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By Candace Craw-Goldman

I dreamed I came upon a very large, tall wooden building where there was a commotion going on outside. There were lots and lots of people present and more arriving all the time.

Some groups of people were busy with repair items on the facade. Paint, siding, nails and other shiny new things were being delivered and assembled. They were stripping off boards and such that were unusable and worn and replacing with the new materials.

Other groups of people were trying to get the attention of these construction workers and have them take a break for a conversation. It seemed that they had a different idea of what sort of activity needed to be taking place regarding this building.

The “repair committee” were earnestly and in good faith repairing the building and were unable to fathom why those who were interrupting them would be slowing them down. They were unable to hear the words that came from their mouths about approaching the project a different way. The interrupters were trying to talk about new materials and new construction methods, but the repair committee would have none of it. They wanted to do things the way they had always been done.

The “interrupters” were fewer in number than the repair committee to be sure. They were the minority.  I stood and watched this commotion for a bit and then I simply let myself into the building to have a look around.

From the outside, the building looked perfectly serviceable, maybe a bit worn around the edges but not necessarily needing major repair. But as I walked deeper and deeper inside – everything began to shift and change. The colors shifted to browns and grays, the material that held the building together was rotted and I wondered how it was standing at all. I thought perhaps I should leave soon before I got hurt in some way but wanted to see a bit more first.  Walking farther on, I could see what seemed to be a huge crater going deep into the earth.

Looking up I could see debris falling from every floor of the building through this hole.  Floor after floor above was falling apart just like the ground floor and foundation. All the way up into the sky. And way up high on top of the roof was the Man with a Head of a Sun. He simply was peering down the hole, his light shining through the dust and debris. At first it seemed like maybe a bomb had been dropped on the building but after considering that idea and looking a bit more closely I could see that it was not a bomb that caused this mess.

The building was simply rotten to its core and falling apart from the inside out. The Man with the Head of a Sun just smiled at me and then disappeared.

I made my way outside and watched the commotion a bit longer. I heard one interrupter invite some of the repair committee to enter the building for a tour. They wanted them to see what I had seen about the rotting structure and the big hole in the foundation.

The repair committee mostly declined this offer. They said they knew what was there, it had been evaluated and studied many times and there was nothing amiss. To leave their activity would be a waste of time. I did see one or two break off from the main repair group and go to have a look for themselves. But they were in the extreme minority.

It was at this point that the building began to wobble and shake. Dust and dirt began to sift down upon everything. I knew it was time to remove myself from the free fall of the building that was certainly beginning to happen.

And then I just woke up.

Candace Craw-Goldman


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