Diamond Light Code Explosion - DC Summit

Diamond Light Code Explosion – DC Summit

Connecting the Dots

Editor’s note: Chrysilla Lewies is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner and medium based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. She’s intuitive and we love when she shares her perspective of what’s being experienced in the world of metaphysics. 

Light Code Explosion – DC Summit

It all started with an intention. An intention to connect with Diamond light as well as the late Dolores Cannon through channeling her essence as many gathered for the first DC summit.

When everything is in divine order, there are many synchronicities that fall into place and present themselves. For many at this time, it’s Diamond light codes and using the Diamond light.

Diamond light can heal.

While watching Pamela Aaralyn and Candace Craw-Goldman speak about the diamond light in a recent Dolores Cannon channeling, I was experiencing severe chest pain. It’s been something I’ve had on and off for many years. I know it is energetic as I’ve done extensive tests, and the cause of the pain was never found. 

So, as I’m clutching the left side of my chest, feeling my heartbeat, and just wishing for the pain that I was feeling to reside. I was immediately drawn to use the Golden healing light. I was on autopilot; that’s the light I always use for healing, and that’s the first thing that came to mind.

My guides stepped in and said: “why are you using Golden light? Use the Diamond light!”

Okay, but how? Immediately an energetic pointed quartz crystal was placed inside of my chest. It was pulsing to the rhythm of my heartbeat. With each deep breath I took, I would visualize this Diamond light exploding and then contracting as it was removing and absorbing all the pain I was experiencing.

While doing this, I could feel a sense of warmth come over me as well as a cold breeze, all simultaneously. It only took a few minutes for the pain to dissipate as I was holding the vision of the Diamond light healing what needed to be healed. Successfully leaving me pain-free.

Both the Rainbow and Diamond light is currently assisting us to heal old wounds; physical and energetic. It’s also assisting us at this time with the merging of dimensions. It’s simply giving us a glimpse of the new world we are moving into. 

Article by Chrysilla Lewies


Picture by Samantha Ohern

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