Timeline Shifts And Bleeds

Timeline Shifts And Bleeds


We have all heard that time is an illusion. But how much do we really understand it? Are we able to grasp it and wrap our human minds around it? Can we even manipulate time and change our reality?

An Explanation of How Time Doesn’t Exist

Human perception of time so far has been linear which is one dimensional. We see and understand time by dividing it into past, present, and future. In fact, this limiting way of thinking is only an agreement; it is not an actual mechanical nor energetic way of how the Universe works. It is similar to the agreement of reincarnating and “forgetting” who we really are.

In reality, time is multi-dimensional and exists all at once. For a better understanding, let’s visualize time as represented by a circle.

From a human perspective, which is linear/one dimensional, we look at time from the side instead of from the top and that’s why we see it as a line – linear!

As we evolve, our consciousness is spiraling upwards in a purposeful way. We widen our perspective and can see from a higher standpoint. As we venture beyond 3D, we are slowly beginning to see the bigger picture. Ultimately, the higher the perception we hold, the more we realize that time has no beginning and no end. It is an ongoing cycle. The further we zoom out, the smaller the circle becomes until eventually it becomes a dot and disappears. Therefore, time as we measure it and know it doesn’t really exist. It is an illusion because of the limited human perspective. Past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously at the same time.

The Ability of Changing Timelines

We could change the perception of time in any direction we want. By understanding this concept, we can now look at the time dimension as if it were a dimension of space – just as one can move right and left or up and down in space, it is possible to move forwards and backwards along the time dimension, or even bend and travel through it. Regardless of which direction you might choose to focus your attention to, everything exists at the same time and they are all interconnected.

What does this mean? It means that how we choose to measure “now” affects what direction the photon took billions of years ago. With our action “now”, we could affect what we perceive past or future. Our choices in the present moment influence what had already happened in the past.

Consequently, we can change the timeline we are currently experiencing.

This was exactly what happened to me a few months ago and it was the first time in my life when I was conscious of my having changed the timeline!

Healing the Past, Present and Future Simultaneously

I have been releasing some deep emotional trauma from my childhood with the help of a therapist who does ancestral clearing, which comprises of clearing/healing for inherited emotional issues and unresolved trauma from our ancestral lineage. In doing so, it releases us from energetic patterns that are tied to our ancestors.

During a session, the therapist would guide me to achieving a light hypnotic state in

order to connect with my ancestors’ higher-selves and find the cause of the blocks and unresolved issues and traumas so that I was able to change the situation and clear all inherited unhealed traumas. Based on the concept of multi-dimensional time and that everything happens simultaneously as we discussed previously, by healing our past, we instantaneously heal our present and future. Very profound!

Silent Movie Moment at the Subway Station

A few months ago, after a particularly intense session, I was literally magnetized by the trees when I was walking to the subway station from the therapist’s practice studio. I probably needed some serious grounding and I just couldn’t help but hugged a tree in the middle of the street for a few minutes till I was ready to take the train home.

I observed people on the train when I was heading to the therapist and I started doing so again when I was in the platform waiting for the train home. Amongst the crowd of people, I noticed a girl who was on the train with me three hours earlier. What a coincidence to see her again on the same day! As I looked to the other side, I saw a couple who were also on that same train. I turned around and spotted another guy from that train. And then another and another!

“How is it possible?” I started to get frustrated and thought, “This is crazy! This cannot be a coincidence.” I was confused and a little bit worried. What was happening? How could that be? What am I experiencing? What is really going on here?

Initially, I thought, “Okay, this is not a coincidence. This I know. I feel it. Something else is at hand. Could it be the ‘back-drop people’?”

“Back-drop people” is a concept that Dolores Cannon presented in the book Convoluted Universe Series book four. I remembered her saying that the back-drop people are not real people. They are just energy. They don’t have souls and are holographic. Only the ones that are actively in our lives have souls. These back-drop people have denser energy and are helping us evolve by back filling in in order for us to get a faster track and ascend.

While I was trying to wrap my mind around that and to feel whether it was true or false explanation of the event, something else happened. I realized suddenly that the noise around me had stopped. There was complete silence while I was standing in the middle of the most central subway station in Berlin at peak hour! I would even say that everything froze for a moment, that everything had stopped, including time. I felt like I was in some kind of a void or a gap, or more like a glitch in time. An empty space. Just as though I was suspended in time.

At first, it was as if I was watching a movie. A silent movie. And that’s when it hit me! It is a movie! And this movie is something that I am creating. I produce it and I’m also an actor in it!

At that same moment, I realized how powerful we are. Creating our own reality. That’s how powerful our mind is! Everything in our life, we are creating it and putting it there to experience it.

Oh my! This realization, or should I say remembrance, really scrambled and blew up my brain! It was so overwhelming that it scared me. I decided to just leave it on the back of my mind somewhere and continue with my “normal” life. As soon as this decision was made, everything went back to normal. I took the train and finally arrived back home. The next hours till even now, I try not to think about it much because it was such an immense experience that I cannot really interpret logically.

Overlapping and Collapsing Timelines

The next morning, as soon as I woke up, I was being guided to check my YouTube subscriptions because one of the videos contained the answer to my questions and an explanation of the event. And it did!

It was actually not a video but a clue that lead to an energy update blog article by Jelelle Awen titled Overlapping and Collapsing Timelines, Plus Activations of Higher Oneswhich was published on the same day as my incident at the subway platform!

In the article, Jelelle explains how collapsing timelines happen as we consciously choose one timeline over another and they can be felt most dramatically during personal crisis or cleansing.

It made so much sense! I had activated and jumped into another timeline! By the inner work I had just completed with the therapist and by changing the past and healing my emotional trauma, I had raised my own vibration and due to the universal law of attraction, I was automatically aligned with a higher timeline. The incident I experienced at the train station on my way home was just a physical manifestation of that! The glitch was a result of a bleed through timelines!

We Have the Power of Manipulating Our Reality

These timeline bleeds, will be experienced more and more, as we develop spiritually and re-connect with our divine nature and Higher Self. The flooding of light from the Galactic core that is showering us right now is indeed enhancing and illuminating the pathways to our highest timeline path.

As we evolve, we leave the 3D space-time reality and enter the door to the quantum field or time-space, the realm of eternal time, and we create unlimited possibilities where we can consciously choose different timelines.

As we grow into 5D within the body, we will recognize and learn that we have the power to manipulate our reality, creating endless potential realities and experiences. That’s how powerful we are!

About the Author: Hara Katsiki is a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Certified Dedicated Level 2 Practitioner of QHHT ® ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) by Dolores Cannon and BQH® (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner. She is also a Certified Teacher of “Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” ® and “Journeys Into The Heart: The Inner Path” ® from THE SCHOOL OF THE HEART by Master of Meditation Daniel Mittel. Additionally she is an Intuitive consultant, Metaphysical Researcher and multi awarded Fine Artist.  For more info please visit:http://www.qhht.cloudhttp://theschooloftheheart.com/hara-katsiki/https://www.facebook.com/hara.katsiki.qhht/https://www.youtube.com/c/HaraKatsikihttp://www.harakatsiki.com

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