Debunking Myths about Hypnosis in Quantum Healing Sessions

Debunking Myths about Hypnosis in Quantum Healing Sessions

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– A Comprehensive List – 


As a Quantum Healing Practitioner, I find that I am often having conversations with clients about the many myths with hypnosis in Quantum Healing sessions. There’s a lot of great resources and articles that one can read but I wanted to create a list, in no particular order, that brings them all together in one comprehensive list that I could add to my website,, for my clients and so this is what I have done here.  As such, and because there are always new ways of looking at hypnosis, trance work or Quantum Healing, it will remain ever evolving … just like us!  


I’ll know if I’m hypnotized and truly speaking with my Higher Self if I receive the healing I asked for and get all of my questions answered. 

FALSE: Expect that sometimes, the Higher Self may decide that for your own good, they cannot answer certain questions or perform healings.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Not wanting to alter the future or something you need to experience
  • You’re not quite ready yet
  • Karmic reasons
  • Contractual reasons
  • Incarnation agreements


Hypnotized clients do not reveal deep secrets against their will.

TRUE: There’s a myth that hypnosis can be used to manipulate clients to reveal facts about themselves that they ordinarily wouldn’t — that is false.

  • It is true that during hypnotherapy sessions, clients may learn things about themselves that they have previously forgotten or perhaps never consciously knew. This often assists them to discover a deeper understanding of actions, experiences and feelings that have been previously confusing to them.
  • Clients reveal only what they are ready to learn about themselves during a hypnosis session. The mind is actually extremely conscious during these treatments, and the client is not asleep or unconscious. No one is ever forced to share anything against their will.


Only one session is needed to get the information and healing desired.

FALSE: While sometimes this is indeed true, the depth and extent of your goals will have a direct impact on the number of sessions needed.  

  • Most behavioral change is going to require more dedication and persistence to produce lasting results. 
  • Exploring past lives in great detail will take several sessions. Your first session will always serve in addressing those details that have a direct correlation to your current life but even this can take several hours.  


Hypnosis can retrieve repressed memories.

TRUE: There are times when hypnosis can assist in retrieving repressed memories but there are no guarantees.  Even when it does work, there is no guarantee that the memories will be accurate to any degree. False memories are a very real thing! Further, there are reasons why using hypnosis to retrieve repressed memories is simply not recommended. 

  • Certain memories become repressed in order to protect the person. As the person is ready to handle them, they can and often do return in a more natural way that will not harm the person mentally or emotionally.  I have seen cases first-hand where the Higher Self will tell someone that they will only open up the memories when the time is right – which is rarely based upon what we think is the right time. In this case, Spirit explained that if they were to open the memories up, it would change the persons future to their detriment and so we trust this and allow the need to pass.
  • It is not always necessary to retrieve repressed memories in order to heal the issues that they might have caused.  The Higher Self and your spiritual teams are very adept in these matters.
  • Behavioral, emotional or mental consequences that comes as a direct result of traumatic or repressed memories can still be dealt with in the present without having to relive them.  In looking at the practice of presence, one could say that we should give attention to the present; to the present moods, thoughts, emotions, behavior as they occur in the present because in all reality, therein IS the past.  


When I have my session, I can go to any specific life or event that I choose.

FALSE: Spirit gave Dolores Cannon the answer to this as being false.  She was told, “there is the necessity for limiting one’s experiences to only those areas which bring understanding and enlightenment. And so it would be wise to disregard those lifetimes which would bring disharmony, for that is not the intended purpose”. 


You can’t lie when your hypnotized.

FALSE: Hypnosis is not a drug like truth serum and in most cases, you will be fully conscious and aware during your session. Because of this, you can absolutely lie in a session … but then again, why would you? This would seem to be an awful waste of your time and money.  


If I’m hypnotized, my conscious mind will not get in the way.

FALSE: Know that hypnosis is not a drug and you in the majority of cases, your conscious mind will come in and out in waves. This is where allowance, trust and surrender are important. Further:

  • Do not be surprised if your conscious mind attempts to block you by putting fears or doubts into your mind. This is okay as it is your human defensive mechanism; the egoistic part of you that is present to protect you from real dangers. Over time, this sense of protection gets distorted so as with meditation, simply observe these thoughts and allow them to fade. 


I’m concerned that the Practitioner will make me do silly things or try to implant unwanted messages into my subconscious.

FALSE:  Know that nothing can happen to you that you would not want in your fully conscious state.  You will not be sleeping so free will remains in full force. Your Higher Self too would not permit anything that would go against your well-being and highest good.  Your subconscious will reject anything that is not in alignment with your truth or beliefs.


Hypnosis can be dangerous and can be difficult to snap out of it.

FALSE: When in a hypnotic trance, you have actually achieved a state that millions of people try to achieve every day in their meditations. You are in fact, in a state of hyper-awareness.  It is true however that you will feel groggy, but this is more akin to waking from a nice nap.


I won’t be told anything that will upset me in a hypnotic session.

FALSE: Whether you receive ‘good’ or ‘bad’ information, it is a matter of the definitions you assign to these words. Depending on your expectations and definitions, you may very well get information that you find upsetting. For example, you might find it upsetting to hear that you agreed to certain things as part of your incarnation that you now find disheartening. You may also receive information that pushes an emotional button for you; new information perhaps that causes you to reconsider a belief you currently have.

  • I suggest trying to see this information from a higher perspective and understand why you made the agreement. Once we can understand our pre-incarnation motives and goals, this type of initial reaction or shock often changes to something much more palatable.  When you have a Practitioner guiding you, they can pursue these answers for you during the session.
  • As evolving beings, information that goes against our hopes or beliefs can feel like a kick in the gut and yet, without this, we would never expand into new understandings or beliefs. Sometimes these events are catalysts in opening up our minds so we can gently replace old beliefs into new and expanded beliefs. 


I was fully conscious and aware throughout my session so I must not have been hypnotized.

FALSE: Hypnosis is not an unconscious state of sleep. In fact, most people report having a heightened sense of awareness, concentration and focus, and can even hear more acutely during a session. The cases where people awaken to no memories of the session are actually quite rare and far in between.


Self-Hypnosis is safer and more effective than going to a trained professional.

FALSE: Self-Hypnosis can be a wonderful experience but in other cases, can also be detrimental when not facilitated by a trained professional. Negative attitude or belief about oneself can unwittingly be reinforced regardless of suggestions given. This can cause more stress and problems in the long run. 


The only way for me to measure the success of my session is by receiving everything I ask for.

FALSE: Expectations are derived from the conscious mind, or the egoistic mind. This is where we set explicit parameters upon everyone involved, including Spirit.  Instead, consider that your definition of success may actually serve as an obstacle that will prevent you from not only being hypnotized but also an obstacle to your healing.  

  • Remember that your Higher Self knows you better than you even know yourself. They know your past, present and future lives and they know you as a spiritual being with specific goals and lessons to learn. Trust is essential – trust that what you receive is precisely what you need; not what you necessarily want. 


I can’t have a successful session because I cannot see images in my mind.

FALSE: Everyone has their own way of “seeing” images and for each one of us, these ways are constantly changing and evolving.  When “seeing”, we use all of the senses and in doing so, we can perceive what it is that Spirit is showing us.  This aspect of communication also requires patience and it may take some time for the knowingness to come full circle. Most importantly however, I suggest:

  • Don’t work – Don’t try – Don’t judge – Don’t question.  What you sense, see, feel, hear, smell or perceive doesn’t have to make sense so don’t try to make sense of it.  If you do, you will only be activating your conscious mind to become an obstacle. You don’t have to know what to look for. It will come. Trust it when it comes. Relax into whatever arises as if you’re in a movie and simply relaying what you’re seeing.  
  • Re-define what “seeing” really is. Can you see your car without being in front of it?  Of course you can!  It’s really that easy.


In effort to “go with the flow”, I shouldn’t get wrapped up in any preparatory information my Practitioner sends me.

FALSE: Once you decide to invest in yourself with a session, why stop investing in yourself there? The goal of any preparatory information is to help empower you with tools, resources, understandings and general knowledge to give you a sound foundation to work from. Whether its articles, videos or other tools, you are being given these things because based upon experience, your Practitioner feels that they are pertinent and helpful. These types of resources also serve to give you confidence and help you relax by answering most, if not all of the questions or concerns that have or will pop up. Lastly, they also assist in opening your mind to new or important concepts so through this awareness, your overall consciousness is expanded and able to receive new or expanded information. 

  • Two highly recommended practices include being able to quiet your mind and alternatively, practice daydreaming or making up stories. Allow your imagination to just wander wherever it wishes … notice the point in which you simply relax into this exercise and you stop trying to fill in any gaps. Notice how effortlessly your daydream expands when you are able to just allow it to flow naturally. You lose any sense of your being in any particular place or time; you just ARE.


Despite my trying, I’m worried that I do still have some level of expectation.

TRUE: We’re only human and can’t be harsh with the reality that we all have some level of expectation so it’s good to be honest about it. 

  • Be honest with your Practitioner and share your expectations. You will not be judged for them. Instead, they serve as opportunities for you and your Practitioner to further the energetic connection between the two of you.  By sharing these vulnerabilities, you would be amazed at how quickly they can then pass and dissipate. 
  • Try to convert that expectation so something broader such as having “hopes” instead. 
  • Aim to expect the unexpected so your open to whatever might come including seeing yourself as pure energy with no physical body, in a spaceship or even flying around the cosmos.


I don’t trust that I can give voice to my Higher Self in a session because I’ll know it’s really just me talking.

FALSE: While it is true that you must move your mouth and give voice to your Higher Self, if you’re in a place of allowance and relaxation, your Higher Self is prompting whatever information that comes to you.  Trusting yourself and Spirit really is important.

  • If you feel that your guessing on what is being said, remember that this is a sign of your conscious/egoic mind being activated. Just as you allow distracting thoughts and doubts to pass without judgement when in meditation, I suggest you do that same practice here.
  • The best recommendation is to continue to say whatever it is that comes to mind without any doubt or filters and no matter how non-sensible it may seem. Just as when you daydream, the more you simply allow the information to flow, the deeper into the dream you get. Remember that even daydreams come from somewhere within you and in truth, isn’t this part of the creation process? The determination that when someone has “made something up”, it must be a bad or wrong thing stems from cultural, familial or other types of conditioning but that doesn’t make it fact. Using your imagination to kick start your creative juices is actually a very, very good way to begin a session as the imagination is the key in opening the gateway to your Higher Self.
  • If your session was recorded, listen to it as recommended (often it is 1-2 times per week for several weeks).  Listen objectively at the words you use when giving your Higher Self a voice; you would be surprised how many of these words are not part of your regular vocabulary or in some cases, your understanding.


I’m not a good candidate for hypnosis because I have a weak bladder and will be woken by having to use the washroom.

FALSE: Trance states are constantly in motion; rising and falling from one state to another throughout the entire session.  No different that using the washroom in the middle of the night, one can easily return afterwards and drift right back into a sleep state. 


My Higher Self said it healed me of my ailment, but it’s been weeks and I’m still struggling. It must not have worked!

FALSE: Healings happen differently for everyone. Some happen on the spot, but others can take weeks or even months to fully manifest into something measurable. We are not the simple beings that some think; we are multidimensional and there are many variables to consider when trying to measure whether or not a healing occurred. 

  • A sincere desire to heal is absolutely necessary. There are cases where a person is so identified with their ailment that they would feel like they have lost their identity without it.
  • There are situations in which the Higher Self may deem a healing to being not appropriate or for your highest good.  The ailment might be part of your efforts to balance karma; or, it can be contractual where the ailment was part of a purposeful act and part of the lessons that you asked to learn in this incarnation. For example, if you asked to come into this incarnation being blind due to it being part of a lesson you chose, your Higher Self would not deem the healing of your blindness as being in your highest good.
  • Belief is without a doubt, the most important element in healing. If you truly and sincerely do not believe that a healing has happened, it will not take or last. Our beliefs steer the ship … we ARE our beliefs and if this means that you believe that your ailment will remain, that’s precisely what will happen.
  • If your session is recorded, it is always recommended that you continue to listen to it over and over for several weeks, so I encourage you to do just that. You would be amazed at the level of new information that will stream into your consciousness.


My hypnosis session didn’t work because all I ‘saw’ was black emptiness.

FALSE: I would ask, how did this make you feel?  Did you find it relaxing and peaceful?  Point is this, your Higher Self will always

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