BQH always works


My client yesterday told me that she was reluctant to do a zoom session, yet we were doing a zoom session.  She came with unrealistic expectations. Yes, she had received my preparation letter and we had communicated several times before she finally booked.She followed my guidance and sent me her questions prior to the session so that I could start to help her formulate an intention. I received them less than 24 hours before the session. Her list of 26 questions were all, but one, aimed at self degradation. I asked for guidance with this challenge. My focus went to the one question that could be key: Can I get to know my guides or guardian angel?

I was able to set up and connect with her through zoom easily. She was so anxious when we connected that I had to immediately guide her in breathing exercises.  I then went over how we would proceed in our time together. We then had our conversation about her background, her family, etc. We had some pretty key similarities that made me smile inside – once again I saw heaven’s matchmaking, bringing me the clients that reflect myself (a younger version of myself).  

   We reviewed some of her questions and approached formulating her intention for the session. Although I had the instinct to focus on her getting to know her guide/ guardian angel, I asked her what her intention is. She answered that she wanted to be happy with her current situation. Her intention was so clear and exact that we went straight with that. (I did ask her for the exact wording that felt right for her – trying it a few different ways).We did the water intention ceremony and then I did a visualization exercise with her. I wanted to understand how she accesses her inner information. Fortunately, she could see pretty distinctly, yet needed a little extra prompting to bring her into the experience.After the visualization, she lied down We then went into the heart coherence and induction. I felt that I needed to expand the induction to get her to relax and feel safe. She was going into her quiet calm space and said that she felt bothered by a light. I told her she could get up to turn it off and we would continue.She arrived in space – floating exactly as she was dressed yet wearing jogging shoes. We explored the meaning of the shoes and then the space. A visual came to her. We explored it and the feelings.Her feelings took her into her abdomen- a heavy feeling. Suddenly she said, “Excuse me I have to vomit”. She got up and I then heard her purging in the bathroom. She returned and explained that she had woken with a migraine and took medication that wasn’t working I asked how she felt now. She said she felt better and we resumedI asked a lot of help from Delores and guides. I know that BQH always works even when it seems that everything that can go wrong does. I was inspired to induce her further, using more guidance into trust and comfort. I cannot remember what I said now, but know that my focus was building a safe space for her.

This deeper induction brought my client to meet her guardian angel. She was just held by him for the remainder of the time. He said she was not ready for information now. Very few questions were answered. Mainly every answer was to love herself.   

    In our recap of the session, she told me her expectation to experience a session like she had watched on YouTube. Even with the induction of “dropping all expectations “, she held onto a particular experience that she wanted. Fortunately, her higher self guided anyway. She had met her guardian angel, which I believe was fundamental to this awakening star seed. She had to remain lying down in our recap. I held space for her (and hold save now) and offered to continue to work with her through this personal shift time.  I believe that there are many awakening star seeds that perhaps lack the practice of quieting the mind. My client was anxious and deeply engrained in habits of self degradation, anger and stress. What a miracle that she sought BQH – a very direct way into awakening. May many awakening beings come to us for clear and gentle enlightenment. 

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