Choose Freedom

Choose Freedom

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By Candace Craw-Goldman and Tatiana Vilarea

You cannot fool yourself. You KNOW, deep down when you are tiptoeing.

Healers:  This message is for those of you who find yourself saying, if even only to yourself, “I’m just being neutral,” all the while tiptoeing around situations or environments that are more about conforming than honesty or transparency. Because you think you have to.  

I love these elegant and poignant words from my friend and fellow Quantum Healer, Tatiana Vilarea:

When you are not tiptoeing around others – it means you’ve healed your conditioning and trauma and can be yourself FULLY, letting others stay and live in theirs, if they so choose. As everything in life, it’s a choice.

When you stop tiptoeing, it no longer bothers you what others think of you. You leave people and environments that stop matching you with confidence and peace, knowing in your heart that your only task in this life is to be true to your Soul. And your Soul doesn’t get bothered with what others think of you out of their unhealed wounds and projections.

Your Soul’s compass is the one and only guide. It knows its own “True North.”

You try to do your best and the rest is c’est la vie. This is freedom. Freedom that not many people on this planet dare to work for and achieve.

Those beautiful thoughts bring me back to our own Support Forum. Whether you are a traditionalist or a trailblazer, or somewhere in between, when you are done with that old energy please know that you are more than welcome to join us at  Come and compare notes and learn and support each other’s individual choice on how you wish to be in service to others.

Our group is passionate about Service-to-Others and we thrive by adhering to one very simple concept: The practitioner and the practitioner ALONE should be the one who decides how they wish to practice! No matter what kind of healing you have studied, no matter who has been your teacher and no matter what method you list on your website.

Join your Tribe. Chose Freedom!

Tatiana Vilarea’s Website 

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