Dolores Cannon Brings the Magic!

Dolores Cannon Brings the Magic!

Dolores Cannon

By Tena M. Dodds and Karen Baquiran

Last night during a surrogate Beyond Quantum Healing session, my partner Karen and I were taking our clients, a mother/daughter duo, who experienced past life trauma to the Healing Temple we affectionately call The Angel Clubhouse. This Clubhouse appeared in our very first surrogate session and we’ve used it ever since to take clients for healing. It’s made of beautiful white marble with huge pillars, stained glass windows from floor to ceiling and has a pool of conscious-healing water where the Angels help clients wash away all that’s no longer necessary for their Highest Good. 

But this time there was a twist.  As we were on our way, Karen let out a giggle. (I’m moderating and Karen is in trance. Karen’s responses are in italics.)

What is it? What do you see, I asked?

Our song is playing on the organ. I hear it and see it coming out of the chimney like rainbow musical notes.


Yes, but there’s a twist!! I came in and I was like, oh that’s beautiful, they’re playing our favorite song again! But guess who’s playing it? (Wink, wink) 

I don’t know. Who?

Can(n)on in D Major. Get it?! 

Omg, Dolores Cannon is here?! 

(giggling) Yeah, she’s playing the organ. Get it? Pachelbel’s Can(n)on in D Major!! 

We were both laughing at this point. For some reason, Dolores always makes us laugh in sessions. Her energy is truly infectious. 

(excitedly) Ahhh, I get it!! Hello Dolores! Thank you for playing our favorite song. Do you have a message for our clients?

~ Dolores- And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. ~

I love that song! (By the Beatles)

Hmm ok. (I saw the visual of a yin/yang symbol which I had seen previously in the session) So I continue to walk the clients in and I’m bringing in the Angels when Karen starts to laugh again.

What is it? 

Dolores is turning from her organ seat and she says, “Oh just tell them to hug already!” 


~ Dolores- Just tell them to hug already! ~

I’m watching our clients come together and as they do, there’s a perfect fit. (When we were talking to the clients earlier, we saw how the mother was drained of all color, but in contrast had a bright colored spot on her heart. The daughter was the opposite, she was full of color but had a dark spot on the heart.) 

Just like the yin/yang! Complementary. 

K- They’re giving back parts of themselves that they lost to each other. Being able to create the love. 

~ Dolores- The love you take is equal to the love you make!! ~

Me & Karen- (surprised) ohhhhh we get it now! I love that! Thanks Dolores! 

Dolores playfully turns around and continues playing the organ. 

So, are they healed now? 

Yeah, easy!


We can still allow the Angels to seal it though.

Ok, let me know when they’re done.

The Angels are allowing the energies of Dolores’ organ music to come through them to ground it. 

Dolores is the best! 

The music looks like a rainbow going down through their channels.

~ Dolores- Karen, doesn’t it look like a Pot o’ Gold? ~

WOW! When you said that I saw a gold flash out of the corner of my eye! 

Omg that’s so cool!

Dolores nonchalantly turns around and plays again.

I love her little one-liners.

Yes, they’re very powerful one-liners. Thank you for assisting us today, Dolores. ❤

While Dolores has come through before, that was the first time she showed up for Karen in a surrogate session and assisted with the healing of our clients. Her energy has been feeling very close and powerful lately. 

Later on, after I wrote this story, I was looking for an image of a Pot o’ Gold to go along with it and attached to the very first image I found was the story of a man who actually experienced the end of a rainbow. The Pot o’ Gold is real!! Not literally of course but metaphorically. In his podcast, he could barely find the words to express the experience and said it looks something like this: 

This is exactly what Karen saw in the session when Dolores asked about the Pot O’ Gold! But of course, our human brains were literally thinking of a round black cauldron with gold coins inside and a little leprechaun sitting on top. 

This session story made me realize several things. One: Dolores is always available to help and guide us and I’m starting to feel and see that much more clearly now. She sent me directly to that story of the man who saw the end of the rainbow so that I could see it too and know that the Pot o’ Gold is actually real! Magic. Two: she has quite the sense of humor! And finally, these sessions are expanding our minds, hearts, and consciousness beyond what we can ever imagine. I hope you enjoyed the magic show! 

Tena Dodds and Karen A. Baquiran are Twin Flames and Beyond Quantum Healing practitioners on a mission to empower others, guide them back to Self and assist them in remembering the innate strength, power and wisdom of Source that resides within each of us. Tena is also a Spirit Releasement Therapist and Intuitive Empath. Karen is an Intuitive Starseed, Energy Healer, Clear channel and Medium. 

You can find more about Tena and Karen’s work at their website or on the Quantum Healers Directory at Tena Dodds or Karen Baquiran

You can find the Pot O’ Gold podcast here

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