What’s Going On With The Elephants In Botswana

What’s Going on With the Elephants in Botswana?

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By Dr. Allison Brown

According to news reports, over 400 elephants have been found dead, since May, in Botswana. Scientists and conservationists have no explanation for these deaths, and animal lovers all over the world are grief-stricken. Curiosity getting the better of me, I decided to pose the question to The Collective, the group of multi-dimensional Beings my husband, Will, channels (AA Michael, AA Raphael, Source, and Enoch). Here is their explanation: 

“There are several understandings of what is taking place. All of it is a natural occurrence.  The geological location of where this is taking place is emitting a particular–shall we say…gas…fume.  But it is not necessarily that, in itself, [that is] the reason. To have an understanding of the wildlife of the animals of this planet, there is a natural progression of culling a particular species.  Yes, this is disturbing for those that are witnessing this.  But Mother Earth is understanding what is needed.  Mother Earth, itself, is providing a means.  The animals do arrive; they have an understanding that it is their time.  There is a culling that needs to take place in order for the region to sustain other life amongst itself.  If left to itself, this particular animal species would overrun its geographical location.  This happens naturally through all species, through all animals amongst this planet.  It is a natural process, and we understand that it is disturbing to see such an event.  But understand, there is a much wiser purpose for it.” 

As The Collective stressed, this type of event is incredibly challenging for humans to witness, let alone comprehend. With that in mind, I’d like to share a personal story that might help put things into greater perspective.

Two weeks ago, our pet goats, Buddy and Lily, both died during the night. We were devastated to wake up that morning and find that they were both gone. Although they were reaching the end of their natural life span (they were half siblings, both 10 years old, born about 3 months apart and raised together), it was completely unexpected, particularly for them both to depart at the exact same time. After contemplating all of the possible scenarios – snakebites, predators, poisonous plants, and so on – there was simply no other explanation: we felt certain that Buddy died of old age and Lily died of a broken heart. 

As it so happens, Will and I had recently begun to conduct pet channelings, so we decided to contact our sweet Buddy to ask what had happened. Buddy confirmed our suspicion. From the higher realm in which he and Lily now reside, he was able to provide much more insight. He explained that animals, who never encounter the “veil of forgetfulness” upon entering a physical body, retain awareness of their soul’s essence – they understand why they’ve incarnated and that their time on earth is limited. Buddy explained that once his physical body could no longer sustain life, his soul was reunited with the All. Lily, whose body could have gone on, had become so attached to her brother that she decided, at that moment, to join him. 

In other words, animals are able to determine the time and circumstances of their transition, because they never lose sight of the fact that they are a soul having a physical incarnation.

It is my hope that this understanding will help us, the human collective, comprehend the incomprehensible – to remember that everything is Divinely orchestrated for the greatest and highest outcome for All.   

Dr. Allison Brown is an author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer residing just outside of Charleston, SC. Learn more about Allison on her website:  https://drallisonbrown.com/   To schedule a pet channeling or to view Allison and Will’s other offerings, please visit https://palmandlotus.com/

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