Three Days Of Darkness My Perspective

Three Days of Darkness: My Perspective

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By: Dr. Allison Brown

Allison is a (BQH) Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, United States.

There has been a lot of talk lately about an impending Three Days of Darkness. Unfortunately, the theories about what this event will look like vary greatly. Some folks suggest that this will manifest as literal darkness brought on by a satellite passing in front of the sun, or the poles shifting…maybe even something more “natural,” like volcanic activity.

On the other hand, others are convinced that because our sun is critical to life on Earth, blocking our sun’s rays is simply not going to happen. This theory implies that the darkness will be metaphorical, possibly a culmination of 3D confusion, turmoil, and chaos. Adding to this mix of information, a recent client’s Higher Self answered a few questions about this 3-day event.

About the 3 days of darkness:

(HS in bold)

One can look upon it as a preparatory time for a shift to take place. As all things rescind and prepare themselves for the next shift in energy, in transformation, there is a quiet time. They may look upon it as being dark, but it is just before the light that it is there. 

Will it be a literal darkness or a metaphorical darkness?

You would look upon it as a metaphorical darkness. 

And it would be different for each person, then?

This will take effect differently in each individual. Some may experience a greater level of it and others may not. 

Will we all experience it at the same time, generally?

Generally speaking, yes. Each person will experience it differently. 

Is that coming in 2019, as best you can tell?

As not to be specific, but yes, this will be before the end of this particular year. 

Is there a way to prepare for that?

Have a full understanding of what you know is true. Hold yourself in that Truth. And, on the other side, things will be explained and be at a higher level. 

What do I think? I believe that what I experience is a product of my own creation. So for me, this event will be an exciting time of metamorphosis! As always, we are being asked to stand in our Truth and not waiver, in spite of what might be taking place around us. Whether this event plunges us into literal or figurative darkness, it is our job to simply continue to shine the light that we are. Remember to avoid fear, hold fast to what we know, and emerge from this period ever stronger and more brilliant!   

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