In Love With A Ghost A Convoluted Love Story

In Love with a Ghost: A Convoluted Love Story

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A recent Akashic Record reading I did for a client challenged me in new ways and really made me put my Sherlock Holmes on.  I’d love to share with you all a rather complex and unusual soul story that was discovered in the process.

My client, a beautiful woman in her mid-30s, requested a reading to receive guidance on her career choices and to find the cause of some persistent health challenges she is currently having. (We uncovered a ton of past-life baggage!)  She also wanted to gain perspective on some negative patterns in a couple of her relationships.  It’s an unusual relationship with a person she calls her Twin Flame that made this reading very memorable and made me want to share this story with others, with her permission.

I have to say that I don’t have any personal experience with the phenomenon of Twin Flames, but I’ll use this concept here to honor my client’s beliefs and the experience of many others.

It’s interesting to note (we will later see why) that the Twin Flame in this story happens to be a transgender woman (born male, now female).  Let’s call her Lady X for clarity.

My client wanted to know why she kept getting together with Lady X  and then separating again, and why they had to meet and fall in love if they were “clearly not meant to be together in this life” – her words. There were obstacles to the relationship, including a strong opposition from the client’s parents. She also mentioned that Lady X happened to be very toxic and a huge drain on her energy…

It took me a while to figure out what was going on here.

I began my “investigation” by opening both ladies’ Akashic Records to see who each of them was at a soul level, what past-life history and karma the two souls shared, and how all of that affected the current relationship dynamics between them.

The first thing that struck me was that the two souls had seemingly nothing in common – at all.  Isn’t our Twin Flame supposed to be similar to us in their energetic make-up or at least share our cosmic origin?  Lady X had a completely different star origin from my client’s: completely different energetic qualities, they shared no past lives, no karma, no soul contracts, and wasn’t even part of my client’s life plan.  She was a complete stranger at soul level!

Was my client that delusional to think this was her Twin Flame?  Did she fall prey to the “Twin Flame fantasy programming”?  I don’t believe so, as she was clearly very self-aware and educated on the topic.  Most importantly, it’s hard to explain the extreme intensity of the relationship when the two souls are complete strangers to each other.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  Lady X was a walk-in.

Which means this particular body had a soul, but when she was still a baby, that soul decided to leave, and another soul agreed to take its place(Sometimes a soul may back out of an incarnation because it changes its mind or decides to go back and redo its life plan after realizing it has taken on too much for this lifetime.)

Unsurprisingly, soul #2, which was now in control of this incarnation, is a soul that works primarily with the Divine Feminine energy principle and therefore prefers to incarnate as female. Apparently, most souls prefer either the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine, even though we all incarnate as both male and female at different times.  A “gender mismatch” between the body and soul doesn’t automatically make a person want to change their gender.  A good percentage of us have “male” souls in female bodies or vice versa and feel totally fine about our gender identity – we may simply notice that we’re a little different from a typical male or female character.  Sometimes though, a soul will feel the mismatch more acutely, and I think additional factors have to be in place to make someone want to change their physical gender.

What normally happens in a walk-in situation is that the original soul will go back to the other side to redo its life plan, etc.  However, occasionally, the soul will fail to transition appropriately and will stay stuck on the Earth plane as an Earthbound spirit – and be attached to the same body until someone helps it transition.

It turned out that it’s the original soul that was my client’s real Twin Flame, and because the soul was still there around Lady X (as an entity attachment), my client was magnetically drawn to its energy, thinking she was in love with Lady X and was meant to be with this person, who was born male, but the unexpected happened: The Twin Flame soul changed its mind for whatever reason and tried to leave.  Yet because of that original contract and the Twin Flame soul’s energy, my client was still holding on to that person.

So the old soul beckons her, but the new soul causes drama, toxicity and pushes her away. Resulting in this push and pull pattern.  And of course, folks can be involved in the “push and pull” dynamic for totally different reasons!

So why is being around this person so massively draining to my client energetically?

Well, Earthbound souls cannot survive unless they feed on an incarnated person’s energy.  Usually, it’s the host they feed on, but I can see how my client could also have been a source of energy for the Twin Flame when in close proximity, because of their special bond.

Now how do we resolve this situation?

We help the attached Earthbound soul, the original Twin Flame, transition to the other side, and everybody moves on, hopefully.  I asked my client not to be sad: her Twin Flame will be much more able to help her from the other side and may feel even closer when it’s free from its current situation, and once the Twin Flame soul’s energy is gone from Lady X, hopefully, my client will stop being drawn to her and can move on with her life, preferably with someone who isn’t toxic!

Interestingly, my client started feeling more detached from Lady X for the first time a couple of days before our session (before I helped the original soul cross over).  It occurs so often these days that the effects of a healing or clearing start a few days before the actual session.  Time isn’t linear, and the intention to have a session and address a problem starts working immediately.

Thank you for reading and following along with this rather convoluted story!

Julia N., an Akashic Records practitioner at well ~ whole ~ empowered

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