The Reoccurring Loop That Can Be Broken

The Reoccurring Loop that Can Be Broken

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All healing is self-healing, but sometimes we need a helping hand. Bee Heutling is here to help her clients release their emotional blocks and wounds through Beyond Quantum Healing, without having to go through the pain again, and in the following article, it shows how BQH can assist with healing and breaking reoccurring patterns or loops that we may be stuck in.

The Reoccurring Loop that Can Be Broken

In a recent session, the client went to a life where she was a woman who had a baby (6 months) next to her in a crib.

She sat on her chair unable to move because she had no food and felt weak. Her husband had gone somehow and it was unclear if he will be returning. It became clear that something was wrong with the baby. The mother’s milk had dried and they were both starving.

Article by Bee Heutling

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