Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

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Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: By appointment
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Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

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Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Quantum Healing with Christine Kooper / Soul Connections


~ Member Since 2015

Connecting to others around the world ~ In-Person and On-Line Sessions available!

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Services Offered:

  • Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
  • Spiritual Counseling / Teacher of Higher Consciousness and Presence
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Chios Energy Practitioner
  • Spirit Release Therapy (SRT)
  • Nine Star Birthdate Readings
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Tuning Fork Therapy

It is the FREE 1-hour practice session that makes my Quantum Healing practice unique from the rest.  I started this offering many years ago because of the significant benefits for my clients and the dramatic increase in my overall success rate.  Allowing my clients to feel, sense and experience the trance state prior to their actual sessions is highly empowering and tremendous in building confidence in their abiity to let go and allow.  This enables my clients to arrive at their actual session without concerns, anxiety or doubt … they can easily float into their journey’s with complete trust!

While I have been on my spiritual journey for most of my life, my initiation into a higher level of understanding and consciousness really became my full time focus about 20 years ago. Since then, I have delved into many areas of spirituality, healing, philosophy and have tried to expose myself to as many varied teachers and teachings as possible. This, in combination with my own innate gifts and personal experiences, enables me to better relate to and understand others from all types of backgrounds.

As a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Energy Healer, I strive to co-create, with my clients, an atmosphere of acceptance, openness and safety. With the support of our combined guides and angelic teams, the energetic heart-based connection with my clients is heightened, allowing my clients to have profound journey’s into their past, future and the eternal space in between with them as Spirit. This enables your mind and heart to expand into a knowingness that cannot be achieved otherwise as there is no understanding greater than when you have the experience of visiting with your cosmic and soul families and seeing yourself as you truly are, as a spiritual being. The wisdom and clarity gained from such a journey is filled with healing and empowerment as you begin to realize your connection with Source and the power that you may not have yet tapped into.

There is no one who knows you better than your Higher Self. They know every life you have lived, every life that has yet to be lived and everything in between. It is with their tremendous wisdom and love that they answer any question you could possibly have or heal anything that might be of concern with any of your body aspects … physical, etheric, mental or emotional bodies.

If you are ready to explore ALL of who you really are but have concerns about your ability to go into a trance, I will lovingly and patiently work with you until you are able to allow this magical experience to happen. Everyone can be hypnotized but some simply need more support and guidance – this is what I can give you as this part of my Purpose.

I would love to hear from you! I am here in this lifetime to learn and in turn, help as many fellow beings with this knowledge as I can.  Send me a note – let’s talk!

Love, Hugs and Blessings!

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I am currently conducting in-person sessions in the St. Charles and Geneva, IL areas but my on-line sessions are available worldwide!


Certified Teacher of Presence, Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Practitioner Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Practitioner Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) Chios Energy Practitioner Spiritual Mentor/Coaching (Awakening & Embodying Who You Really Are) Nine Star Ki Birthdate Readings Galactic Realm Readings



Amanda Sanders

I have had several sessions with Christine. Each session has been incredible! I have experienced multiple past life regressions as well as received profound insight from the angelic realm and my higher self. Christine provides a space of deep trust and safety. Quantum hypnosis has expanded my consciousness and assisted in the integration of my soul essence. I highly recommend everyone experiences this life changing modality!


Heather C

What an excellent experience! Christine was so kind and patient and caring. I felt very my needs and fears were so compassionately addressed. I would highly recommend her guidance.


John Krayenhagen

I had a wonderful experience with my session. I think it is important to go over all the information provided before you go and just relax  .


Ryan Wilson

From the first Email I sent Christine, I knew she was going to be wonderful to work with. It was an absolutely incredible experience to say the least. Christine guided me to deeper states of my consciousness and I was able to become more aware of what is inside of me and currently being expressed. From my Past Life Regression to Speaking with My Spirit Guides, it was all wonderful. You will need to get this done more than one time as 3 Hours is not enough time! Be open to receive any answers and don't doubt yourself before, during or after the session as it could be MIND-BLOWING!!! Christine truly does care about all of her clients and she proves it by following up with you and making sure you are still on the right path. My session was weeks ago yet I am still receiving emails from Christine asking me how I am doing and asking me to share any of my experiences with her. I highly recommend Christine for an In-Person or Online QHHT session as it will not be something you will forget nor regret. She has my Gratitude and my Trust & I look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you, Christine! You are absolutely amazing! Please continue doing what you do in the way you do it because you are needed in the world! I can't wait for our next session! Many Blessings and Love to you <3


Gabby M

If you are thinking of booking a session with Christine, do not hesitate! She is one of the warmest souls I've ever met with a clear intention of helping and guiding you on your spiritual journey.

I had a very vibrant and robust remote BQH session. It was very rich with information and helped me understand all that I've gone through until this point in my life and why I'm so very connected to spiritual and healing work. Speaking of healing, I asked to be relieved of some pesky food sensitivities that I've been dealing with my whole life. To my surprise, they do not bother me anymore! Yay!

Right now, a few weeks after my session, I have a tremendous peace and knowledge that I'm right where I'm supposed to be and have a more defined outlook of the path in front of me. I'm forever grateful!



If you are lucky enough to get a session with Christine, all I can say is do it!”  Christine is an amazing soul!  She is so kind and thoughtful, and she is with you every step of the way.  Her beautiful guidance through this process has helped me open my eyes to know that we all serve a loving higher purpose, and all the answers are within. 

If you are feeling stuck, in the process of change, looped in a pattern you do not know how to step away from, and/or looking for healing and clarity, please give yourself this gift.  You will not only be benefiting yourself but the collective as a whole.  This is a very powerful and loving experience!

Many blessings to you, Christine!  I’m so grateful! 



When you see it, you can’t unsee it. True Story.
During my practice session I was unable to let go of my left brain ‘logic’. Christine gave me some pointers to look over prior to the actual session, and to watch the Eckart Tolle video to relax in the present. I did these two hours before the actual session. They were absolutely 100% what was needed to be able to see Clearly and in color. I clearly was able to go to both a past life and a future life. Thanks to Christine’s guidance. More interestingly enough is two days later, someone sent me a. GIF of two people kissing, and it was exactly my husband and myself in the future, exact image. I hesitate putting this on the review, because it seems so far out there, but it is exactly and clearly the two of us. Christine was able to clear my mind and turn off my left brain logic, so that my right brain was allowed to Crystal clear see in color.
I 100 percent highly suggest that you read the four pages that she sends to practice before your session.



Christine is compassionate, helpful, and is amazing with her work. When I signed up for hypnosis with her, I didn’t know what to expect and she quickly put me at ease by providing me with all the necessary tools to prepare for the session.

Christine also offers a practice hypnosis session in order for you to experience what a session will be like, which I feel demonstrates the very kind and generous nature of Christine.

The actual session was an amazing experience for me. I learned so much of myself and having Christine’s guidance was akin to having a dear supportive friend there with me as I journeyed within myself.

Thank you Christine for your knowledge, guidance, and support! I am excited to do another session with you in the future!



Thank you to Christine for a wonderful session! She has a very calming way about her that put me at ease. I found the practice session to be so beneficial in preparing me and allowing me to let go. I am so happy I did a session with Christine, after months of going back and forth and searching for practitioners. Everything that came through resonated and confirmed things I already knew deep down. I am learning to trust myself more. I am finding spiritual synchronicities and signs every day! Highly recommend for anyone that finds themselves on a spiritual journey and needs a little nudge of guidance.


Amanda S.

I had an excellent session! Christine made me feel very comfortable and walked me through the entire process. We had a practice session which was very helpful to understand the experience. I received information I did not know or if I did have an idea, I received a full insight as to why. I feel different and my perspective on life is shifting. I am able to connect with my higher self much easier now. Totally worth every penny.


Thomas Carbone

I have never experienced such a blissful experience before! While I consider myself to be advanced spiritually, working with Christine has opened up a level of awareness that I didn't even know existed! I journey'd to 2 different lives, spoke at length with my spirit guides and had a glorious convo with my HS. Christine helped me tremendously in quieting my mind; something that I have been working on for years. Her loving guidance brought me to a place of high vibes and I cannot be more grateful!



I had recently learned of QHHT and felt called to have a session. My nudges led me to Christine who was/is the perfect guide for this journey! The practice session put me at ease and I highly recommend it. My QHHT session was so relaxing and informative. I have felt a new level of inner peace ever since. Christine is so genuine and caring. I knew I was led to her for a reason. She has given me support and guidance. I feel more connected to my Knowing and make decisions on all things, big and small, with more clarity and ease. My experience is 5 stars! If you are here reading these reviews, you absolutely are ready to have a session!



I have had a QHHT session before, however this time I really felt COMFORTABLE and at ease during the session. Christine's presence and grace has allowed me to get to a level of trust and really go deep into trance level consciousness. I am very grateful that Christine gave me a chance to connect with her before the session to practice and discuss challenges I have been facing. Since my session, I have been able to face my anxiety head on and let it go easier instead of allowing it take over my whole being. I would recommend for anyone interested in the benefits of hypnosis to read through the material Christine provides in order to exercise imagination/right-side of the brain. Thank you Christine for guiding me to my most authentic, abundant, and whole self.


Miguel V.

I recall my session with Christine a very pleasant experience. Being a newbie to Quantum Healing, I can see how many would be hesitant or afraid of the unknow. With Christine, I felt no fear, no hesitation, only a sincere warmth and compassion to help in my spiritual quest. I found what I have been searching and ignited a curiosity I will pursue further, but first, I must stay the course. Thank you, Christine, and many blessing to you.


David G

My session with Christine was a phenomenal experience. I attempted to not have any expectations regarding my session and came away very pleased.I found it bringing out out knowledge and emotions which I never expected. Christine throughout was exceptional, and she saw to it that I was very comfortable with the entire process.



Christine, I just wanted to send so much gratitude your way for this session that felt so transformative for me. Your openness, compassion, care paired with your mastery and knowledge, made for a smooth and wonderful experience. The practice session you offer really helped me with any obstacles that would have gotten in the way during my session - mainly, getting stuck in my head. The information you gave in your email about how to prepare for sessions was also incredibly helpful to the experience. Christine made it really easy for me to go down into a deep state, so that I could access my past life smoothly and with ease. Since our session, I've been feeling amazing - it is as if a part of myself that had died, has now been reawakened. I'm feeling so connected to myself and who I am!! I'm so grateful for this experience, and for Christine's time, energy, wisdom and direction! Truly a transformative experience.


Beth K

Christine is so compassionate and skilled, she knew exactly how to lead and follow my subconscious to reveal the loving advice and knowledge I need at this time. Through connections to two past lives, my council guides, and my higher self, Christine was the bridge to gifts of insights, behavioral advice, and physical healing. She is a rare, authentic, and selfless light worker and I am so very grateful for her teachings and care. It was fun!!


Bryan P

Thank you Christine for guiding me through! It was a eye opening experience that helped me understand where I'm at with my life and the direction I should be headed in. Looking forward to our next session.


WakeUp Warrior

I am so very happy that Christine Shanesy-Kooper's youtube channel was suggested to me by their algorithm/collective.

Finding a QHHT Professional near my home was such a godsend. Even though ZOOM sessions are also available, I enjoyed the in-person experience, and time availability with this option.

I was especially impressed with our online "practice" session, which was able to answer my concern of whether I could be hypnotized at all.

My sessions were such a great experience, Christine's is a kind, gentle voice to help access the deeper realms of consciousness.

So many issues became clear, most especially a sibling relationship that had long pained me.

I highly recommend!



Thank you so much Christine! I learned so much from my session. My life is making so much more sense now! Christine provides a comfortable and safe-feeling place for you to experience the meaning of your life and questions that you thought would never get answered. Excellent therapist! She has a kind heart and is very knowledgeable in helping you get the most out of your session.



My BQH session with Christine was beautiful! I was able to find out that one of my guides who had communicated with me telepathically in the past is actually a dragon! My dragon guide has been with me for many lifetimes. Christine made me feel comfortable, as she facilitated this amazing journey through other lifetimes and a meeting with my higher self. Bless you Christine and thank you for all you do!!


Teri H

I had a quantum healing session with Christine so I could answer some personal questions I had. Christine is warm and kind and seems to know exactly what questions to ask. This was my first time having any kind of hypnosis and I couldn’t have been in better hands. Not only did I get information from a past life on Earth, I was able to view some of my Galactic history. Advice from guides and my higher self touched my soul on levels I never experienced before. I can’t say enough about the professionalism, kindness and attention to detail Christine embodied. I highly recommend this experience with Christine and look forward to having another session after I’ve processed everything I’ve learned!



This was a very deep experience. I had all of my questions answered and felt very connected to my higher self. I was surprised by the physical sensations of energy flow and a connection to my soul group that manifested in warmth, tingling and comfort. It was more an experience and not about words. I have a deeper understanding as to where my original connections come from and why I have struggled and then been ok with walking "alone" in this lifetime. I was also surprised to recognize my one of my sons in the energy field. That explained to me why I have always felt such a shocking level of love coming from him directed to me specifically from the moment of his birth. My life purposes have been confirmed and I was also able to see more of my spirit guides (surprisingly all male!). I look forward to working with Christine more! She is very professional and not only talented, but you can sense her connection to source is deep and that she is willing to be led by source and walk the path laid before her instead of allowing ego to lead.


Mary Riley

I was told and held onto the message that there was someone out there who would appear and help me through my spiritual journey. I found Christine after learning about Dolores Cannon. Christine exemplifies everything Dolores teaches; she is intuitive, generous, giving, loving, responsive, open, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, deeply spiritual, sharing, patient, beautiful, and everything you could possibly ask for in a spiritual advisor. She is brilliant, and I mean that she is brilliant physically as well as in every other way. She lights up the room! I thank God for her life every day since I met her. I highly recommend anyone who is teetering on a decision of whether or not to plunge into this to trust Christine with their spiritual journey. I have, and the rewards are immeasurable. Thank you Christine.


Holly Turley

My session was absolutely wonderful and 1 of a kind with Christine. She is such an awesome person!


Mary M.

I decided to do the BQH session to get a better understanding of why I had gotten so sick. I had never done hypnosis before and was nervous about whether or not my busy mind would make it difficult to go into a hypnotic state. If I did get hypnotized, I was afraid I'd hear something I didn't want to hear or say something I shouldn't.

Christine is a compassionate, loving person and right from the start I knew I'd be safe with her. She is very skilled at what she does. The practice session took away all my fears. Hypnosis was easy for me, which surprised me. The session was magical and healing. All my questions were answered and I received an answer to a question I didn't even ask about a situation in my life. At the end I felt serene, peaceful and calm.

I recommend BQH/QHHT to anyone who has life questions or is just curious about past lives. There's nothing to fear and you are very safe with Christine.



it's gonna be too long to write how awesome it was.



Ask a father like me what the most amazing days of our lives are - and we'll probably tell you our wedding day and the birth of our kid(s). That was what I used to say.

Ask me now... it was the day I met my Spirt... and the day I did a QH session with Christine. Because of the session itself. And because of what I've experienced since then. It's 4am now. My session ended about 17 hours ago. I powered up my computer just to write this. And I have to go now.

If you've come this far on your path - congratulations. You've found your next step. Enjoy the journey. May you be well, happy and peaceful.



Not being a student of things metaphysical, it was rather unusual for me that I reached out to Christine for a session. But I had some questions and I needed some assistance.

The experience with Christine was nothing short of profound, enlightening, and joyous.

From her very first email, she provided a comforting and supportive experience. She took her time to explore what I wanted to accomplish and how we would best achieve it together.

The practice session was perfect for me to see and speak with her prior to our session. She was able to clearly explain the process, and alleviate all of my concerns and worries. She kept it simple and light.

The in-person session was amazing. The space has a nice feel to it. I felt relaxed and comfortable the entire time.

She was able to intuitively guide me through the experience knowing when to probe and question, and when to let me reflect and think.

Christine opened a door for me through which I acquired something very precious.

I am grateful to have had this experience.


Jesse Saviano

I had my first session with Christine about a week ago and am still in awe of the experience. She was open and kind, reassuring and informative. I found her to be both easy to be with and professional at the same time. My experience was profound and unlike anything I've ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and book her today!



I have never had a Reiki session long distance and was totally unprepared for the powerful session. The effects lasted long afterwards and I look forward to my next!!!


Deb O, Elgin, IL

I had a wonderful QHHT experience with Christine this past Sunday! I did not want leave because I had so many more questions I want to ask of my higher self! I helped to heal my own hands from terrible pain from arthritis due to Ehlers-Danlos/lack of collagen. I truly believe we all can heal ourselves! Thank you Christine, see you soon!



Christine is a wonderful healer! She brought a peacefulness to my body that was needed. She restored my essence. Thank you!



I wrote a review after my first session with Christine, and now that I've had a few more. I'd like to post another to help others see what a truly amazing person Christine is. She is so incredibly giving and warm and always makes time for you. Each session I've had with Christine has really helped me unlock doors to myself. One of my favorite things is that each session is a little different. Rather than repeating the same thing over and over again, Christine tries to mix it up and give different experiences that she thinks will best help and serve you. I'm so happy I decided to take the risk and try working with Christine. It's been worth every minute and so much more!



I had a BQH experience (a shortened version) and it was as amazing as the first. The last time I experience this I came in a skeptic and felt the need for a second review after all was digested about what happened and what I learned. The questions and answers received were healing to me and addressed above and beyond my expectations. I plan to do this on a regular basis to continue the healing of trauma in my life and become a healthier me. Christine brings her clients into a trance state with little if any effort and made the experience very relaxing and meaningfull. The feeling of downloaded energy was amazing. After these sessions I can feel understanding new ways and feeling of old hurts healing for months to come. I recommend to anyone looking for a deeper spiritual experience or healing in any area of life



I found this experience to be truly amazing. Christine was so incredibly warm and easy to talk to and open up to. She really listens and understands how you're feeling. I found it easy to relax into a trance state, but I've also been to some hypnotherapy sessions before and did all of the prep work that Christine recommended. I strongly suggest that anyone considering a session do the prep work. It is invaluable. For me, the biggest change that I've noticed since the session is the feeling of peace that I now have within me and the ability to tap into it when most needed. This has really helped me take a step back from the daily struggles in my life and see things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend a Quantum Healing session to anyone who is feeling lost, like they don't know where to go and would like a different way of seeing things.


B. Flannery

A wonderful experience with a clearly enlightened spiritual guide. Thank you Christine for helping me meet me.


Blessed Beyond Belief

I am so beyond blessed that my spiritual journey led me to Christine. We had a hypnosis session that was life changing! She connected with my higher self and gave me a beautiful space to be me in a way that helped me move from being unsure of where I stood to being empowered by who I am. Christine has a wealth of knowledge that she effortlessly shares and a spirit that lifts yours too.



Thankyou for your time Christine. Christine was really good in explaining before hand what the process is going to be like. I am really happy about my session. It was a successful one.


Theophilus Porter

I was nervous and just a bit skeptical if it would all really work, but after getting encouragement from Christine and a practice session, I was able to relax enough to recall some things and gain some insight. I'm still processing through some of it, but it was insightful and kept me on my path of self-discovery. I would recommend anyone with an open mind give it a try.



I was very excited and did not know what to expect. I had done my research on QHHT and came across BQH and Christine. It was perfect timing to do this remotely due to being quarantined. She explained the steps clearly to me. Reassured me that I was doing very well and answered all my questions before, during and after. I highly recommend her and will be doing this again.


Megan H

This was my second session with Christine and honestly, it was even more amazing than the first one! I had them a year apart, and not only did I feel like I have grown so much in that time but Christine as well as a practitioner. She asks all the right questions to guide you in the session and takes a flexible approach that is not as strict as some other practitioners to really make the most out of the session and allow the most information to come through. She is the only practitioner I plan on ever seeing! She is so kind, sweet, patient, and knowledgable, 10/10 recommend her. Thank you, Christine, you have given me the gift of reconnecting to my soul and that is priceless!



Amazing! Would highly recommenced! Can't want to go back!



Christine is an incredible practitioner who really hears what you are saying, and works in partnership with you for your self-journey to understanding and healing. She is able to flow with what comes up, and ask questions to help you gain the clarity you are looking for. Her voice is so calming and supportive throughout the process. It is truly a beautiful partnership as you explore your inner world with her guidance and support. I highly recommend Christine.



I am still in awe of the session I recently had with Christine and have not felt this great in years! I had a session due to life long anxiety and physical ailments - everything I was told made so much sense and everything really came together perfectly! I highly recommend a session to anyone seeking answers - it's amazing!


Karinne Piat

I found Christine in a state of spiritual desperation, feeling brushes with 'anxiety attacks' and a feeling like there was something deeper subconsciously tugging at me. My experience was phenomenal, surprising me with rememberances of past lives that connected the dots for me, and relieving me of my upset, and bringing a deep sense of peace- a fundamental energetic shift I needed on the spot. So grateful i was guided to her, as a healing practitioner myself I recommend Christine as an expert healer and a keeper of divine light and gifts. My experience was life changing and life giving. Thank you, Christine!



Christine was so patient with me. I really needed to be heard. It was such a great collaboration. I felt bliss.


David C.

My wife sent me to see Christine , since I became spiritually awakened, and to do a session with her, we were able to get 3 past lives and to find out what my purpose in my life. I was blown away knowing that we are able to be to our higher self as among other things. Thank you!


Mel C

I am thankful to have found Christine and her QHHT practice. My session with her was such an amazing experience. She is such a wonderful person and practitioner with so much patience, understanding and knowledge. I thank her for helping me understand what I was going through. And thank you for helping me connect with my guides! This whole experience was a blessing!! Thank you!


Mirna Rodrigues

Right from the beginning I the got feeling I was in good hands. Christine is so open and honest, I felt at ease. She has an amazing voice and a strong sense of direction and intuition. I felt like she could see what I was seeing and feel what I was feeling. She navigated the session with great ease and flow. It was a great experience and I look forward to having another session with her!


Johna Countryman

Im so glad i choose this to help guide me on my spiritual journey. Christine was very helpful in my fears of hypnosis. She gave me all the tools to make my session a success. The whole experience was exactly what i needed. I recommend others to experience this as well.



I had my session today and it went beyond expectations. I was prepared for the session, but still a little unsure of what to expect. I was happy to find I was able to feel very relaxed and ready for the experienc. I was able to tie together so many things I have wrestled with and found this to be very healing. Christine was great on the prep work to help me with things that may happen. It felt like I had been under for maybe an hour and found later in total it had been 4 hours. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully not the last. So happy to have this experience to answer so many questions and help me come full circle in some areas.



AMAZING!! There is nothing more to say. Absolutely amazing!


Irene Erin A.

As a fellow QHHT practitioner, I find Christine very professional, and gifted BQH facilitator. Her friendly attitude, loving energy and deep knowledge genuinely shine through, giving a sense of reassurance and trust.
I had a wonderful session that exceeded my expectations. I connected with my guardian Angels, Archangels, and my Soul’s tribe-an invigorating sense of belongingness and joy that still stays with me. I was revealed the reason of my incarnation here, as well as received valuable messages from the Higher Realm – either through the vision of my “previous” existence and past life or by direct answers.
All this time Christine was extremely focused on my best interests. It was expressed in her intuitive following and guiding me throughout my journey, and asking meaningful questions on my behalf.
Overall, this experience was incredible and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who’s looking for the best quantum healing experience.


Helene Fleming

Thank you, Christine.
You are a very professional and brilliant BQH practitioner.
I felt so comfortable and safe within your loving presence.
Thank you for this wonderful session. It was so amazing to travel to Atlantis, and revisit a few of my past lives there, within the sea, above ground, and within the planet during those times.
It all came together so beautifully, as the varied incarnations were revealed, and this helped me to understand this lifetime from a higher perspective.
The energies and frequencies that merged with me were so expansive and loving …so very beautiful …beyond words!
I believe I experienced so much more, energetically, than I am consciously aware of.
I'm sure I will feel their effects more so over time.
It all really helped me to understand why I am here, and it facilitated a lot of clearing and release and healing. I feel so much more peace, more lightness and freedom, and comfort.
I am looking forward to experiencing more of this clearing and expansion in the coming days and weeks.
Thank you for a beautiful session and for enlightening my journey.


Jaime Rodriguez

As a BQH facilitator, I find the energy brought to a session by the facilitator to be of utmost importance. It is vital to hold the love energies of acceptance, healing, and expansion for the Client. Christine embodied this open and loving energy. We had many technical difficulties with wifi connection on my end and Christine handled it so calmly and professionally. Her energy is so soothing and comforting. I was able to connect clearly and receive valuable information regarding the challenges I'm facing now. I experienced energetic and physical healing. The back problems I was having significantly subsided. I am so excited and pleased with the results. I highly recommend Christine Shanesy as a facilitator.


Jamie M.

Christine is super knowledgeable and personable in her practice. From the moment we had our first consultation I knew we would be a great fit to work together. She has my best interest at heart, and is very easy going. I look forward to contuning future sessions with her. She has a lot of great advice and insight. I would highly recommend her to anyone new to QHT not sure where to begin. She made my first time experience so relaxing and I really could open up. She is exactly the guide I needed for this journey , very lucky to have found her.


Amanda Newson

I've had health issues for years and after reading a few Dolores Cannon books, decided to try QHHT. I had an online session with Christine twice. The first time wasn't overly successful; just found it hard to relax and let go so she gave me a few relaxation exercises to do and gave me a second session for free. Being better prepared and having an idea of what to expect, the 2nd time was amazing! I was shown 2 past lives and both were so revealing and helpful in understanding much of what I've been dealing with lately but the real magic was with my Higher Self! Wasn't sure if it really worked but over the next week, I felt better with each day until finally, I could actually walk without a limp! I never would have believed it unless I experienced it for myself! I am a new woman with a new appreciation and gratitude with life! Knowing what I know now, I feel so empowered! If you've never tried it, have questions or are ready for any type of healing - you've just got to try it!



I was hesitant in trying hypnosis but decided to go for it after talking with Christine. I simply felt a connection and so despite any concerns, my instincts were to drop my fears and give it a try. I have no real traumas or health issues but have been curious for years about any galactic relations I might have and boy was I in for a treat! Finding out that I was a Guardian of the Stars rang SO true for me and really explained so much of my facination with them! I also learned other things of a personal nature; things that I had never even conciously been aware of before hand. These were things I learned from visiting a past life as a boy who experienced events that explained so much in my current life. I really feel fortunate to have found Christine and highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers or just curious to know more about themselves from a soul and spirit level.



I had a QHHT session that was simply amazing! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to be hypnotized but Christine was great! By the time we even got started, I felt like I had known Christine forever - she made me feel so relaxed! My past life expereinces were mind blowing and being able to get answers from my Higher Self was greater than I ever would have imaged! I highly recommend Christine!!


What is Spiritual Hypnosis, Quantum Healing, BQH and QHHT?

In this video, I explain the differences between Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) and Quantum Healing. Soul Connections specializes in Spiritual Hypnotherapy through Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) as well as Spiritual Life Coaching/Mentoring, Reiki and Chios Energy Healing. Visit me at to book your hypnotherapy session or to browse through our online shop with hundreds of amazing crystals and gemstones! You can also find me at: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:

Advice from the Higher Self to Improve Quality of Life - A Quantum Healing session

Listen in to these excerpts of a clients' Higher Self as she gives great advice that applies to us all - covering topics such as holding ourselves back due to fears of being let down, being okay with being alone, feeling worthy, tyring too hard, setting intentions & the value of simplifying our lives. Soul Connections specializes in Quantum Healing but also offers many other Energy Healing services. Visit us at to book your Quantum Healing session! Find us at: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:

Quantum Healing Session: Kundalini Energy & Healings - Explosive Involuntary Body Movements

This client finds herself on a planet being met by Ra, the Sun God who escorts her into the Temple of Wisdom. As a Light Being, she is then escorted to the Temple of Healing and it's Chamber of Colors due to her significant past life traumas. Witness the incredible power of the kundalini energy and Spirit that works through her in the form of remarkable and involuntary body movements to assist her with amazing healings! This session was originally 2 hours in length but has been shortened for easier watching and to hide any mentioning of names throughout it. Soul Connections specializes in Quantum Healing but also offers many other Energy Healing services. Visit us at to book your Quantum Healing session! Find us at: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:

Tutorial: Process and Release Built Up Layers of Emotions as You Experience Oneness

There is nothing more exciting to me than when I stumble across an easy method of healing that can replace multiple methods and processes! Healing shouldn't have to be difficult after all and so today, I'm sharing a short video that will teach you how to: Release layers of unresolved and unbeneficial emotions (insert inner child work here!) AND the physical issues that were manifested due to them in the first place Quiet the mind of its endless chatter Communicate with the body A way to enter into the openness and stillness of the deeper dimension of Being Expand your consciousness Raise your vibration Deepen your relationship with your true essence What excites me the most about this method? It's EASY and FAST! And today, I'm giving you an easy tutorial on how to do it, for free! What's the catch? Not much – I just ask that if you like this method as much as I do, you simply share it with others. It's too good and beneficial to not share after all and given everything that is happening in the world today, I can't think of a better time to share the gift of healing! I'd love to hear what you think of this process so let me know! Theirs still so much more one can do with this method (like healing others!) so over time, I'll be sending out more videos but until then – happy processing!

Quantum Healing Method Differences: QHHT (in-person) vs BQH (on-line)

Today, their are two methods of Quantum Healing. The original method is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and then later on came Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). Their fundamental difference is that one must be done in-person while the other one can be done in-person or on-line. In this video, I explain what the differences between these two methods really are.

Client Video Testimonial

Client Video Testimonial and Experience Share

Listen as my Indonesian client Indra uses his amazing humor to share his experiences of Awakening to channeling the Ascended Masters and more.

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Healing with Hope - A Short Story

Healing with Hope – A Short Story

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A Lesson about Fearing Negative Energies

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Meet Practitioner Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Meet Practitioner Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Meet Practitioner Christine Shanesy-Kooper One beautiful summer day, before school when I was around 10 years old, I remember vividly... Read more »

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