How Dolores Cannon Determined My Destiny

How Dolores Cannon Determined my Destiny

Dolores Cannon

Article by Juvie De Koning

Anyone who has set out looking for their life purpose will know how a long arduous process it can be. It’s sometimes exciting, at times frustrating, and for some, it takes a lifetime to “find” it. But whatever that process looks like, it’s all part of the journey on which we all embark to uncover our true self.

It was around 2014 when I started on a spiritual journey that led to my awakening. It was a period of transition for me—coming from the corporate world—so I was completely disoriented. But I went through the process like a passenger on a speed train. My first stop: past life regression. My very first session brought me to a crossroads so dark, it was frightening. I wanted to go ‘home’ but I didn’t know which direction to go. Ironically, I stood next to a signpost with many arrows pointing in different directions—but they were all blank.

Approximately a year later, a channelled book called Spiritual Growth, by Sanaya Roman crossed my path. Without intending to sound narcissistic, I really felt like the book was written for me. I knew since I was very young that I had a purpose (as we all must have) and this book struck a major chord with me. It confirmed to me that what I had been feeling was real. However, the questions “Who am I?” and “What specifically is it that I need to do with my life?” remained.

A few months later, the answer to the first question came in the most unbelievably synchronistic way. I ended up, by sheer stroke of luck, on a website that never in my life would I have ever visited. It spat out Dolores Cannon’s book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. As I read it, the dark clouds above me parted and the angels started to sing. I might have cried a little, but I can’t be sure because my head was above the clouds and the world around me stood still. I finally knew what I am. It felt like going home.

This was when I got off the speed train and went the rest of the way on foot. I learned along the way that this is the part where it all gets real. I was on the hunt for signs that will help me find what it is I need to do as a volunteer. I wanted to meet this incredible woman, Dolores, for pulling me out of the dark but, alas, I found out that she has crossed over to the higher realms where she was probably looking down smiling at me and saying, “You’re welcome.”

After that, I got caught up in the process of learning more about myself and uncovering the intuitive side of me that I buried deep down. Over the years, I foraged through the possibilities with which I could fulfil my purpose but it felt like spending hours at a grocery store only to come out with a basket that is empty. I was still standing at that dark crossroads and it was frustrating. Three years had passed and I had forgotten about Dolores completely, but one day she knocked on the door of my consciousness and once more led me to QHHT®. It never occurred to me to become a practitioner but there she was, splashed all over my computer screen as if telling me, “I haven’t gone away. I am just waiting for you. It’s time.” But before I took the course, I decided to have my own QHHT® session first.

The session was intense. It validated for me the things that I’ve found out through my own inner and outer guidance. Years prior, I had a vision that appeared to me a few times during meditation where I was standing on a cliff looking down a town or a city filled with houses. A high being stood next to me and said, “The world is your oyster.” I never really knew what that meant and how it applied to my situation. I had forgotten about it completely, until it showed up again in my QHHT® session where I learned that it was the moment right before I, my higher self, made that journey to this planet and into this life.

With those words “The world is your oyster”, I finally understood the crossroads image that had stayed in my mind years after it was repeatedly shown to me. I was not lost after all. I knew where I needed to go, I just didn’t know how to get there. I was too hung up on “destiny” and the “divine plan” and failed to realize that while my destination was clearly defined before I got here, I get to do what I want with my itinerary. That is the gift of free will. There are pre-determined stops along the way that serve as milestones to mark my progress, but it’s my choice how I get to each one of them. Do I take my time and take the scenic route or do I take the boring highway and get there as fast as I can? Whenever my husband and I go on a road trip, we always take the scenic route. I would get travel books and scour the Internet for places to go and things to see on the way to our destination. So, there was no way I would do it differently in my spiritual journey.

In the crossroads vision, I felt alone, frustrated and frightened, but I know now that I am never alone — I never was and I never will be. To quote A Course in Miracles, “If you knew who walked beside you at all times on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.” Standing alone at the crossroads simply meant that I get to wear my big girl pants and take responsibility for my own life; make choices and continue to grow and evolve by learning from the lessons that arise from them.

Now, I know that as a spiritual traveller, I have everything that I need for this journey: my intuition as my inner compass, my purpose as my North Star and my “invisible companions” to keep me safe and help me stay on track. All I need to do as I move along is to keep an eye on that North Star so that whatever happens, I don’t lose sight of my destination. I know of all that now and it all started with Dolores Cannon.

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