Notre Damned

Notre Damned

Connecting the Dots

Here at Hub Quantum Healing, we love how Hara shares her session stories, and this one will be no different: as you read and finding shivers running down your spine.

Article by Hara Katsiki

I recently had an incredible Quantum Healing session with a client that brought forth information about the event of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire!

The client was a 50 year old woman, a high-level surgeon, a tutor at Cambridge University’s Anatomy Institute and Trinity College Cambridge, and also a senior physician at the University Hospital of Geneva, with focus on microsurgery and interdisciplinary re-constructive surgery. She’s an amazing lady with a very tough conscious mind. 

As we were finishing the session,  she was talking about her sister when suddenly her Higher Self  changed the subject and said: “…Why did Notre Dame burn…?”

I was really caught by surprise as we hadn’t talked about this event during the pre-talk, and it wasn’t on her list of questions. I don’t watch the news either, but luckily that morning I checked my emails and had seen a fellow Quantum Healing practitioner post about the event.

As we continued with the session my reply was: “Why? That’s a very good question.”

Higher Self: “It’s finished,” they said. “The old is finished. Things are changing.”

Hara: “Was that a symbolic event?”

Higher Self: “Yes. The heart…it’s the heart of France, it’s the heart of religion.”

Hara: “Notre Dame was symbolizing the heart of the Catholic church?”

Higher Self: “Yes. It’s finished.”

Hara: “What is finished exactly?”

Higher Self: “The church. It’s finished.”

Hara: “The power that they had? They are losing it?”

Higher Self: “Mmm…It’s finished.”

Hara: “And how was this event orchestrated?”

Higher Self: “Not preventable. No one could have stopped it.”

Hara: “So, it was planned?”

Higher Self: “Had to happen.”

Hara: “And from whom was it planned?

Higher Self: “It’s the Earth…”

Hara: “In what way?”

Higher Self: “I don’t know…Hara, I need to wake up know.”

After the session, I couldn’t help but investigate further, where I came across this Daily Telegraph video. As I watched, I was stunned to see a huger orb flying around the tower just before it collapses!

Note that the camera is steady yet the orb is flying very quickly
What could it be….?

It’s incredible, because the more I look into this story the more I realize the Divine intervention that took place for it to happen. The fire expanded rapidly and burned down a huge part of the top which was made of oak wood, and a specialist said that it was extremely strange; wood as old as what was used for Notre Dame shouldn’t have burned so rapidly.

There is also a video for you to watch on YouTube, if you would like to listen to the audio session instead.

To find out more about Hara, who is based in Berlin, Germany, visit , or you can contact her on her website.

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