A Message from KAHAN

A Message from KAHAN

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Tina Marie Bueno is a BQH practitioner and an intuitive guide/channel; a Next Level Catalyst.

I write my dreams if I remember them and journal a morning message nearly daily. They are great inspiration for posts that I write on my site. However, this message is meant for everyone on this forum who reads it. (My questions are in BOLD).

The message below doesn’t require the details of my dream as it is self-contained. It starts off a little intense but be sure to read all the way through. It comes from a group called the KAHAN (kay-hon). I’ve not heard of them nor from them in all my channelings (Galactic Council, High Pleiadian Council, Arcturian Council, 9th Dimension High Council, Yeshua, Cities of Light Beings, etc)…at least not of which I am consciously aware.

You know directly well that all earth creatures and humans are not native to the planet originally. Some have been ‘placed’ here to never wake up. Their DNA has been tampered with so they wouldn’t. They are ‘anchors’ of the 3D/4D density. They are more like androids, yet they look humanoid. That’s why they remain sleepers. Then suddenly are ‘turned on’ to commit a crime and instill fear. You would call them the soulless. They are manipulated and 100% compliant with no capacity to go rogue. They disturb the peace both internally and externally. The controllers are off planet. They are light interrupters. Most of the humans are not light bearers. Light bearers are a minority yet far more powerful than the combined rest. 

There are also many humans who are here as observers only: neither awake nor asleep. Just empty vessels used for observation purposes. A station for walk-ins.


We are the galactics called KAHAN. Our purpose is to place look alikes of the species on any given planet that is evolving to their next dimensional level. We are mostly called in to those moving from 3D to 4D. And now 4D to 5D. We create the species and deliver them via birthing or simply by putting them as adults onto the planet with no childhood. They just suddenly appear – exist.

We do not experience emotions – we simply receive a request and honor it. It is a transaction, however. In exchange we receive whatever we require including a copy of any and all data-information collected for our library of records. Any being can request that information to assist their planetary evolution.


For your earth planet, contrast is an important component to the awakening unfoldment. This expedites a shift in progress. Light bearers become aware that ‘going inward to evolve’ is much quicker when there is suffering and chaos externally. They are nudged to go within. Since earth is host to an extensive, intricately interwoven holographic program, in reality those witnessed tragedies only occur with the simulation. Made to appear as real as possible using only a fragment of your human senses, it is quite easy.

We serve a purpose and consider ourselves as neither dark nor light. Our species has chosen to fully experience pure light, then pure dark. Dark meaning no light, not what humans deem as ‘evil’. We have collectively chosen to be in absolute neutrality to experience zero point. This has earned us a seat at the table of every evolutionary shift in the omniverse. We are welcomed participants and are given detailed parameters by the collective of the species who plan a shift. At no time do we ‘wing it’ as you would say. We follow protocol precisely. 


To assist you and all you share this message with. Stepping into your neutrality regarding emotionally stimulated situations both internally and externally assists you in allowing more of your light to fully permeate your beingness. Be a full-on neutral observer, so then your missions of love, light and passion automatically fills your conscious awareness, as there is absolutely no resistance when in a state of neutrality.

This is the gift of our experiences that we offer. Even as you hear this, the belief that ‘we are humans which includes active emotions’ comes into your thoughts. We say yes and it is your time to be as neutral as you can, then go even further beyond what you believe is ‘humanly’ possible. Practice neutrality daily. You will truly feel/know what the ‘unconditional’ of unconditional love authentically is. This expedites your remembering. 

Neutrality is the breeding ground for pure Source love and nothing else. 

We are the KAHAN. Our transmission is complete.




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