Free Energy Tesla And Timelines

Free Energy, Tesla and Timelines

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BQH practitioner Dr. Allison Brown is located just outside of Charleston, SC.  In this article she shares a channeled message from April 9th about energy and the importance of timelines from The Collective

Me: You said that our globe is changing—the Earth is changing.  One of the things that we anticipate that will be happening, is the reduction and elimination of fossil fuels on this planet—and maybe having something called “free energy,” or a better energy.  Can you tell us—although I know you don’t like timelines—when we might be able to anticipate that coming to fruition?

What must be understood to answer this question that you ask is…

Your energy–your physical energy that does power things on your planet…

What must be understood (and you already understand), is that the power—the energy that does power the things that you own and the automobiles that you drive, and the planes that you fly, and other mechanical aspects of your planet—have all been designed and manufactured and imagined by individuals on your planet.  They all have been gifted with this information.  Now there are those that have been gifted the information to take your energy, your power source, into the next evolution.  Those individuals already exist.  They are here on your planet.  

But as you described timelines—there are many aspects of change that must take place before these individuals can be revealed.  Just as in times past, individuals come forward with new energy types, there was a particular timeline and change that needed to take place.  From our perspective, and where we observe what is taking place on your planet, it is on a particular timeline, yes.  It is in your future.  Yes.  But you also understand that there are things that can deviate this timeline.  It will circle back on to its prescribed path.  But, understand that it is in your timeline. Giving dates, and giving specific times, are not necessary.  But have the understanding that, yes, those individuals that have the information to change your power perspective—your power source—are already on your planet.  They are waiting for a particular change to take place on your planet, to be the opportune time to bring forth this information.  You call it “free energy.”  There are many other aspects to it.  

But what we want you to understand is this:

What is energy?  Everything is energy.  Everything is frequency.  The physical beings on your planet are a mass of energy.  Many of you understand the connection points between two beings and sense the frequency flow—the energy flow between two beings.  Understanding this will open you up to another understanding of what is your future potential.  It is not to say the human is an energy source.  It is to say that the energetic connection BETWEEN beings has the potential to change many aspects of this planet. 

Thank you.  When you said that humans are gifted with those intuitions or this information, have humans not already been gifted with that but been thwarted?  For example, Tesla—and other people around the turn of the century. 

 Understanding this answer, one must look at, and understand, a path.  A path of existence and a timeline.  Tesla.  Yes.  Many aspects of his physical existence here on this planet were filled with those that are beyond this planet.  He had all of the knowledge.  But it was not utilized.  That path came to end. The timeline continued.  Other individuals have had this information.  And their path has ended.  The timeline continues.  There is another intersection point in the near future.  Those individuals that retain this information will be intersecting with this point on a timeline.  Their path will intersect with the timeline.  And the changes will have already been made on the planet to accept the information that they have. The timelines continue.  The paths do not.  But at a particular point, there is a critical intersection.  There is an intersection of timelines, paths and critical points upon a planet by which all things begin to resonate.  You can look upon the others as it was too early for their existence.  But this information continues to be pushed forward and pushed forward, until it meets the right intersection.

Dr. Allison Brown is an author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer.         

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