Your Body An Incredible Recording Device

Your Body: An Incredible Recording Device


Article by Michael James Garber

During a Body Scan of a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) session today, the client’s Higher Self restored an energetic double of her surgically removed uterus to help with hormonal balance and weight loss that happened after her surgery. The root cause of the manifestation of cancer was determined to be anger and resentment towards not being able to “satisfy” her ex-husband sexually (serial cheater). So even though the physical (3d) uterus could not be “regrown”. The energetic (5D) matrix could be restored.

WOW! We were both totally surprised by that one! The miracles never cease to amaze me!

The human body is an incredible recording device. Every intention, thought, and action is recorded in the DNA, musculature, connective tissues, bones…We cannot simply CUT OUT our problems. We must heal the root cause (energy/emotion/belief) to restore our systems to complete health and vitality. While surgery is often necessary for many health issues, especially emergencies…we must look at the whole system (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) to complete the healing.

Are you have health manifestations that are sticking around? Maybe BQH has solutions for you to find deeper answers and insights into why the body has manifested certain issues. This way you can be informed and SHIFT into higher states of health and balance.

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