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Question of the Week: Quantum Healing for KIDS?

Common Questions and Concerns ,Dolores Cannon

Quantum Healing for Children. Is it a good idea? Is it possible? What concerns or questions should a parent or healer have? This short video talks about Dolores Cannon’s view, my own advice and … an easy third option to both QHHT and BQH.


Hey everyone, it’s Candace Craw-Goldman from https://quantumhealers.com. Back with another question of the week. This week’s question comes from an email I got from a current QHHT practitioner who’s asking some questions before signing up for the BQH course.

Her question was, can you do BQH, or Quantum Healing on children? So I’m gonna answer that in three parts.

The first part is kind of historical perspective and my perspective. And of course, that goes all the way back to Dolores Cannon. So when I was assisting Dolores teaching, and she was teaching her QHHT process, Dolores would say, “don’t do sessions with kids under the age of 18”.

Now I’m pretty sure that rule still stands. I don’t know, I don’t have anything to do with that organization anymore. But as far as I can see intel from the outside, none of the rules have been relaxed. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite has been happening since Dolores died in 2014. However, this is what Dolores said. She said, Don’t sessions with kids under 18. And here’s why.

First of all, there’s a very practical reason here in America anyway. 18 is the age of consent the age of being considered an adult. So there’s that but in class in this question would come up and every single one of her classes to Loris would say, you know, it doesn’t matter. Really, this was Dolores speaking of course, how mature they are what you think’s going on. But what I really don’t want to happen to a kid is having their playmates their friends, their classmates, make fun of them. If they were to bring some of those stories back to school, et cetera, that was her main priority, her main concern the thing that she talked about the most.

So there, so there is that? That being said, a lot of questions would come from, you know, the audience or the group of students that time. And they would say, Wow, what if they’re 16, and they’re my kid, and that kind of thing. And Dolores was always flexible with these answers. And she usually answered these questions in this way. Well, in that case, she would say, and she would be flexible, and I found her to be flexible on a lot of things QHHT. Just saying, anyway, so now BQH. The same sort of rules apply with BQH, meaning, you have to consider the situation you have to consider the parents you have to consider what the reason is, from wanting to explore is about trauma.

Well, that’s a little tricky. That’s a little iffy. And I wouldn’t step into even now, after doing this work for 15 years, I don’t know that I would step into doing a session with a very young child or a young teenager. If it had to do with trauma, I would ask a lot of questions. What’s my own experience? Well, the youngest child I ever did a big QA session on was actually in the early early years of BQH back in 2017, where I did an online session with a 12 year old girl who actually was living in London, I think, time.

And why did I do this session? Well, here’s one reason I did this session, she had a history of having an excellent QHHT session in person with another practitioner, her mother was on board, her father was on board. And the reason for having a session was very high level starseed kind of stuff, right? So there’s that and it was an excellent session. It was really, really brilliant. I enjoyed every minute of it. Okay, that being said, let’s back up a bit.

Again, if you’re considering doing a Quantum Healing session, or of any kind with a child, who’s under 18, make sure both parents are on board with this. And really both parents and here’s why. I’ve got a cat playing with a toy, are there any? Not right now? Sorry. I’m just gonna leave that in here. Because this is life, right? Anyway, make sure that both parents are on board with this because there is many situations out there with parents who are split up or divorced, where one is gung ho about certain things, and the other one isn’t. And I would ask lots and lots of questions like that and maybe even get permission in writing.

Also find out about you know, where that child is, in terms of, of the world countries. What are restrictions? Is the child under any kind of therapy for anything like that? You know, what’s going on in the world? I would ask a lot of those questions before ever even considering doing a hypnosis session or BQH or QHHT session with a child.

Here’s the number three thing that I wanted to tell you about today. My new method Quantum Connect is a wide eyed game for exercise, playing, exchanged with a person that has absolutely nothing to do with hypnosis that would be absolutely perfect for kids. And I bet even perfect for kids being accompanied by parent. And there’s some other ways I can think about doing this. If you’re a parent with a very special child, you could take the quantum connect class, and try some of these exercises some of these games with your own child and see what comes of it. It’s simply an imagination game. It’s simply a pretend back and forth wide eyed, no hypnosis, nothing long, very quick process that might be beneficial for your child. And you know what? You might like it too.

So that’s it for today. The question of the week, please send in your texts, your emails, your posts on social media. I’m happy to answer your questions. All right, that’s all for now, from Candace at https://quantumhealers.com. If you’re looking for a Quantum Connect practitioner, you can find them on quantum healers.com You can find any kind of practitioner on quantum healing healers.com You can find tarot card readers, cranial sacral therapists, Reiki practitioners all down the line and you can search by modality and if you are a practitioner of any of those things, or anything like it, please consider joining us we’d love to have you. Alright, that’s all for now. See y’all later. Bye.

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