Two People Communicate With Thoughts Without Words. Telepathy.

Dreams, Dolores, Donna and Immersion

Beyond Quantum Healing ,Dolores Cannon

The Dreamscape has always been rich with clues, information, and ideas. When selectively and thoughtfully shared with like-minded people, it has been my experience the clues can increase, information can be clarified, and ideas can expand. I truly believe we can help each other expand our consciousness in this way.

A few days ago, Tom, Lauren and I met on Zoom with our friends and colleagues, Donna McMurtry and Diana Adair. We discussed future projects for our Community and began to finalize plans for the upcoming BQH Immersion Course, where they, once again, will be assisting. Donna didn’t mention it at the time but she had had a dream the night before the meeting about she and Diana preparing for that event; in it were a house, lots of walls and evidence of a great deal of water that had recently flowed through the structure. This seems to have begun a sequence of related dreams, between at least two people, to be described below.

I then had the following dream: I was in a huge house with many people. This house had many rooms, far more than an average home. Scores of people were there, maybe 80 or 100 in total, and they were all quite busy working in small groups in the many rooms. We all seemed to be healers working on separate but similar projects and goals. One room, larger than all the rest, a great gathering room, was where the smaller groups would present information to the rest of the house.  I seemed to recognize only Donna in this dream of healers, and we made up one very small group of 2.

The current presentations in the gathering room were centered around showcasing influential spiritual teachers, and specifically teachers whom those in the groups were most greatly personally influenced by. Of course, Donna and I were to showcase the work and discoveries of Dolores Cannon. While waiting for our turn, we saw other presentations on other teachers. There were films, slideshows and lectures. Then it was our turn to take the little stage.

Donna and I pulled out a large orange overstuffed armchair and centered it on the stage, facing the audience. I recognized it as one Dolores actually used to sit in during class. We both sat on the floor in front of this empty chair. Then, somehow, just sitting there cross-legged on the floor Donna and I connected our individual consciousness to each other and with that, produced a moving, 3D holographic image of Dolores Cannon sitting in her chair! Not only was the hologram of Dolores visibly moving, but it was also audibly talking. And the hologram of Dolores gave the brief presentation to the rest of the healers in the house.

When I awoke from that dream, I determined that the dream was an invitation by Dolores for the two of us to do a tandem BQH session for the Immersion Class where we would communicate directly with her for those in attendance. I looked forward to telling Donna about the dream, going so far as to text her that I had a dream of her and Dolores.

I tried to find a quiet moment the next day to chat with Donna and failed. I only managing to text her briefly about other completely different things and never getting to the details of the dream at all. I felt remiss in that and decided the next morning I would send her a very early morning message, one that I knew she would pick up hours later because of the time.

Well, this delay was simply- perfectly timed!

Donna shared with me later that the day that she’d been reading The Horns of the Goddess, thinking about the energies and information in these sessions of Dolores that relate to some classes on “magic” that she and sister Diana are working on together. The Horns of the Goddess, is very much about expanded human abilities, the very core of the “magic” ideas in the book itself.

As Dolores herself writes in the introduction of the book, “Magic was and is real. It is just the use and manipulation of energies. The results of this manipulation can be either positive or negative. The problem is not with the energy but with the manipulator. They can steer the energy into any direction…it should always be remembered that the use of these energies creates feedback and karma…whatever energy they sent out would return to themselves tenfold, so they were very careful not to use the energy for negativity, because the results on themselves could be devastating.”

Donna was reading, when Dolores began talking to her.

She says, “I can count on my two hand the number of conversations we have had. Typically, I initiate them, but last night Dolores just showed up!”

“She wanted to say that she’d had similar ideas, wanting those who are ready, to reconnect with expanded abilities and begin to practice and use them again. She likes that we plan to build a format for that via the ‘magic’ classes.”

Donna said, “I felt her presence as I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for bed. Two or three times she remarked on the very mundane things I was doing. Freely giving her opinion. Which struck me as funny, this very wise nonphysical person giving opinions on my unimportant human doings. A tandem session with you, channeling Dolores for Immersion sounds like a ton of fun! If you’d said all that before her visit last night, I maybe would not have felt as intrigued, as I certainly am now!”

I had no particular plans to do a tandem session for the Immersion, and similarly, had no plans to focus upon Dolores Cannon specifically. All that has changed of course, and I will definitely finish reading Horns of the Goddess. I will follow these clues! I suspect information will be clarified and that our Group will have a consciousness expansion during not only the BQH Tandem Session, but during the whole of Immersion week as well.

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