Parallel Universes And Mental Disorders

Parallel Universes And Mental Disorders


Article by Hara Katsiki

BQH and QHHT® Practitioner

I’ve been thinking about the  subject of mental disorders and I facilitated a session a few days ago where the client’s Higher Self came through, and gave us some dazzling information about the subject!

The Higher Self is part of the subconscious mind that we connect with to get answers to the client’s questions. What amazed me was not the information itself, but that  it made so much sense,  it was definitely mind-bending,  and it is important to note that I didn’t ask for this information! “They” addressed the subject of parallel universes and mental disorders as if they knew that  I was interested in these subjects. Well, I guess “they” knew , and that’s why they did it.

My client visited a “past life” as an Extra-Terrestrial on another planet. She was working on a mothership, and they were at least 10 different species working together. It was mind-blowing as we observed and got familiar with so many different ET’s, some of them of which I had never encountered before! So below is a transcription of the BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Session. It starts where I had just called in the Higher Self of the client.

H = Practitioner, HS = Higher Self:

H: So (client’s name) had just had a wonderful journey and you were showing her working on the ship with these beings, and being of service. Would you like to tell her a little bit more about it? Why did you show her this life and how is it related to her life now?

HS: It’s about parallel universes.

H: So you showed her something that is happening at the same time in another place?

HS: Yes, she is not living one life.

H: So while she is here, she is also there?

HS: Yes, she is in many places. We have told her this before. At any time she is focused on one life: at the time that she is focused, that is the life that she is living at that time. But she also has other lives that she is living simultaneously.

H: Is that why she said that she could lay down to rest, and stop working on the ship for a while  to focus on Earth and live a human life….? (This information was part of the “past life” she had just visited)

HS: Correct

H: So is she in a way suspending her body on the ship, and focusing her energy on living a life as a human, or how does it work?

HS: It’s all about consciousness. It’s not like that she has two bodies. She has human body living on a particular timeline on Earth. Meaning, that she could be living as ( the client), as the woman she is in the present lifetime, and she could also be living as a man on Earth in a different lifetime, and she could also be living as a child in another life still on Earth. So she has parallel lives that she is living on Earth. She is also living lives on other planets too that are parallel! So, the life on the ship (the “past life” she had just visited) is one of the parallel lives that she is living.

H: So, as you said earlier, it depends on where we focus our attention, and that’s the life that we will experience in our current reality?

HS : Correct.

H: I have heard this before and I am curious, is this like a contract? Is our consciousness locked on a certain reality because otherwise, it would be too much for us to handle, and to be aware of so many parallel existences?

HS : Yes, it would be too much, because we are all living these lives at the same time, as different beings,  but at the same time. And there are many lives that we are living at the same time, but we are only aware of what we are focusing on, because like you said it would be confusing otherwise. H: So, if somebody would like to be aware of his/her parallel timelines and experiences, and different dimensions, and different lives. Can a human do that? Is he/she able, or do we require permission?

 HS : It’s possible and humans have the permission to do that, but only if it will not interfere with the present life, or with the life that they are focused on at that time. Only if it will not interfere! There is a danger of allowing it to interfere, and when that happens, the individual might be considered mad. Do you know what I mean?

H: Mentally sick? Mentally imbalanced?

HS: Yes, imbalanced. If a human being wants to view other lifetimes or other universes they can, but only if it doesn’t interfere with the life they are currently living.

H: Is that what happens to people who are labeled as mentally imbalanced?

HS: Yes.

H: They are able to perceive parallel timelines and dimensions?

HS: Yes, some of them cannot control a personality of themselves.

H: And why is this allowed in their case?

HS: It’s a choice, like I said.

H: So they choose to have this experience?

HS: They choose to tap into these other experiences, but not everyone can handle it. Sometimes, we grow into the ability to handle it and sometimes we don’t. So, it’s the ability to handle all these different personalities, and different dimensions, and different realities; therefore it depends on the ability of the individual to handle it and to control it, and know which one is functioning in which universe.

H : And you as the Higher Self is supervising everything?

HS : Yes we do, but sometimes  it gets out of control…

H: I wonder, since we are discussing this subject, is there any way, healers and therapists could help in any way without drugs and medication?

HS : Yes!

H: How can we do that?

HS: There is a way you can help them, but the help has to come from the individual, and that is if the individual really knows what is going on. Not all of them know what is going on, not all of them can admit that it is happening. Once the individual begins to admit and see that they have different personalities personality “shifts”. It can then be corrected. They decide whether they want this to continue happening or if they want to this to stop. And if they want it to stop, THEY CAN stop it!

H:  How? How can we assist them?

HS: You can assist them, but think about what you are doing now!( I got goosebumps! )

H: How can we do this through hypnotherapy?

HS : That depends on the individual. If the individual will allow it, and you can communicate with the Higher Self of that individual. You can tap into it through hypnosis, and connect with the Higher Self of that individual: request for this to stop, because of this interference and imbalance that is being caused as the individual is not in alignment with the Higher Self. That’s when these things happen. If they are aware of their present reality and you ask if they (the HS) can keep them in this reality so that the person will stop bouncing in and out of their current reality/timeline.

H: And what about the ones who are not aware of this shift in perception and other realities? Is there any way that these people could be helped in any way?

HS: We don’t want to say that there is no way to help because everything is possible, but it’s about going into that place where you can do it.

H: To bring them into that awareness?

HS: You can’t treat someone who is mentally sick from birth, because that person is not even aware that they are mentally sick. Being aware is very important, so if these people aren’t aware that they are bouncing in and out of the current reality, then it’s hard. It’s harder to make them aware.

H: Do these people choose to have this experience?

HS: Sometimes they do. Sometimes it’s a disorder and sometimes they want to have the experience.

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