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Energetic Connection with Your Practitioner


Your energetic relationship with your practitioner just might be the most misunderstood aspect of quantum healing work and I believe it is certainly the least talked about

Culturally we tend to think the very best person to assist us in any goal is the one with the most experience. Many of us look for experience when we make a decision about whom to trust in any number of situations.

But this does not translate very well to quantum healing session work.  The most important thing about your practitioner is how well you align with them energetically. Some of the best “qualities” a practitioner can have is their vibration, their resonance, and their passion for assisting you. It is not necessarily how many sessions they have done, or how many years they’ve been in practice.

Here are some things to consider- how the practitioner interacts with you, (even before your session) and how you FEEL during this interaction is crucial. Do you feel cared for? Supported? Does your practitioner have a genuine interest in you as an individual? Do you feel like they are truly listening to you? Do you feel generally confident in your practitioner’s ability to assist you? Do you feel like your practitioner is joyful about his or her work? Do you feel positive and hopeful during communication? Has your practitioner addressed all of your concerns and questions?

Considering these aspects can be far more important to you and your individual outcome than framed degrees or number of years practiced by your facilitator.

Here is the eighth in our 10 video TOP TIPS to “Get Ready” for your quantum healing, energy healing or past life regression session!

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