What is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness?


If someone asked you to explain consciousness, could you do it? Very smart people have spent their entire careers trying to understand the answer to that question. It is surprising that something we all experience is so hard to explain. Unlike other worldly stuff, it isn’t something we can point to and it’s not something we’ve been able to calculate or measure. At best, we can try to understand the full scope of this subject through metaphors or using descriptive analogies but to truly quantify it remains out of reach.  I suspect this is largely due to its vastness; it is simply too big for our human brains to truly wrap our brains around.  

In Quantum Healing, this is precisely what we hear time and time again from the Higher Selves of clients – it's just too big and complicated for us to fully comprehend.  While we have a clear knowing that we are indeed consciousness; it is difficult for many to consider this as being reality when their physical eyes perceive something quite different.  We can however through practices such as meditation and hypnosis, learn to calm our thoughts and the Conscious Mind long enough to achieve a sense and feel for what it is.  As we do this, what were doing in actuality is feeling what our true nature is.

Here are 10 interesting facts about our brains and consciousness

1. Perceptual reality is entirely generated by our brain. We hear voices and meaning from air pressure waves. The objects we perceive are a construct of the brain, which is why optical illusions can fool the brain.

 2. We see the world in narrow disjointed fragments.  We think we see the whole world, but we are looking through a narrow visual portal onto a small region of space.

 3. Body image is dynamic and flexible. Our brain can be fooled into thinking a rubber arm or a virtual reality hand is actually a part of our body.

4. Our behavior is mostly automatic, even though we think we are controlling it. The fact that we can operate a vehicle at 60 mph on the highway while lost in thought shows just how much behavior the brain can take care of on its own. Addiction is possible because so much of what we do is already automatic, including directing our goals and desires. In impulsivity, people act even though they know they shouldn't.

 5. Our brain can fool itself in really strange ways. In Capgras syndrome, familiar people seem foreign (the opposite of deja vu). One elderly woman who lived alone befriended a woman who appeared to her whenever she looked in a mirror. She thought this other woman looked nothing like herself, except that they seemed to have similar style and tended to wear identical outfits.

6. Consciousness can be subdivided. In split-brain patients, each side of the brain is individually conscious but mostly separate from the other. In post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), memories of a traumatic event can become a compartmentalized inaccessible island. In schizophrenia, patients hear voices that can seem separate from themselves and which criticize them or issue commands. In hypnosis, post-hypnotic suggestions can direct behavior without the individual's conscious awareness.

7.  Consciousness is formless and an invisible field of energy of infinite dimension and potentiality; independent of time, space or location, of which it is independent yet all-inclusive and all present.

8. Our brain has built-in protective mechanisms that will seemingly “block” traumatic events but these and all events are still readily registered within our consciousness, no matter how seemingly insignificant, such as a fleeting thought.  These events are timelessly accessible such as through hypnosis.

9. Universal Consciousness is essential one unified, total field within which there are variable levels of vibrational frequencies. 

10. Consciousness is not capable of being destroyed but can only change form by shifting to a different frequency range (in human experience, the “etheric,” the “spiritual,” and other energy realms described throughout time).

Quantum Healing can assist you in learning more about your personal level of consciousness (or frequency) and with the guidance of your Higher Self, learn how to tap into this higher level of knowledge.  

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