Interacting Intentions

Interacting Intentions


By Candace Craw-Goldman has a brand new resource for you called ‘GET READY’ for your session we start off by talking about intentions.

 In this article I will illustrate two fine examples from my own practice that beautifully illustrate how important this concept is in Quantum Healing. Both of these examples come from my earliest days of quantum healing work, using Dolores Cannon’s method of Past Life Regression back in 2008.

I had been practicing for a few months when my client Gary called for an appointment. He stated very general life path and relationship reasons for wanting a session and I had no reason to think he had any other unspoken intention at the time. He was a pleasant man who had a good job and was a single parent to a college-age son.

This was to be the very first session for me as a practitioner where the client had zero experience. He was relaxed. He was willing. He could access his imagination. He just didn’t have any sort of experience at all! Now this was very early days for me as a practitioner. Dolores’ method worked so well for me I was stumped. I remember walking the man out to his car and offering to return his session fee. He declined. I told him I was only practicing a few months, this result had not happened to any of my prior clients and that I would call Dolores and ask her advice. I suggested he return after that to try again.

He was just opening his car door when paused, looked at me steadily and then he gave me the greatest gift of a lesson in intention that I could possibly ever receive. He said, “That’s okay. Really. We don’t need to do another session. I didn’t really want a session anyway. The real reason I came to have a session is because of my son. He believes he is having ET Experiences. I don’t know what to think about that. I know he needs some help. I came here to meet you, go through the process and see if I could trust you enough to make an appointment with my son.”

What a revelation. Of course Gary didn’t have an experience in the session. He never intended to have an experience. His intention was to vet me and the process to see if it was appropriate for his son to have a session! (By the way, his son did indeed come for a session and it was magical.)

The next intention example comes from the practitioner perspective and again, came from my earliest days of working with Dolores Cannon and her method. I had already begun, with her permission, a support group of her students and we talked daily about our individual and shared experiences with clients. The summer after I took her course initially I returned to Arkansas for the one day follow-on course with her where we were all invited to ask questions and get advice. I met several former classmates who also returned, one was a very experienced local hypnotherapist. This was a wonderful and kind man who had been practicing traditional hypnotherapy for more than 25 years.

When we were all gathered in the room waiting for Dolores to arrive, I sat next to my friend and we started to chat. Almost immediately he asked me, “So, have you been doing her method? How has this worked for you?”

I was so excited to talk about all of my sessions, I remember practically exploding with passion and joy as I talked about how the experiences had been amazing, even life changing, for so many of my clients and for myself as well. I asked him in return, “How about you?”

He sighed and said, “I cannot say the same. I have not found the script or procedure to work. At all.”

This literally shocked me. I mean, here was a man who knew hypnotherapy inside and out! I knew nothing before taking Dolores’ class. I thought he would have had similar if not more incredible stories to share.

We sat next to each other throughout that day and talked. What I discovered was this: This man basically went into his Dolores Cannon method sessions with a sort of skeptical mindset. He was curious but he was also quite leery. He wanted “proof” that these explorations and healings could actually manifest in his client. His intention, therefore, with his clients, was: “Prove it to me that this works.”

No wonder he had the totally opposite experience than I did. My intention as a practitioner was much different. I was passionate, excited and wide open to all the possibilities with my clients. I still am! And although my experienced friend was beginning to open up to this work, he apparently could not shift his intention enough to assist his clients energetically past the concept of skepticism. Doubt and skepticism can definitely deflate or derail any quantum healing session!

Intentions matter. Not only the intentions of the client, but the intentions of the practitioner. These intentions come together, and that chemistry sets the stage for the session. Take time to thoughtfully consider your intention for a session. We’ve created a document download link underneath the Intention video in the ‘Get Ready’ series that can help!

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