Breaking Out

Breaking Out

Session Stories

Article by Quantum Healing Practitioner Mario Radinger

This recent Quantum Hypnosis client had been suffering from a life-long inability to express his true feelings to the world around him. He had tried many therapies, but nothing had helped him overcome this impairing blockage. 

In his session, he was shown a life as a Roman soldier who had a secret love affair with a woman of lower position, which was not socially accepted at the time. One day, she got falsely accused of murder and incarcerated. He, putting his reputation and life at risk, decided to free her and succeeded in doing so, but eventually got caught and was ultimately executed under the eyes and shouts of a bloodthirsty crowd. 

Once out of the soldier’s body, he was able to see how the trauma of getting ridiculed and killed for exposing his inner truth had created a protective behavior pattern for his present life. Realizing that the love and authenticity he got to experience was worth it all (and that times and jurisdiction have since changed) allowed him to integrate the trauma and release it. 

What’s your story?

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