If I Have to Choose

If I Have to Choose

Dolores Cannon

Chrysilla is Quantum Healer, and multi-dimensional channel who based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. We love that she does in-person session, as well as doing BQH sessions online, working with souls all over the world or shall we say galaxy. In the following article she writes about the book she loved reading most, written by Dolores Cannon, and how the big awakening of her life and many others exploded through being open-minded, and not limiting a limitless power.

If I Have to Choose

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

You will find some people have a favourite movie, just the same as others have a favourite book, or like a different style of music. I can’t say that I enjoyed reading as a child, but my thirst of knowledge grew when I stumbled across what felt like my life purpose, the supernatural, and the search for knowledge of what lies beyond the veil of this realm.

I do believe that anyone who loves the world of metaphysics would have come across a video, article, or book of Dolores Cannon. And if I recall correctly, Dolores has probably written over 20 books. Can you imagine the work that has gone into creating all of that content? My favourite being:  “The Three Waves of Volunteers, and the New Earth.”

I would like to take you back to a time where there were no books, and no information about re-incarnation: this was when Dolores stumbled across what seemed like a past life while assisting her husband Johnny with a clinical hypnosis session in the 1960’s, but is there truly such a thing as coincidence?

Dolores was led to change the world, but in her earlier life when all of this started to unfold, she would never have expected to come across a soul that has never had an earthly life, and like many, there are those who believe it’s a gradual process to evolve spiritually to have the opportunity to incarnate as a human being. She though that one should have an experience of being a rock, and then an animal, being a nature spirit, and eventually a human being.

Well, this is what I would call the great wakening, because she did come across souls that had never incarnated as a human being before, and that is why the Three Waves of Volunteers is the one book that awakened my soul to what our purpose may be here on earth. It may be the book you would consider to be the one that lead you to become a Quantum Healer, a BQH practitioner, or has lead you to have a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session as a client, especially if you feel you are having a hard time in this life. The energy and vibrational frequencies can be dense and heavy for someone who is of the light: that came straight from Source, and has never been trapped in an earthly body before.

Dolores always remained open-minded, and in the field of consciousness exploration, I don’t think that you can be anything but open-minded, especially when a client spontaneously experiences a miraculous life such as being a student of Nostradamus, an Essene working with sacred knowledge during the time of Jesus, or helping a lost soul who is experiencing their first life on earth. The volunteers who are incarnating now have heard the call that Gaia, our planet requires assistance in raising her consciousness so that she can move into her new incarnation. and that is what the ascention process is all about.

The Three Waves of Volenteers, and the New Earth brings knowledge; turning confusion into an understanding of what is occurring energetically to us and around us at this time. My favourite part would be the knowledge that we were taken back to the bare minimum of only having 2 strands of DNA: back to being cavemen. During the time of Atlantis, the council of 9 became aware that they were getting too technologically advanced, and misusing their power. That’s why the civilization was destroyed. The council of 9 didn’t want this to happen again, so they slowed us down and broke down our strands of DNA from twelve to two, and we are of course again evolving as we are activating our renewed life force energy, more DNA strands are being activated at this time to assist the ascension process.  We are currently on three strands of DNA, and there also seems to be a recording of lots of 'junk' DNA, which is not 'junk' at all.

Dolores became pioneer in the field of hypnosis and past life regression through only following her curiosity and loving what she did in every moment. May it be when coming across certain aspects of information, or meeting new people: it's always done with what seems like a divine plan, and greater than what we can comprehend at the time.

She is very much missed by those who knew her, worked with her, and assisted her. As a practitioner, I love the fact that we can share her stories, her humour and character of a very wise and old soul, and a lady who knew how to connect with their audience to tell a good story.

If you feel out of place and that you don’t belong 'here', or have a feeling that you are from 'somewhere else': another planet, or dimension: I would recommend you read the “The Three Waves of Volunteers, and the New Earth.”

If you would like to explore your deeper hidden knowledge and gifts, you can contact Chrysilla or find your perfect practitioner on our Quantum Healers Directory.

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