Emotional Vibrations

Emotional Vibrations


Everyone has heard the terms “good vibes” or “bad vibes” but what does this really mean? Well, first we must understand that vibes or vibrations are emitted from everything in our world. This includes living things, inanimate objects, thoughts, emotions, words, and concepts. That’s right, every thing is made out of energy and everything emits energy or vibrations. How do we know this? Physicists are just beginning to substantiate what many have known since time began. According to Don Lincoln a senior experimental particle physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame, “Quantum fields are really a mind-bending way of thinking. Everything—and I mean everything—is just a consequence of many infinitely-large fields vibrating. The entire universe is made of fields playing a vast, subatomic symphony. Physicists are trying to understand the melody.” So now that science has told us that it is okay to accept what we ourselves feel, we can explore this subject further. 

We experience vibrations in our everyday lives but we do not recognize them. Let’s focus on emotional vibrations. Emotions are the spontaneous result of stimulus. Whether you act upon your emotions in an external manner through speech or body language, or movement, your emotions are emitting a vibration. This means that when an emotion is produced in your body, it does not stay contained within it. The vibrations of that emotion, emits from you, it’s source, and the wave continues on , intersects with other waves and effects everything as it continues on its never ending path. This is one way in which we affect the world around us. 

We are all affected and aware of these vibrations on different levels, whether conscious or unconscious. Let's think back to a time, when you may have experienced a person walking into a room and changing the energy or feeling in the room completely. You can feel that this person is in a “bad mood”. We might ourselves, walk into an environment that “feels off” or “wrong” to us. Adversely, someone may enter a room and "light it up". They are in such a good mood, that it seems they are glowing. In these types of situations, we are picking up on the vibrations being emitted. In this way, moods are contagious. As we've learned, everything has a vibration, and the vibrations of everything in existence are being emitted.  These vibrations are then intermingling with, and transforming each other. 

How Vibrations Feel

Let’s talk about how these emotional vibrations feel in the body. A “bad mood” can also be considered a heavy, denser or lower vibration. It is considered to be dense and heavy because it actually FEELS this way in the body. A dense vibration can feel as though it’s weighing you down. It could make you feel heavy and sap all of your energy. There are two root emotions in our universe, fear and love. All dense and lower vibrations stem from the root emotion fear. One dense fear based emotion is worry. Have you ever heard the saying “He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders”? A saying like this comes from the dense feeling of these energy vibrations. This feeling of heaviness follows this dense worry vibration as it emanates outward and continues to alter other vibrations on it’s path. So, this worry vibration will affect one's body as well as one's surroundings and beyond. 

The same is true for a “good mood”. A “good mood” feels light and airy in the body. It feels as though you are lifted up from the heaviness of worry. If we decide to be aligned vibrationally with love, the opposing root emotion to fear, we will feel lighter. This lighter feeling is what’s called a higher vibration. This higher vibration also affects and transforms as it is emitted from the body. Some might even say that higher vibrations have a greater power of transformation. This is because high vibrations are sourced from Love. Love is said to have the ultimate power in all existence. The world around us is being affected by our moods. And the better mood or vibration that we emit, the more positive a change we are able to make on our world. 

We have learned that our vibrations affect both, our bodies, and the universe as a whole. Many Leaders, Teachers, and Gurus have expressed that to change the world, we must change ourselves. This vibrational exchange is exactly what they mean by this. All of the woes of our world can be solved by looking inward. This is an amazing revelation! This means that our main responsibility for change is within us. This relieves us from the pressure or worry to try to change or control others. 

How to release dense energy and lower vibrations

The concept of raising one’s vibration is an easy one to understand. The process itself is as difficult as we make it. To raise ones vibration, we must take an honest look at ourselves and be willing to release the density that has been holding us back. This work has many names. It can be called soul work or shadow work. Depending on how long we have been holding on to these low vibrations, we may have become accustomed and even reliant upon them. We may be reluctant to let them go because they have been serving us in a certain perceived way. We may feel vulnerable without this heaviness that we are used to. To do this work, we will have to be completely willing to really look at the traumas in our lives that have caused this heaviness and sincerely decide to let the emotional ill effects go. Though at first we may feel unguarded during this process, we will soon fill those spaces with higher vibrations. When you release the dense emotions, the lighter emotions are then attracted. You invite love, joy, bliss, happiness, and connection into your life. 

When we raise our vibration, the world around us begins to change. You might notice that you are getting along better with others. Past strained relationships may smooth themselves out. People may be attracted to your new vibration. You are able to manifest much easier. Abundance begins to happen naturally. Your own priorities might change. Life will just seem a bit easier. If hardships do come your way, you will be well equipped to address it in a new way, from a different perspective.

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