9 Ways to Work With Fear

9 Ways to Work With Fear

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Quantum Healer Donna McMurtry, author of the Golden Age Series of Atlantis, recorded a podcast a couple years ago titled “9 Ways to Work With Fear”. It—like most of their podcasts—are designed to open 3D mentality to higher awareness.

9 Ways to Work With Fear

If you come across someone who’s really struggling with all the current fears in our realm—but is still too mainstream for the plethora of wonderful meditations, blogs, and vidoesc by Shamans, Healers and Psychics—this may be helpful to them. It’s suitable for any religion.

31 minutes long: below is the “9 Ways” I suggest. (I also share some personal fear stories, and how fear is like a golem).

9 Ways to work with fear;

  1. Fear doesn’t like being seen. Brene Brown says in her book Daring Greatly, “We can’t selectively numb emotion. Numb the dark and you numb the light. ”So we first begin to acknowledge fear, instead of pushing it away, and then we can work with it. Acknowledge the fear as fear, especially when it wears another mask like shame, anger, self-medicating/numbing out/being workaholic, hate, self-sacrifice, etc. I simply say “hello fear”. (Which always makes me smile because inevitably the song lyrics “Hello darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again…” begins playing in my head.)

  2. Fear cannot survive being examined. Once fear is unmasked, begin to befriend it. Explore what you’re really afraid of in the situation (Change? Loss of control? Scarcity? Loss of a freedom? Being physically, emotionally, or spiritually hurt? Death?). Then see the truth of the situation, without the fear. Fear is always the illusion.

    So what is the truth here? See if you can find the root. Where did that fear begin? Often we had a negative childhood experience that is being replayed over and over because we haven’t healed it. Or a traumatic experience in another lifetime that we haven’t accepted, learned from and released. Or we had fear modeled to us growing up and its just a habit now. You can talk to the fear and find out where it came from and why it’s hanging around you.

    Use prayer, meditation, or contemplation practice, or automatic writing for this. You can send fear back to its source or to the light of Divine Source. Get help with finding the roots of your fears and healing past and present wounds. (listen to the episode on healing) Healed wounds are indeed the place where the light enters (during the healing process) but undealt with wounds are the place where the fear enters.

  3. Fear cannot survive rationality. Get the facts. We have the world of information at our fingertips. The next time you see a meme or news story that scares you, look up the actual facts. (Working in law enforcement, I can assure you that at least half—yes, 50%!—of what’s reported, didn’t actually happen that way, or at all. You’d be amazed how wrong most news accounts are. Look up how often this sort of thing (i.e. getting struck by lightning, getting robbed at gunpoint, getting attacked by a bear) actually happens, how many people get hurt or die this way in a year nationwide?

    You’re terrified of your house being broken into? How many break-ins actually occur in your neighborhood? You probably have a greater chance of being in an accident. Oh, is that your fear? Look at the statistics on car accidents. Notice how they’re declining. Can difficult and painful stuff happen to you? You betcha. But it won’t unless your soul arranged it for a lesson for you. So is it something you can avoid? Probably not. Maybe then just trust that whatever happens to you is always for the best. ALWAYS. And maybe quit the fear habits because they’re making your daily life worse than any of your fears actually coming true.

  4. Fear is energy and you can refocus it. Figure out what you could improve by turning this powerful energy to something constructive. Could you create something? Could you do a chore you’ve been avoiding? Could you finish something? Sometimes, especially around my period, I focus on things I can’t control and the worry swirls and buzzes and circles. I’ve learned to busy my hands in something; scrubbing, completing unfinished tasks, giving or serving, anything that takes physical energy. Worry and anxiety are mental energies that are as restless as a small child with nothing to do. Give it a positive outlet.

  5. Understand that fear is a choice, just as happiness, love and everything else is a choice. We are never truly victims. I may have what seems like an automatic fear response, but it is up to me if I continue to choose fear or do the investigative and healing work to shift my perspective. This gets easier with practice. I have to literally bite my tongue sometimes rather than join in fear-talk, when everyone else is talking about the latest thing to be afraid of. I choose to starve out fear by giving it no energy. Instead of feeding fear, we might change the subject to something beautiful or wise. “Did you hear what the Dalai Lama is doing right now?” “We are so lucky to live in the mountains and this coffee shop… ! Best coffee on the planet!”

  6. Laughter can reduce or alleviate fear because of it’s high vibration. So can playing and being in nature. Use these things INTENTIONALLY to relieve fear.

  7. Use physical props or aids. Dr Bach’s flower essence sprays have rescued me in the depths of fear energy, before I had the understanding of who I truly am. The FES spray called Fearless, and the Yarrow Environmental spray. These can be used internally, sprayed around or on your body, or sprayed in a place. Sometimes, a physical “prop” stands in when you doubt your own power. Also, sage in any form such as sprays or using the smudge sticks. (Use natural essential oils or herbs, not fragrance or parfume)

  8. Stop consuming fear. Because I so rarely have watched the news in the last 25 years, it’s monstrously shocking when I catch some of it at someone’s house or in a waiting room. The fear mongering is incredibly intense and blatant and I’m not sure how anyone can stand to watch news programs regularly. This tells me how incredibly desensitized to fear mongering our culture is. When I point it out, people just look at me with confusion or like I’m the one that’s batshit crazy because I cannot and will not stand for someone packing fear into every story. Even the tone of voice and the way most sentences are structured, shout; BE AFRAID. No thank you. If I want to know about something, I use the internet or call someone who was there. I look for reports that give facts or observations without agenda.

    9. Fear cannot survive Love energy. Say “I choose Love”. Say it until Love is all there is. The most effective antidote to fear is Love. Love transforms fear like light transforms dark. This is a spiritual/energetic law; fear and Love cannot occupy the same time/space, because fear is illusion and Love is truth. Divine Love says “I see you. I accept you as you are. I offer you compassion. I offer you light/love. I trust that everything is always perfect and exactly how it is supposed to be in every moment.”  I visualize wrapping the thing I fear, or fear itself, in the light of Divine love. I open my heart full of love to it. This is counter-intuitive at first but I have found it to be the most incredibly powerful of all my ways to work with fear. It is the same thing as calling in the energy of Divine Source, or calling on Creator/God, or Jesus. This works no matter how huge, deep and powerful your fear is. 

Listen to the podcast here


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