The evolution of human design

The evolution of human design


The evolution of human design

All humans are hybrids, designed and created over thousands of years.Human like us appeared on our planet 200.000 years ago and that's not very long compared to the vastness of life in the cosmos.We are the new kids on the block in our galaxy!Genetic material from our native ape was combined with extraterrestrial genetic material to create what we are now.

We, humans on planet Earth, are the result of creation through combining genetics and seeding our DNA.We are the result of Ape, Pleiadians, Sirius, Grey and a few other "humanoid" neighbor civilizations.Our DNA reeks with messages that it's not from here and some of our scientists can now see it.They can see that something happened that it's not through normal evolutionary process, it's counter intuitive.

The creators of "humanoid" beings, whom their job concerns the creation, design and evolution of the human specie, are behind this operation, this grand experiment.

This operation is being done with the help of many different celestial civilizations and races. Their work involves genetic engineering,an amalgamation of combing and seeding different genetic codes to create new species that we call hybrids.

There are many types of hybridization programs, there is not just one in particular. And there are many of us who are a part of it and have given permission, because we had decided to do so before we incarnate.

Most of the children who are coming on Earth the last several years , are already a "new" species. They are being called starseeds, indigo,crystal and rainbow children. They all carry altered genetics, which are enhanced in order to carry more information, more light. Their DNA consists of more activated codons. They are a new species, and many have the ability to re-member who they are and where they come from, in a society that for many thousands of years, we have forgotten our origins and interconnectedness as One.

There are also other hybridization programs between Earth humans and other species, running on laboratories on other planets and dimensions.

The hybrid children that are being designed there and are not yet on Earth, they function and vibrate at a higher frequency than the humans who are currently on Earth. 

Yet they carry an amount of human biology, enough to be able to co-exist and acclimate with us.

When these children come,adjust and integrated with us, they are going to speed up our progress and transformation ,by inspiring and assisting us to create the next step in the evolution of humanity.

When will they arrive?When we are ready.When we raise our frequency enough to a level where it can be easier and closer for them to resonate with.When we will live from a space of love, compassion for each other and the planet.

This time is approaching and accelerating on Earth, and we are now evolving to the point where we will soon be making contact with our galactic family!

We are all part of the same galactic family.Our brothers&sisters have been with us, and visiting us everyday.They care about us&the Earth.And how do we know that?Because otherwise they wouldn't appear in our skies for many thousands of years without trying to harm us.They are peaceful, kind evolved spiritual beings and they are here to help us with our evolution, as they have been helped too in their past.

The joy of creating and experimenting is an art.And it is not going to stop anytime soon.

(There are new planets forming that are getting ready for life)

It is a continuous, eternal process as much as the evolution of life.

Hara Katsiki

Personal information 

I  have hybrid children in many laboratories  associated with several different kinds of hybridization programs. I work with the YahYel  as a liaison,  a mediator, an integrator, a facilitator, an overseer, i do take care of these children, even though i am not their mother, i am more of a teacher, a guide to them, assisting them in learning and in order to adjust smoothly on Earth when they arrive.So I visit their dimension while i am asleep, to assist the children with different kinds of lessons,so that they can acclimate and adapt to our society. I'm also associated with the program from the Zetas (Greys), but more as a supervisor, ,I don't have hybrid children with them , yet I do oversee their programs as I have a lot of genetic engineering knowledge and background from other lives.

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