Our Purpose on Earth

Our Purpose on Earth


What is the purpose of our existence on Earth? To answer this question, we must first take a look at what we are and what the earth is. We have established in earlier articles that we as humans, are energy and that energy never dies. This energy that is us, can be called a soul, spirit, life force, or vital force etc.. This energy IS us. Our body contains our souls during this life. Consider the body a vessel or a vehicle. A means by which to interact with our current environment. Our body is very important to our experiences in the life that we are living and to be respected and cared for. However, our bodies are not us. When our body dies, our soul lives on and moves on to the next experience designed for growth. Yes, this is our self interest in incarnating into a human body. We have chosen to do this in order to learn, grow, and refine our soul. 

Just as we are energy and we have a consciousness, so is the earth an energy with a consciousness. In earlier articles, we have discussed that all matter is energy, all energy is from Source and all energy has consciousness. This includes the planet we inhabit that we call Earth. Our planet has another name. Her name is Gaia. Gaia has taken on a difficult task. She has been given the mission to exist in an area far from source energy, and to be home to beings who are not all self aware or accessing their connection to Source. She has chosen to accomplish this mission for a common reason; growth. 

Because the Earth or Gaia is so far from Source energy, the humans exist as inhabitants to work in cooperation with the earth and to bring and anchor Source light energy. All energy (matter) cannot exist without connection to source. We humans, are to assist in that connection for the planet earth. We are high vibrational Source light. We must transcend the lower vibrations and consciously raise our vibration to be in alignment with our true selves. When we do this, we become conduits for the Earth. Our personal goal of growth and ascension here on this planet is only possible through raising our vibration. So, humans exist here on earth for two main reasons. One is a personal goal for growth, the second is a cooperative goal to assist in Gaia’s connection with Source. 

Let’s explore this further. Source is energy and light. Light is energy. We are energy. We are a part of Source. Therefore, we are Source light. This is what we are in our true form. We have separated from Source to go forth and to grow and experience. We are naturally high vibrational beings. Our bodies are lower frequency matter. Let’s take another look at a favored quote from Albert Einstein “Concerning matter, we have all been wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter”.  Our bodies are of a much “lower vibration” than that of our unhindered souls. The goal of ascension is to become self aware to the point of successfully raising the vibration as to be in full alignment with Source energy. In addition, there are reasons of personal interest, for a human to raise their vibration. Our vessel or body makes this task difficult for us. This is what also makes the task worthwhile. 

Though we are naturally high vibrational beings, there are many things that can “weigh down” one’s soul. Yes, our soul and source light can become dimmed and lowered in vibration too. So, in order to transcend, we must raise the vibration of both, our bodies, as well as our souls. Think of it like this; each of us are a bright light of energy. When the body and soul hold low vibrations, it dims the light. Think of it as a glass lantern. If the glass is dirty, the light is dulled. When the glass is clean, The light shines bright and unhindered. When we raise our vibration, we are able to live fully in bliss, we are able to create and manifest to our full potential, we are fulfilling our purpose, and we are bringing Source light to Gaia. Together we can bring light and energy to this planet while raising the vibration for all. 

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