Transforming Our Blocks Into Doorways

Transforming our Blocks into Doorways

Connecting the Dots

Diana is a practitioner at Spiral Path Therapies, a BQH practitioner, as well as facilitates BQH surrogate sessions for those who feel they are unable to go deep enough. She’s located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


There are many of us who are experiencing what is referred to as ‘ascension flu symptoms’; vertigo, extreme tiredness, overwhelm, irritability, disturbed sleep, prophetic dreams, ringing in the ears, tension, aches/pains, dehydration, chronic fatigue, feeling different/unaligned, zoned out, ungrounded, brain fog, increased intuition, bursts of motivation, inspiration, creativity, a peak of anxiety, overwhelming emotions, impatience, heightened sensitivity to light, the desire to detox & let go. 

These are some of the most common symptoms, and I am sure there are more that you or someone you know can add to the growing list. 

In my co-op office of 12 therapists and extended circles of therapist friends, we have been talking about the many cases of vertigo we have seen and/or experienced this year. Some cases have lasted for months on end. 

As a synthesizer and anchor of higher dimensions coming online, my mission is to support the integration of these higher planes of reality into Mama Gaia and all beings, as we are all ascending together.

My Team (higher frequency guides and angels supporting me in this life) continues to remind me that these symptoms are signs that our energy field and body are ready to expand to a higher frequency. 

Often the difficult symptoms like vertigo are pointing to what we are resisting in this process. You might ask yourself the following questions: 

What am I resisting experiencing that is happening right now? 

What am I afraid to let go of in my energy field, life history, &/or current experience? 

Why I am afraid to let go of this? 

Who would I be if I let go of this? 

How does this thing define me? 

So often we resist the experience as it hooks into past experiences that didn’t feel good, or somehow have become part of our identity. 

When we incarnate into this world through the ‘veil of forgetting’ everything feels unfamiliar. We are open to all experiences and energies; positive and negative alike. As a ‘new human’ we take in all of these new energies which begin to program our subconscious mind and build the foundation of our perception of self. 

 When we are given ample love and validation, these energies become foundational to all our other experiences, allowing us to build on top of the love and validation which will feed into our sense of self. 

This same mechanism is true for when we are experiencing fear and pain. Whatever dominant energies and emotions we are marinated in become part of our foundation, our sense of self, and our frame of reference to everything else we experience from then on. 

When we are receiving positive input, we create boundaries around our sense of self,   how we relate to others, and operate in the world. When we receive negative input, we develop defences and walls against the pain, and this also creates our sense of self, how we relate to others, and operate in the world. 

These experiences, whether positive or negative, and the boundaries or defences we create, become familiar and ingrained as our sense of self. We identity with these thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, influencing our life and the choices we make. 

It becomes a belief system that says “I have to hold on to this behaviour, thought or feeling to be safe.” Even when it feels painful or difficult, it has become the known, the familiar, and it feels scary to think of letting it go because we have identified with it for so long. We know how to operate in this field of pain and difficulty. Who would we be without it? Would we be safe? 

This is the lie we tell ourselves; the programming through pain. What helped us perhaps survive when we were new to this life and so deeply impressionable, has now become a block to our growth and keeping us from opening to our true self. 

When we can recognize that our defence mechanisms and fear of past events is not truly “us”, but only learned behavior, we create an opening to learning through them.

 We are not our thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, and in fact, as we awaken to our True Self, we can use these, along with the ‘ascension flu symptoms’  to point us to what still needs clearing and upgrading. The block becomes the doorway. 

Article by Diana Adair
Photo: Pexels

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