What Is The New Earth Really

What is the New Earth, Really?

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By Sonya Wilder

As a Quantum Healing Practitioner, I have the honor and privilege to facilitate and witness amazing people heal themselves and become more conscious through powerfully guided sessions. And seriously, this is the most powerful, transformative work that I do. So, when clients ask the question, “What is the New Earth?”  I get really excited because everyone has a unique answer when they’re talking to their higher selves, and we learn so much through all these different perceptions. 

My recent online client asked this question because, she stated with deep frustration, she’s had enough of this 3rd dimensional reality, and when can we just get on with it?!

She experienced the past lifetimes that were affecting her current life and saw her Spirit Guides, learning more about them. Then the energy in her field shifted, her voiced relaxed even more and I asked, “with whom am I speaking?”  She stated, with deep knowing, “This is the Higher Self.”  I then asked, “my client has a question to which she needs the answer…what is this New Earth, really?”

The Higher Self began to explain, with such lyrical flow, that the New Earth is a Higher timeline, that it is a most loving, beautiful space, of rich color frequency, beautiful vibrant loving animals that co-exist in peace, spectacular geography like we’ve never known and can barely comprehend in our dreams, the most delicious, satisfying whole food that is enjoyed for our senses and the cleanest, purest water to drink and bathe in. 

We live in conscious communities around the planet, practicing Permaculture, creating beauty and peace, learning through each other, having partnerships, children. We are fully supported in Abundance through Source, and we practice our passions because it feels good, not because we need to for survival. 

I asked her Higher Self, “Is this an actual place?” She answered, “It is a perception, that manifests into reality.”

As my client was seeing this vision, she was crying deeply, and had to stop talking in moments to weep, to breathe it all in. I asked her Higher Self to show her everything, to allow her to feel it all, so that she could go to this place in the future, as a haven. 

After I brought my client up, she was still experiencing the New Earth, still weeping, and sharing with me all the insights that were suddenly flowing into her. She is forever changed by this session…as am I. 

The New Earth exists, within our Individual, and Collective Hearts. 

I Appreciate You….Sonya




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