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Dolores Cannon’s message to the World Oct. 14, 2023

Dolores Cannon

Image caption: Tree Leaves cast eclipse shaped shadows on a fence near Austin Texas

A few hours ago I had a dream, and I woke up during that dream. Or so I thought. For a short time, I believed I was actually awake, but I wasn’t. I “woke up” to hear my cell phone message alert tone. Now this is odd in at least two ways: Firstly, although my phone is typically in my bedroom, I almost always have it powered down when I sleep. Secondly, even if it was on, I have my alerts set to silent.

In any case, I reached for my phone (in my dream) and there was a text message. It was from Dolores Cannon.

Now before I share that dream text message, a brief background is in order for context. The day prior, yesterday,  Friday the 13th, I recorded a video with a fellow quantum healer, Jenn Wertz. One of the main topics of conversation was Digital Reality or the Digital Algorithm. (This video conversation will be published after some minor editing, probably this weekend.) Another point of interest is that today, this morning as I write this, is October 14, 2023. And it was almost exactly 9 years ago today, early in the morning to be precise, that Dolores Cannon left our physical plane.

Another extraordinary event, and one that I speak about often, is the mysterious and unexplained text message my husband Tom received just hours before Dolores died. Within a text thread of two people actively working with her at the time, Tom alone received a strange communication. We have known for many years that the Spirit Realm can deliver messages via our devices. That particular text message, which seemed to have been delivered by Dolores’ “team” during her active transition, is the most special one to which I can refer. That message basically said to bring Dolores HOME. (She was in the hospital at the time. We still have a screenshot image of that text!)

So now back to the dream where I believed I was awake. I picked up my phone, somewhat surprised it was on at all. Sometimes I do forget, so it wasn’t that unusual. I looked at the text message. Believe it or not I still have Dolores in my contact list so I knew it was from her. I had also asked for contact and communication from Dolores as I was falling asleep the night before. The first sentence of the message was as follows:

The entire world is about to learn a very big lesson at the very same time.

The message was considerably longer than that, but I “actually” woke up after reading just the first sentence. And that is where we are at the moment that I am beginning to write this.

I did check my “real” phone to see if the message was there when I actually woke up, and it was not. But something highly unusual was! On my digital calendar was an event for this day to repeat every week. From 10am to 12pm the event simply was titled, “Session Story.” Now, I did not put that there and I asked my husband as soon as I could if he created that event. He didn’t, either. So, I have a few things to chat with Dolores about. Did she put that event on my calendar? And of course, I want to know what the rest of the dream text message contained about the world learning a lesson. So, I am simply now going to connect with Dolores and ask…

Dolores, first of all, did you put the event in my calendar?

Actually you could say that was a group energy effort. It was not just me. It was a way to get you back into the swing of writing. Now that you have some help on the weekends with your father, and it is on your calendar, you might actually get it done. (She said this in a little bit of a chiding tone.)

Ha. Hm. That’s interesting. Anything else to say about that or anything about that “group energy?”

No. Not at this time.

Okay then. So, what was the rest of the text message from my dream?

We will get to that. I want you to know first of all, that you were not meant to be able to read or remember the whole text. Just the first sentence.

Why is that?

It was to deliver the rest of the message in this way. In conversation. Because I know you always have questions. And that is good.

Remember, Candace, I have always taught that everything is energy. And I mean everything. And every day, humans have more access to creative energy than ever before. It has always been true, but it is more true today. And this day in particular has more power and energy behind it than most days.

Is that because of the eclipse?

Partially, yes. But the events taking place upon the world stage are reaching an important “choice point.” Other people call this a “node” but I like regular words best.

I think your style of communicating is why people still love you so much Dolores. (And in true Dolores Cannon form, she ignores that personal observation and just gets on with the information…)

The conversation and connection point made yesterday by you and your new friend Jenn about different Realities and different Algorithms informs the subject at hand.

Humans as a collective species and as a collective energetic force have poured an inordinate amount of energy into what can be referred to as the Digital Reality. So much so that this reality rivals your own personal 3D physical reality. These realities are not entirely separate but they are not entirely combined, either. You can consider the Digital Reality “overlaid” on top of your Physical Reality.

In times past, there were some similar situations with “thought form” overlays such as this. And if you want to know why I was so adamant in my courses and teaching not to focus upon “negative” thought forms, it is because I knew very well how powerful of an overlay they could become. I did not want to give extra energy to that.

The incredible increase in human emotion generated in the past few days and added to the Digital Reality is affecting every single life form on this planet. And to be very clear, even beyond your planet. You, Candace, sit there typing and also noticing the sharp pain in your heart. It has always come and gone but I know you are noticing it increase in intensity and persistence even since you opened your eyes this morning.

Does some of that have to do with the eclipse and the timing?

It does. And as you are less than an hour from that time, you can expect it to remain uncomfortable until you are on the other side. It will slowly subside. I suggest you not consume any food until later this afternoon. Being in a fasting state can help move the energy through more effectively if your body is not busy digesting.

Back to Digital Reality: Not all that is “real” in the Digital Reality is real in Physical Reality. I know you know that already. You might be thinking about Artificial Intelligence and “fake” photos and such, and you would certainly be right about that, but it is actually more than inauthentic photos, videos and stories. We could say there is an “inauthentic” or “inorganic” energy at play within real physical events. Humans have a great power and capacity to either feed that inorganic energy or to assist to neutralize it for the benefit of a higher vibratory reality state.

Here Dolores pauses. And the obvious question would be, “Well, how do we know what to do and how to know the difference between feeding and neutralizing?” But it’s like I don’t even have to actually ask the question as I feel the knowing “grin” and “nod of her right index finger pointing up” energy before I do.

That, Candace, is the whole point of this conversation. Humans are poised to make a great leap in learning the “How.” Each individual must move into this evolution by their own choice and at their own pace, but the pace of this Earth/Human construct is accelerating at a very fast rate.

My own sense has been to not deny any form of reality but also not to give an inordinate amount of energy to reality states that I do not wish to feed or participate in. I am assuming that is still valid?

Ít is, but there is a form of human denial energy that has grown to incredible proportions that needs to begin to release before you can access more of that power to neutralize.

I think I already know what you might be talking about. It is the energy of “going along” with “Consensus Reality” so as to not upset the Group, or the “In-Group” at hand. The old “Emperor Has No Clothes” Story, or versions of the Milgram Experiment, perhaps.

The energy that is holding that In-Group (as you call it) together is fragile and failing. Now, make no mistake, this Inorganic Group Energy of the In-Group does have a great deal of power, but it is the “holding together” part of their energy that is the very weakest part of its reality. This energy of cohesion, that keeps that reality powerful, actually cannot exist within enough of a population of Humans who operate with Love and Honesty and Authenticity and Heart Energy. The number one energy that is actually assisting this cohesive energy is the denial and denial of self, energy held within the heart of the Human.

That denial energy is the “keeping quiet” energy.

Exactly. Oh, and Candace. Look at the time.

11:47. The Eclipse time exactly in this time zone.

Take some time to be still now.

Will you stay with me?

I most certainly will.

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Molina Narain

Molina Narain says:

In India it’s kind of a ritual to fast on eclipse day. But hearing Dolores explain about not wasting energy on digesting food and also that it helps d energy to flow through us easily, helps me understand as to why we need to fast!
Thank you so much

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