Deception And Love

Deception and Love

New Earth News

By Candace Craw-Goldman

There are many varieties of deception.

Some of what is falling away now in 2020 is ‘self-deception.’ It is crumbling along with all of the other kinds of deception.

The energetics that support DECEPTION, are in the main coming from old programming and massive control agendas with which we grew up, agreed to or still choose to participate in, that encompass all areas of our life. Government, education, religion and even family stories and programs.

The effects of the increasing Cosmic Christed Light energy that is coming to our world, (from the Great Central Sun and through our sun) to our culture and to our very bodies make this deception extremely uncomfortable to continue to hold on to.

The opening of the Consciousness Portal of the Lion’s Gate tomorrow, (August 8, 2020) that has already begun and will last through mid-August is going to make this ‘holding on’ even more difficult. It’s as if the Christed Light will become even more intense.

The curtain of deception will be pulled back on many things. Political figures, religious leaders, entertainment favorites, news personalities, big tech names, medical experts, banking institutions and more.

But we, the “regular folk” out here, will also be affected. Not only from the public revelations, surprises and more that are coming that will make us start to question so much, but from the ones coming from our own lives. Our jobs, our friends, our co-workers and our family members.

And even – from ourselves.

Please consider remembering our shared humanity and your individual humanity during these tumultuous times. None of us is perfect or has been perfect. Many will face extreme forms of justice. Some of that will come from society. But, much of it will come within our own private realities from our very own souls.

Our world, and each one of us still standing when the dust begins to settle on this year of 2020, will need LOVE to recover and rebuild. Remember love, focus on love, practice love in any way that is possible for you to do. And don’t forget to add yourself to the list of those needing forgiveness and loving energy.

Submitted with all of my own love,

Candace Craw-Goldman 

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