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Question of the Week: Dear Left Brained Client

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Is it your conscious mind speaking in a Quantum Healing session? Your Higher Self? How do you know which is which and how does it feel and how can you tell? Candace reads her classic article, “Dear Left Brained Client” and answers a client’s direct questions about the article.


Hi everyone. It’s Candace Craw-Goldman from https://quantumhealers.com, I’m back again with another question of the week. And this is going to be kind of long, because I’m going to read an article and go through sort of several related questions that somebody had sent in. And the first thing that you all should know is that I responded to this person right away. But now I’m going to use it as a prompt for one of these videos.

Okay, so let me find his question. So this is a client who has been referred on to another practitioner because of my own schedule. So here it goes. And I’m sorry to bother you. But I thought I should ask you this question from your article called left brain client, before I see my practitioner on December 1. So was the left brain client call and so let me move this over. So here’s the article called Dear left brain client, actually read this article back in July of 2012. So quite a long time ago, the time of this recording, that’s, you know, what is that? 11 years, that’s more than 11 years, but I’m gonna go ahead and read the article first, so that you can see where some of the questions came in, in reference to the article, okay, dear left brain client, dear left brain client, it’s not your fault. Really.

You’ve been programmed from birth to primarily only use half of your brain’s natural function. Our Western societies institution of education and government and workplaces have marginalized our right brain, our intuition, our imagination, in my opinion, has been to our this has been to our great detriment. Think of all of the times as a child, you were told to get your head out of the clouds, that there was no monster in the closet that your imaginary friend wasn’t real, to stop daydreaming. To stop pretending or making up stories, things were labeled only a coincidence or merely a figment of your imagination. What your parents, teachers and others did was effectively switch off half of your brains function. They mostly didn’t mean to do this. They were taught the same thing when they were young, and this just perpetuates? Sure we need our left brain. Without it, many things would dissolve into disorganization and chaos. But what we really need is a balance.

So our whole brain, and our poor right brain has gotten a really bad rap. Well, we have a little work to do now to begin to undo this left brain thing is the only thing that’s important programming, but it is possible. When you live a life led overwhelmingly by logic and analysis. You’re living primarily from your left brain, you can think of your mind is fueled by a kind of a dual engine brain, which is much like a dual engineer playing with only one working engine, right? If you’re only accessing that part of yourself. If you’re a very methodical logical analytical, your right brain is probably very much like a rusty engine. And we need to get the grease gun out, lubricate the mechanics, refuel and get that right brain baby running before our quantum healing session. All right. Can you do this? Absolutely.

Your right brain is right there waiting on you turn the engine on over to wake it up. And you can start immediately. There are many ways to engage your right brain. And in the coming days, I’ll share a few concrete examples you can do during your regular day that can help. Here’s one thing you can do that was probably the most important thing to have a successful session. It’s just a statement that you need to hear, digest and integrate into your world before knocking on my door before our appointment. You need to fully accept this statement to break out of a lifetime of left brain programming. Here it is, are you ready? You will have to trust your imagination. 100%. That’s right, actually trust it. You have to trust your imagination, so much that you might possibly have to do something that might sound utterly ridiculous to a left brain person, you will have to agree simply to make it up. There’s a difference there between fabrication and make it up.

I can get into that, but I won’t do that right now. That’s right, make it up. You will in essence make up a daydream with me and I promise you if you jump into that Daydream with feet, and allow me to help you allow me to guide you, you will absolutely open that door to your soul and begin at last to find the answers for which you are looking and healing that you seek. Your higher self your soul itself communicates with you and your dreams. Every single month, Laura sort of called that subconscious. It communicates with you using premonitions, gut feelings and daydreams and your imagination and symbols and stories and fanciful ideas. We want to talk to your higher self in your session, not your everyday logical left brain conscious mind. You cannot access your higher self or your soul using logic, that sentence thinking you can’t access it using logic over analyzing will cause it to wither feta away or, you know, not be as present anyway. Let me tell you a little story.

Just a couple of weeks ago in Arkansas during advanced training with Dolores Cannon. The story of remarkable healing was told the woman a quantum healing practitioner herself was once a demonstration subject to Dolores in a class several years ago, actually referenced the story a lot during the session when Dolores asked the SC herself to heal the severe esophageal Safa deal erosion and reflux disease that made her life miserable. Her logical mind began to doubt disbelief the entire process. This woman being a demonstration subject was keenly aware there were students observing, taking notes, and hanging on every word of the session. Plus, she was there with her amazing in person Dolores Cannon herself right. And at that moment, her analytical mind her ego self did not feel that her Higher Self was there. She listened intently, waited for something magical to happen and felt absolutely nothing. She remembered what Laura said to her in class about using her imagination. She felt it was her only option she was going to have to make it up. She thought she could not possibly disappoint Dolores and the class that was watching her. So she did. She made it up. And as she began to create a story within her mind, she suddenly in her mind, saw big streams of blackness leave her throat internally she was stung.

I remember watching her do this. I’m taking a break from the article for a second and she made these these references with her hands like this, she said when she awoke meaning when she was brought to everyday conscious, aware state she had no more pain in her throat. For esophageal pain and reflux a problem she had for many years had disappeared, never to return. Standing at the seemingly closed door of her soul self she used her imagination to unlock the door and open it and access it, I’m making it up.

Do understand and realize the more that you open yourself up before your session before your session. This is This is crucial, you kind of have to try this out a little bit before you get going. The more you practice and allow the more you make up stories. The more you daydream, the more you meditate or play the fabulous What if games, the more you simply shake up a rigid left brain daily routine or life, the better your outcome will be at session. And here’s something wonderful about the right brain and its activities and function. You cannot do anything wrong. You can only balk and not do it at all. You can only bulk and not do it at all. It’s completely up to you. All right. So that is the article. Right. So let’s get back to the questions. Okay. All right.

So back again to the letter. Sorry to bother you. I thought I should ask this question. The article left brain client. All right. The lady in the article is conscious when Dolores asked the essay, may I speak to the SC? Did she say yes to that? Yes, yes. She said yes. Okay, can we speak if we are seeing or feeling the answers? Or do we just leave it to the SC to speak SNAS saying how does the speaking happen? If you’re asking the SC to speak? And it’s a it’s a reasonable question to ask.

One of the ways that I have seen that question answered is by saying this, you have to lend your voice to this. See, this thing here actually has to move vibrate, make sounds and lend it to the SEC. At the same time, nothing takes you over. Nothing takes you over at all. That never happens in this session. It just doesn’t happen in the session. Your higher self Excuse me. Your higher self is a part of view it is you it’s it’s a wiser you it’s a greater you. It’s a bigger part of you. There have been times in your life when it has spoken. Come out of your mouth. It It has spoken, it’s nothing that is so foreign to you that you’re gonna feel like at some other be. You’re just not. However, sometimes it’s presented a little different way. Sometimes the voice is deeper, sometimes there’s a little accent sometimes them in flexion. And some of the words are pronounced somewhat differently. It’s, it’s a version of you, it really is it is you. Okay. So, again, can we speak if we are seeing or feeling the answers or just leave it to the SC to speak? You know, these are matte?

This is a different answer that comes from clients or people who’ve experienced this, they will they will all answer this question a little differently. Some people just sort of blend from their conscious everyday voice over to this one. Sometimes the, the break in it is pretty stark. And you can see this, there’s a lot of different ways. It’s not the same for everyone. It’s not the same for everyone. For me personally, again, you know, I’ve done this work. And I have had quantum healing sessions throughout the years. For me, it is absolutely a blending and a letting go. Okay, so here’s my conscious, everyday awareness that speaks. And then when I get to the place where I’m asked, What is my higher self say, I’m just like everyone else, there’s that left brain part of me the logical part of my brain that goes, Oh, come on. Now. This is silly. You’re making it up. I mean, really, even my own brain still does that.

But I know. And I trust this process so much, because I’ve seen, I’ve been witnessed, I’ve experienced the miraculous things that happen when you do this. So every time up to even now after doing this work for more than 15 years, I have to do the here we go. Now I’m going to be trusting my imagination. And I just step into it go let’s see what comes and I just step into making it up. Which is it for me, again, it’s a gradual process, what comes what can I talk about it. And the more I just follow that and allow that and not worry about what’s coming out of my mouth, not having performance anxiety, not thinking is what’s coming out of my mind, wise and masterful. But if I just keep going down the path of loving my imagination to be prompted, and it can be very subtle, it can be very subtle. It can be so subtle. This is why you practice before these sessions. If you don’t practice and you wait up until sometimes, you know, months or weeks before having a session. And that’s the first time you do it. It’s going to be much, much harder your practitioner will help you. But you shouldn’t wait until that’s the very first time you try this.

Which is why to use the imagination exercises to do the what if games to play and daydream and speak out loud. Just close your eyes on the sofa, have a daydream? Here I am okay, I’m just gonna make one up. Here I am I’m going to walk up and see my new horse. And then I just follow my steps and see what happens. You know, it’s a cold day outside as matter of fact, it really is cold here, we’ve got snow and I still in the ground. You know, and then I’ll see what happens. Maybe a rabbit jumps out of the woods, maybe something else happens and I just follow it. Just follow it. Okay. More questions from this person? Since the lady was seeing images, did she anche answer them consciously? Like in mediumship? Hmm, um, it’s kind of a back and forth. I think if I’m understanding the question.

Yes. She answered them consciously. She was never unconscious in this process. Her conscious mind never excluded itself went away went to sleep. She didn’t have to be told later. What was happening in this session. That is the clinical somnambulistic state. Very few people have that even when they’re like, I don’t remember anything. And if you prompt them, and if you ask them will remember that part of the session when this happened? And they’ll go Oh, yeah. It’s kind of like a dream. It’s very much like a dream. There are some people are like, I don’t remember a thing. They are so rare. They are so so rare. It’s, again another discussion for another day.

Does it happen? Yes. Does it continue to happen? Yes. But by and large, the majority of people just are not somnambulistic. They’re just not both in the clinical sense and or in the way that Dolores Cannon also described it to Dolores is credit and you to support her in the statement, I will say this when she first started this work. Again, this was back in March, I think very first working with Johnny was in the 60s 1970s 1980s. Yes, I do believe that a great deal of those clients were some new ballistic. Not all of them, I’m sure not all of them. But I imagine that a great deal of them were to be able for her to be able to make that statement. But by the time I came along, by the time most people came along, we were accepting with our conscious mind what was happening in a session, we just were, which is worth.

It happens, and even more people remember now, after all these years, the client says this is so confusing. Well, I hope this video and my answer was helpful in that. Okay. And so I’m going to just go through all of them here, because this is a real person who wrote this real email. In most of the divorce videos that I watched, it felt like the client wasn’t speaking consciously it felt like trance mediumship. Okay, so I don’t know which videos this person watched. There aren’t too many out there that are available where Dolores is actually doing a session and it’s on YouTube or whatever. I mean, obviously, there’s some in the class materials.

I don’t know if this person ever took the class. It felt like trance mediumship? Well, yeah, it kind of is this meaning? If you are in a relaxed state, what’s a trance? It’s a relaxed state mediumship Well, that’s typically speaking for like, you know, your, your grandma who’s passed on or somebody else, something like that. But it is, it is a form of, of mediumship in the way that you are speaking, lending your voice again, to your higher self, to your soul, self to your SE. Okay, so there are some great similarities there. Absolutely. All right. So do we speak? Or does the S C speak controlling our voice? Again? I’ve already answered this, but I’ll answer it again, your voice speaks? Does the SC take over your body and take over your voice and speak with with without your body kind of agreeing to that and then allowing that and partnering with that? I say no, it does. No, it doesn’t at all. But the confusion is sort of when your eyes are closed, and you’re trying to decide, because you are partnering with the SEC doing that you’re partnering. So it might in your mind, if you don’t practice this, you know, if you don’t access this at all, if you don’t do some of these exercises, you might think, Okay, now I’m just this is all ridiculous. And I’m and this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. It’s something is supposed to take over my body. And I do not agree.

Although when the SEC fully steps in, there’s a power there, that feels very expansive, it’s usually sometimes you can even see it in the client, their chest comes up, their shoulders go back voice gets stronger, that does happen. Sometimes it’s way more subtle than that. Okay. I’m gonna go ahead and read this last line, because I actually think it’s kind of sweet. And I went, and I want to answer this, again, to this person, but also, to everyone else out there. I know you’re tired with sessions every day. That’s just kind of cute. Well, I can’t do sessions every day. It’s simply not possible.

I used to do five sessions a week, years and years and years, I did do five sessions a week to break on, on the weekends. Since caring for my dad. I can’t do that. I can’t do that at all. And you know, I have some bigger and other not bigger. I have some additional responsibilities with the classes, the students, the forum, and all of my incredible family of animals out here at the farm. So we’ll try to have a balanced life that way. Although I have a session tomorrow, really excited about it. Somebody is flying in from California. I’ve been having more and more in person sessions these days, and it’s wonderful. All right, can you please take some time out and answer this question? Of course I can. I always do. I don’t ignore questions. And we’ve again, we’ve already answered this person directly, but I wanted to repeat the questions and make this little video.

Now, those of you who are watching this video if you are a practitioner, and if you’re a practitioner on our forum, please Ask these questions on the forum. Or if you don’t even want your question connected to your name for some sort of reason. Say that in your email, I want to ask this on the forum. But I don’t want to use my name. I don’t know why anyone would do that. But because it’s a perfectly safe and acceptable place. To ask your question, I’ll post your question. And then the benefit of that is and the benefit of our forum.

First of all, there’s oftentimes 18 plus years of the same questions, including these asked for 15 years, we’ve been answering this question for more than 15 years, and very little has changed. It’s the same stuff. But when you ask on our forum, first of all, you can go see how all the other practitioners 1000s and 1000s of 1000s of them over the last 15 years how they’ve answered that question by by using our very wonderful new search engine on our new platform. You can even say how to Candace answer this, how did you know other people that you might know who practice the work who are in our community, they were whoever even a been in our community can you can look up how they talked about things over the years, some well known names, that you probably follow in other ways out here on the internet. So some know that, and, and here, and this is big, this is huge for me, okay. For those of you who are practitioners, BQH, QHHT, any of the other quantum healing type modalities in this family in this constellation of different approaches, when you ask those questions on our forum, not only are there the archives, not only are there 1000s of people who can have answered this, not only do we have wonderful, loyal, incredible people who will answer that question, but you will get their versions of the answer.

So it’s not always that I know all the answers, or that you will get the best answer for me. There may be other people out there who will answer this question in a way that it clicks for you. Even though primarily most of us, you know, this is our experience, this is the way it’s worked for me. And some of these big issues like that, like these right here, are mostly answered in the same way just in, you know, in their own voice and with their own experience.

Okay, so I hope that that is, and I’ve been looking at the letter there, and not the, the front of the camera, as I’ve been answering all of that. But I hope this has been helpful. And if you have questions at all about play anything at all, please send me an email, text, whatever, put them in a comment underneath this video book on YouTube, or Rumble or anyplace else that you’d catch my work. And that’s it for now, again, if you are a quantum healer of any kind, or even a healer of any kind, you are welcome to join us at Quantum healers.com. We share information across modalities, and I have found that that is the just place right now for people to get even better at their practice. Here’s an example. I’m listening to some really new fun horse training videos. And the fellow who I’m listening to has been, let’s say waking up to spirituality. And it’s been fascinating to hear the way he describes things through the horse.

world, right? And it’s been enjoyable for me in a new way that I hadn’t seen before. So anybody who does this kind of work. Anybody who does this kind of approach. If you’re an herbalist, if you are a regular hypnotist, if you read tarot cards, if you do any of those kinds of things, Reiki or yoga. Please join us. You’re welcome. We love learning from each other in that way. And I love to continue to learn from all of you, even you brand new beginners, because sometimes new people have the best questions and it really makes us think, and we all grow. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much. See you next time.

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