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Quantum Healing- Safe from Entities?

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Quantum Healer Christine Shanesy- Kooper recently responded to a Facebook thread where the following question was asked about negative entities. 

Facebook Question: What protects a person from “undesirable others” to come in during the session of hypnosis? 

Hi Jaime! A very good question indeed! Now, because I’m not sure if you’re referring to an undesirable Being that some might refer to a ‘negative entity’, or if your question is more about an undesirable Being showing up in your past life or future life journey, I’m going to answer both of those questions for you.

Firstly, and on the most basic of levels, whenever you do a Quantum Healing session (BQH or QHHT®), your Practitioner will always incorporate a protection prayer for you and so you can feel confident that anytime you do anything like this, you will indeed be protected from anything that is not of the highest and most benevolent of energies.

You too can say your own prayer or set your own intention for this kind of protection. Regardless, know that when you are connecting to your Higher Self, Guides, Spiritual Team;  you are establishing an energetic connection that cannot be disrupted by any outside interference such as a ‘negative entity’. When you open yourself and allow for this powerful connection, you are always protected. Any energies lower than these high Beings work at a much denser frequency and could not possibly reach the level of frequency needed to interfere.

Secondly, know that within a session, whenever you do see or experience something, or someone ‘undesirable’ within your journey, your Higher Self, who knows you better than you even know yourself, will only show or take you to those places that you’re needing right now in your life. This means that even if you are shown something, including a Being that you believe is ‘undesirable’, it is likely because they want you to understand something about it from a higher perspective. For example, maybe you need to re-define what you believe & have defined ‘desirable’ vs ‘undesirable’. Sometimes, Spirit will provoke these types of things for a much greater lesson and to basically disrupt your current belief system so that you can expand beyond it.

The thing to remember though is that when you are with a Quantum Healing Practitioner, they will support you in guiding you through not only the experience, but also to push you further working with your Higher Self to get the full understanding so that you’re able to walk away with the full details of their rational through showing you certain scenes.

Also, for anyone who have fears about ‘negative energies’, I would ask that they consider the fact that this is a victim mentality and as such, they are giving energy to that very thing they are fearing. Quantum Healing is actually the most ideal setting in vetting out such fears so that your Higher Self can speak directly to you about it. Learning more about this topic would be a good idea as well as there are many archaic beliefs that are still prevalent on the subject that really only serve to disempower people. Knowledge is power and as part of this knowledge, feel free to look at my
 3-part blog article on ‘Spirit Releasement Therapy’ that will assist you in taking back the power that we might have unwittingly given away.

It’s also important to know that often our conscious mind will try to block our journey by putting fears or doubts into your mind. This is very normal which is why I would suggest that if this happens, simply tell your practitioner as they will assist you in letting go of this perfectly normal defensive mechanism. We’ve all experienced this during meditation at some point and over time, it gets easier to let these things pass without judgment.

Finally, I’d like to share a quote from Spirit: “there is the necessity for limiting one’s experiences to only those areas which bring understanding and enlightenment” and so know that whatever happens, it’s happening for a good and higher purpose. This is the magic of Quantum Healing, you can be assured that there are no experiences that are in vain and with the assistance of your Practitioner and you will walk away with a much clearer picture and higher understanding than when you first came to your session. I hope this helps and that I’ve answered your question – Thank you for asking!


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