A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

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Article by Quantum Healing Practitioner Mario Radinger 

This Quantum Hypnosis client was suffering from a mysterious sensation of cold pain in his back that no medical treatment had been able to relieve.

Once under hypnosis, he was shown a life as a fairy in what appeared to be the medieval times. She was part of a group of pixies inhabiting a forest close to a human village and was tasked with watching over a little boy who was destined to become an important, compassionate king. Dark forces wanted to alter that course of history, and so, one night, they attacked. The fairies managed to protect the boy through the immense power of their love but ended up brutally slayed by getting the wings on their backs cut off.

Later, the client’s Higher Self explained: “we showed him that life of his, so he would remember that there is nothing more powerful than love. He is in human form now, but his mission is the same in all of his lives: He is a bridge between the subtle and the denser realms, and we want him to accept that and use his love to heal others.”

They went on to explain how the physical trauma of the cut got carried over into his present life but had also led him to his session experience. As that purpose was served now, they agreed to heal it straightaway. 

What’s your story?

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