Archangel Gabriel - A channelled message for the children

Archangel Gabriel – A channelled message for the children

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A channelled message by Lilly Espiau

Lilly is a trained in a variety of modalities, including Beyond Quantum healing, and is located in Liberty Lake, Washington,  United States. In the following article Lilly Channels a beautiful message that will shed light on the children and their purpose of the new world. 

Don’t forget to make children part of the Ascension process. 

Don’t forget to realize that just as you are working on yourself, they are working on themselves, and on you. 

As they are going through their transitions and their involvement within their fractals, it’s also important for you to realize as the parent that their involvement matters just as much if not more than yours. 

It’s about bringing your energy and their energy together in involvement, and realizing that they are a part of you as much as you are a part of them. 

They are the next generation that will be taking the steps forward and bringing morelight into the world. 

Many are intrinsically suited to a higher vibration, and therefore can easily shut themselves down by turning off or toning down their light, and this prevents their light and transmutation work from being shared. There are many children who have incarnated with roles specifically to assist you on your path, helping you release your anger by opening up your heart. 

 What will you do with that role? Will it go wasted or will you embrace it? 

Think about the role of an autistic child, and a child with disabilities; in a wheelchair. 

What role do you think they are serving to their parents and their families in opening their hearts, teaching them patience, understanding, and acceptance? 

How it’s working on all levels and through all layers?

 What will you do with that? 

When you pass one of these children on the street, when you see them in the park, when you see them at the store, what will you think of next? 

Do you think of all the noises they are making, and how weird they are? 

Thank them for the life that they are leading, for whatever brought them to that decision. Regardless of whether you think it was caused by external sources such as immunizations or environmental circumstances. Whether it was free will  previously planned. They are fulfilling a purpose and it’s up to you to acknowledge it and embrace it.

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