When The Foundation Cracks A Tsunami Of Light Will Follow

When the Foundation Cracks, A Tsunami of Light will Follow

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Editor’s Note: Ludmila is a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, as well as practicing light therapy, and facilitating light language intuitive sessions;  located in Belgium, Brussels. 

When the Foundation Cracks, A Tsunami of Light will Follow

I have been feeling very anxious in the last weeks. I’m not sure if it is fear-based, but this is what came through from Isis when I asked her about it:

Dear One, 

Please be aware that a fundamental shake in the foundation of the old paradigm has taken place. It was a massive energetic earthquake, which has materialized as environmental disturbances in some places. The shake took place on a deep energetic level (in your “deep collective waters” if you wish) in order to shake off what is no longer needed in your reality.

Smaller energetic shakes have been occurring already for years in your reality. As you are aware, in your physical reality, once a profound earth shake takes place, there is a tsunami that is formed. Please be aware that the shakes and the formation of this transformational wave are not the result of external forces, galactic beings, or Gods/Goddesses intervening upon Earth. This would be disempowering because you would perceive these beings as somehow more advanced and holding more power than you. You are the ascended masters in other parallel realities; you are these galactic beings having a human experience. So, it is all you!

All the energies that you are experiencing, are what you have collectively created with all the way-showers on Earth. You are all coming together, joining hands now because you have generated enough energy for the shake to take place, and the energy for the transformational wave to be formed. This is an alchemical process: uniting your energies in the space of your heart to create a third energy of transformation.

Within the subconscious, there is a knowing that the tsunami is being formed. It can create anxiety in some, as this will bring back memories of other lifetimes where civilizations have been swollen by high intensity of both physical high waves and energetic waves. 

During this alchemical process, some of you may feel tired, exhausted, anxious, or afraid. It is because on a subconscious level you are working on building this tsunami of light. On another level, while doing this, old patterns will arise, not to show you necessarily that you still have them, but as a reminder of the old paradigm that was manifested within you. A reminder of what you have been through, so that you are able to forgive yourself and others again and again, in order for you to now choose differently.

When we use the metaphor “tsunami,” you may think about destruction and suffering, but please bear in mind that the only “destruction” that will take place is that of the old paradigm. If you’re holding onto the old paradigm, then yes, you will experience suffering and loss, but of a loss that will be perceived as being real, when in fact it’s all an illusion. When you realize that the old way is no longer needed and that you are already at a zero point, only bliss and a feeling of release will be felt by those ready to experience it.

In the weeks to come, the energy you are creating will help you experience being both the wave and the stillness of the deep waters. You will experience being the “destruction” and creation. All the way-showers are coming together, holding energetic hands, forming an energy grid to cover the Earth like an energetic blanket.

How do you feel when you are in your cozy bed, under your blanket? Safe? Warm? This is the divine feminine energy rising. We are going back to the divine uterus of Gaia, and creating another reality all-together! 

Just like in the movie “Inception”, you are in a dream, that is in a dream, that is in a dream. In the next few weeks you will be waking up from within one layer of this dream. You will still be in another dream, but a dream that is closer to your divine reality. This is the passage from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. 

In the other layers of the dream, you will become the conscious dreamer. You will be able to create from a conscious place, and not be chased by imaginative monsters that you have created within your own mind and labelled as being bad. In this layer of the dream, you will be able to understand that even those bad beings (as you perceive your ego, or your mind in your 3D reality), is part of your divine being that has served you as a guide for your own remembrance. 

Let the new dream begin!

Article by Ludmila Duhot

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Editors: Chrysilla Lewies / Diana Adair

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