The Time Travel Theory

The Time Travel Theory

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Editor’s note: This is a great article to read if you are curious to know more about timelines, especially why exploring a future life may be of benefit. The following article is written by LaDonna Permenter, a BQH practitioner based in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.  

Time Travel Theory

I facilitated a Quantum Healing session where the client travelled to the 3700’s.

Here in the ‘future’, life was interesting with major intergalactic involvement on earth and with humanity. Regarding the questions at hand with Past Life, Current Life, vs Future Life, I have had other clients also go into the future, and it appears no different than a past life,

Through facilitating these sessions I noticed two things:

1) We have to be cognitive of our words. Our words can and do act as a steering mechanism.

2) Perceived perceptions vs perceptions perceived. I discuss with clients in the pre-talk if they wish to learn about anything in their future, emphasizing Free-Will, which means anything can change & shift going forward, and most certainly in the future. They are in control for they are the creator in every moment.

In sessions I have been to 2026, 2178, 2287, 3700, 3764 and 4165. What I have discovered is that ‘time‘ is truly irrelevant. The one common denominator in future lives is that we are more heart-centered. Life lessons continue, and health is an option we actively decide on as a means to continue the journey of awareness.

Awareness was explained as, “knowing thyself as Creator.” What we do with that knowledge and awareness determines the journey we ‘ourselves’ are on, and the journey humanity is on collectively.

Through awareness, the Creator becomes cognitive of itself as the creator. Through growth, the Creator is learning to create ‘responsibly’ as an outcome of the growth itself.  As we are all ONE, the experience is the ‘game,’ and the ‘perception.’

Hopefully, that does not seem trivial in nature, but it’s a message that comes through loud and clear at this time. Awareness is a forward motion, although often it seems like we are ‘behind the 8 ball’ and we need to move it along.  

All Quantum Healing sessions are beautiful and amazing in and of themselves. At this time, as predicted and advised, these session are changing. Current sessions are evolving as many clients are not going backward to experience a past life. They are addressing the here and now, as well as the future and what they are to focus on.

I have learned that the Universe and our teams are proverbially ‘literal’ as we encounter what the client needs.There are millions and millions of journeys.

Enjoy the adventure. Have an open mind with no judgment or expectations. Put your navigational cap and goggles on and jump in! 

To the client:

What do you desire to learn, and does it include going forward into a future life?  

You are in control and have Free Will. 

Inform the Universe that you are ready to expand your Awareness.
We can stay in the sandbox or get out and run around on the playground to explore new and grander adventures. We are where we are because it’s an active choice, even if inactively chosen.  We all can ‘play/stay’ wherever we want; to experience, to learn or to move forward.

The sessions are very much a two-way street. We receive what we ourselves are ready to perceive.

AH! I hear Ms Dolores again, “Get out of your own 3D way!”

LaDonna Permenter


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