Alternate Timeline Experience

Alternate Timeline Experience

Connecting the Dots

The concept of timelines is a fascinating subject, and something we all experience. You will notice this yourself if you pay enough attention. The following experience is written by Dana Harris, who is an Energy Healer as well as Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner located in Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States. 

On the morning of Monday, July 29, I journaled about waking from a dream I had.

I will preface this by saying that I never remember my dreams. So, when this occurred I remembered it so clearly upon waking and I knew it was significant.

Here’s what I journaled about it:

Changed timelines in a *dream* 

This felt significant upon waking, because I never remember any dreams.

So, in this dream, I go into a store that seems similar to a Dollar General type, but one that I don’t know or shop at. I go inside and the male cashier says hello to me. I go over to the drink coolers to look for something. Off to the side I see that they’re having a sale on 2 liters of Dr. Pepper. Being by myself I knew that I wouldn’t be able to carry them all. So, I decide to go in search of a cart.

After finding a cart, I return to the front of the store. It’s at this point that I realize that things have changed since going to get a cart. The drink coolers upfront are now oriented in a different way and do not have the same things stocked inside.

I look around to the few other shoppers, and nobody seems to notice that anything is different. They are just going about their business.

When heading back up to the cashier (the same guy that said hello) with my items, I mention to him that this must be a parallel time or different timeline because the drink coolers have been moved and changed in a matter of moments, which of course would be impossible for the staff to do. He just gives me a casual smile and continues to ring up my sale.

Immediately upon waking I remembered the whole thing, and just knew it was a message. It meant a new timeline.

What I didn’t know right away was if this was for me individually, or for the collective.

Muscle testing revealed it was for me and us as a collective. And also, it was a positive change.

Article by Dana Harris

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