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Consultation Type: Online, In Person
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Available Hours: I travel a lot and will respond to your text within 24 hours (often sooner) please tell me your time zone and send your email address so I can send you materials. Via email Contact me at Write "session" in subject and I’ll respond quicker if you also send a text.
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Languages: English, French, Swedish

Address: 333, East 18th Street, New York, New York, 10003, United States.


Suna Senman

suna senman

~ Member Since 2018

Suna Senman has worked with personal development over 30 years. She is educated in Beyond quantum Hypnosis, psychotherapy (graduating from New York University and licensed in New York State) and certificated in: cultural competence, child development, eating disorders, family therapy, trauma, body work. Suna is a traveler and may be available for in person sessions in you area. text +1 914-414-6186 or  email and put “session” in the subject. Suna has a retreat center called Freedom Center in the countryside north of Stockholm in Färila Sweden. “My style is intuitive. First, I care about you. I use my knowledge, training and experience guided by my heart and your will.  The success of our work comes from both our efforts.” Enjoy Today! ” Suna på Svenska Suna Senman har jobbat i New York, USA över 30år. Hon är utbildat som psykoterapeut och socionom av New York University med licensen i New York. Hon har flera certificates inom bl.a.: kulturell kompetens, barn utveckling, ätstörning, familjeterapi,  trauma, KBT. “Mitt stil är intuitiv. Först bry jag mig om dig. Jag använder mina kunskaper, träning och erfarenhet guidat av mitt hjärta och din vilja. Jag kommer ifrån en mångfalds familje. Min mor är svensk och pappa turkisk. De uppfostrat mig och min syster i flera olika stater i USA med vänner som kom från hela världen. Jag var fascinerat sedan barn om hur människor fungerar och hur de kan bygga ett tillfredställande liv. Min utbildning är oändlig! Jag lär av andra tillsammans med mina upplevelser. När vi jobbar ihop, vi samarbeta. Jag bry mig inte om titel. Jag håller mer med Martin Luther King – judge by the content of character. DVS- Vara din ärlig jag och se på andra ärlig med. Jag erbjuder många specifika behandlingar. Välj det som du tycker bäst passar din situation. Om du är osäker, välj Samtalsterapi – mot ett tillfredställande liv. Jag pratar Engelska, Svenska och Franska.  Jag har klarat mig på Spanska, Tyska och andra Indo-Europaiska språk i terapi med en lexikon. Enjoy Today!” Suna


New York State Licensed Master Social Worker (with multiple certifications) ; True Identity Mentor; Ascension coaching; Beyond Quantum Healing; Healing Massage; Reiki; Reflexology; Qigong massage


3 Masters degrees: world religions, social work, work-life science.

Author of several books

Numerous certifications including:
Certificate in counseling eating disorders, ascension counseling, true identity mentoring, early childhood development…
Former competitive gymnast and current gymnastics coach.




May 2020

My experience with Suna has be profoundly life changing . Suna is very intuitive and a naturally gifted healer. Her overall perspective and the love she shares when she is healing is so genuine, you can feel your body and soul respond to her. I feel blessed to know her and the work she is accomplishing. I highly recommended a session or two.....................



May 2020

I have had such wonderful sessions with the beautiful Suna Senman.



May 2020

Suna has the ability to assist you in finding your true self through her Quantum practice. She is experienced and professional in every sense of the word. Suna gives a feeling of trust and seriousness. You directly realize that Suna engage herself as much as she possibly can, or more, to give you the best possible experience of your session.


Intro to Suna

This is a Brief introduction. Follow your guidance, learn to trust yourself. You are safe - safe to meet yourself. Be empowered. I enjoy the growth and expansion of relationships. I offer my expertises to facilitate you to reach your dreams. Blessings

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