  Though she didn’t feel that she needed comforting she accepted the horse as part of her journey. It followed her into every scene, even ones in which its presence seemed absurd. 

Then, toward the end of her journey, she met herself as an angry child. This inner child self was convinced that she was broken and could never be fixed. Even when the client’s higher self attempted to connect with her, she was adamant that no ‘adult talk’ would be able to convince her that she could heal. She was so thoroughly sure of her ‘wrongness’ that it felt as though we had reached an impasse. At that point I assured the child that we would not push or force her to do anything, and then asked if there was anything at all that she wanted. After a few long moments of consideration the child answered, ‘the horse’. Both the client and I were amazed by the answer. Suddenly it was clear why the horse was there. Intuitively I could see the horse was a vehicle through which the divine could meet and sooth the child. Like a pebble dropped into deep waters, the healing effect would ripple out from this important point of connection. The horse was there to initiate the process of melting the barriers the inner child had created that kept her disconnected and wounded. 

With every session it becomes easier and easier to accompany the client on their journey without feeling the need to impose perceived directions or solutions. By letting go and remaining curious we invite a higher more sublime force to orchestrate the client’s journey in a way that would be impossible for us in our limited human form to accomplish.

Tips for building confidence in trusting the process:

  • Meditating before a session can help us to feel centred and connected, making it easier to remain calm, confident and open, even when we have no idea where we are being led.
  • Be aware of unhelpful thoughts (e.g. judgement, worry, etc) that come up throughout the session and learn to nip them in the bud. An affirmation such as, ‘I choose to trust the process’ can be helpful, especially in the beginning. Eventually it will become second nature as confidence in the process grows.
  • Make sure the client also understands the importance of ‘trusting the process’. This will help to ensure their rational mind doesn’t try to step in when something happens that they don’t understand.
  • Welcome the unexpected. When something pops up in a session that doesn’t seem to fit, encourage the client to explore it and see where it goes.
  • Accept that sometimes clarity and aha moments won’t happen immediately. Sometimes only when the client listens to the recording at a later date will some elements become clear.
  • Expect wonderfulness. Letting go of any expectations is fundamental for both practitioners and clients. But when we expect wonderfulness, without holding on to specifics or outcomes, we create a strong, potent space for the experience to unfold in.

Christina Lavers


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