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A client, who is also an energy practitioner, recently came to me looking to get a Fixed Star Astrology report with the intent of finding her soul purpose.

What we uncovered was incredible. She has the Galactic Centre influence very prominently in her chart, in her 1st house of self/personality. She carries deep knowledge that she is here to do something of importance, something that will have an impact on the wider collective.

She told me in her meditation she has an image of herself standing up and talking in front of a massive crowd of people. She is “ahead of her time” in her thinking, ideas, and concepts of truth and receives quantum downloads easily.

As we looked at her soul purpose, I found her North Node conjunct Orion Nebula.

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She is called to bring Higher Consciousness to Earth (New Earth) and feels very in tune with the Divine.

The fixed star Fomalhaut is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Pisces Austrinus and conjuncts her North Node, too. I have found that people who have Fomalhaut in their chart tend to have connections with The Essenes and yearn for unity with God, Nature, and Harmony for all. She has a strong connection to Christ Consciousness, Jesus, and Mother Mary and works with these ascended masters to help her own clients. It’s absolutely validating to her that this is showing up in her birth chart or as The Essenes like to call it, your Star Chart.

She is also meant to collaborate with others in this lifetime for better results instead of “going it alone” which she has done in past lives while also helping to clear collective karma around the human disconnection from Source.

She came into this life embodying so much wisdom having past lives as a philosopher. In this life, she actually has to put “pen to paper.” I mentioned to her about getting a recorder and to start capturing her insights, especially with her connection to the Galactic Centre.

We are ALL being called now to go within and heal. Do you feel it? It’s a vital part of our Ascension process.

This is the link to the YouTube video: 

We’ve just had the largest geomagnetic storm in two decades with high-energy particles designed to create changes in our patterns of behavior. You will find that many people’s “stuff” is coming up rapidly in order to heal and help guide us toward Ascension.

I’m Trasa, from the sacred island of Ireland. I’m a qualified Fixed Star Astrologer and work with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Goddess Energy and Tuatha Dé Danann. To learn more about your life purpose, things that are limiting you or my process in general, please visit me at

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