Suna Senman rainbow on the horizon forecast

A New Message From Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon is very much with us, and when she wants to get a message out, she speaks it to... Read more »

Dolores Cannon Time Of Transition

2024 Time of Transition

I woke up hearing Dolores Cannon’s voice telling me that 2024 will be a year like no other. Guaranteed. Dolores... Read more »

Faith In The Face Of Uncertainty

Faith in the Face of Uncertainty

By Christina Lavers Guidance can be so valuable in these tumultuous times. I have never had so many clients book... Read more »

Underground Abandoned Gold Ore Mine Shaft Tunnel Gallery With Wo

Dream Information for the Human Collective

By Candace Craw-Goldman I dreamed I came upon a very large, tall wooden building where there was a commotion going on... Read more »

We Are The Event

WE are The Event

By Sonya Wilder On occasion I experience astral states, visitations, and channeled sessions with my Spirit Guides, Angels and Higher Self. ... Read more »

What’s Going On With The Elephants In Botswana

What’s Going on With the Elephants in Botswana?

By Dr. Allison Brown According to news reports, over 400 elephants have been found dead, since May, in Botswana. Scientists and... Read more »

Deception And Love

Deception and Love

By Candace Craw-Goldman There are many varieties of deception. Some of what is falling away now in 2020 is ‘self-deception.’ It... Read more »

Choose Freedom

Choose Freedom

By Candace Craw-Goldman and Tatiana Vilarea You cannot fool yourself. You KNOW, deep down when you are tiptoeing. Healers:  This message is for... Read more »

What Is The New Earth Really

What is the New Earth, Really?

By Sonya Wilder As a Quantum Healing Practitioner, I have the honor and privilege to facilitate and witness amazing people heal themselves... Read more »

Trenches For Combat

Destruction Zone

Dream information for the Human CollectiveBy Candace Craw-GoldmanJuly 3, 2020 The noise was deafening. The ground was shaking. It seemed like... Read more »

A Message from KAHAN

A Message from KAHAN

Tina Marie Bueno is a BQH practitioner and an intuitive guide/channel; a Next Level Catalyst. I write my dreams if I remember them and... Read more »

Free Energy Tesla And Timelines

Free Energy, Tesla and Timelines

BQH practitioner Dr. Allison Brown is located just outside of Charleston, SC.  In this article she shares a channeled message from April... Read more »

9 Ways to Work With Fear

9 Ways to Work With Fear

Quantum Healer Donna McMurtry, author of the Golden Age Series of Atlantis, recorded a podcast a couple years ago titled “9... Read more »

When The Foundation Cracks A Tsunami Of Light Will Follow

When the Foundation Cracks, A Tsunami of Light will Follow

Editor’s Note: Ludmila is a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, as well as practicing light therapy, and facilitating light language intuitive sessions;... Read more »

Three Days Of Darkness My Perspective

Three Days of Darkness: My Perspective

By: Dr. Allison Brown Allison is a (BQH) Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, United States.... Read more »

Archangel Gabriel - A channelled message for the children

Archangel Gabriel – A channelled message for the children

A channelled message by Lilly Espiau Lilly is a trained in a variety of modalities, including Beyond Quantum healing, and... Read more »

The Big Forgetfulness

The Big Forgetfulness

Do you feel like you are losing your mind, forgetting simple details? Rest assured you’re not, it’s actually one of... Read more »

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