Dolores Whispered

Dolores Whispered

Dolores Cannon

The following article is written by LaDonna, based in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A. A BQH practitioner and a very active member of our Practitioner Forum. She beautifully describes how certain energy presents itself, and the importance of trusting it, as well as being consciously in-tune with oneself when connecting to our Higher-Self or loved ones who come in to assist us with our Quantum Healing sessions. 

 Article by LaDOnna Permenter

It is just as Dolores said in one of my very first sessions:

Dolores bluntly stated, “Everything is energy and has a purpose.  It’s your task to bring the client and the clarity of the purpose together. “They” do all the rest, including the clients Higher Self. Do not get in your own 3D way!!”

Remember, we and everything is energy. Once we are 100% clear on that fact, there truly are no limits to what we can do! You see it’s why we are here! Heal everything that presents itself, and that’s what “They” the Higher Self want us to do. Humanity has to raise its vibration. Everything that we physically see as well as the non-physical needs to be healed and forgiven here in the 3D illusion we have created and it is the creation that now has to be corrected. Clean up our own messes, you could say.

As we heal the deceased, we are healing time! With a particular client, I have had to go back 10 generations (some still here and others on the other side) to heal sexual abuse, past
Woo Hoo! that was something!

If ever you encounter an issue or anything you are unsure of, hear Ms. Dolores words. She sees things so much clearer than we do, especially here in the 3D. If she gives me any kind of insight, I run with it!

When facilitating a session, all I know is when the presence of others are with me, I have a ringing in my left ear, but when Dolores comes forward, she comes through LOUD & CLEAR in my right ear!

I have never had to be instructed on that again. There are no limitations to any session. It’s what it is because that is what the client is meant to get. It has nothing to do with me or a technique.

Set your intention and jump in! Think 3D, you will get 3D.

Believe and step into faith. We are already beyond the 3D!
Trust! Trust in your intuition, trust in the process, and trust in the Universe!

LOVE & LIGHT to all

La Donna @ Your Soul Recovery
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