Introducing Higher Self

Introducing Higher Self


How to understand and explain Higher Self

 It is difficult to practice past life regression work in hypnosis without stumbling over what we call “Higher Self”. Dr. Brian Weiss did just that as a clinical hypnotherapist and wrote about it in his book, “Many Lives, Many Masters”. The clincher for him was when his client in trance spoke to him through her Higher Self and told him about his son that had died from a rare heart disease as an act of higher compassion so that he would change his mind and study psychology instead of medical practice – to find relief for his grief. Of course the client had no way of knowing about his personal life and he was “blown away”. It changed everything for him. 

It was Higher Self and the manifestation process that got me motivated to get to know as much as I could about this “magical personality”. It was 1972. I was on the starboard side of a ferry going from Oslo, Norway to Newcastle, England. I had been living in England, in Darby for a year to attend a photography college there. I had taken my Motorcycle with me to Norway to find a place to work as a photographer’s assistant. There were requirements that the State had before they would issue a work permit that had to be applied for in the last country of residence. 

They required that I had a job and an address for residence. I had landed a job but no residence and that was difficult. In the way back to England, on the Oslo Fjord we had just passed a beautiful spot with a lot of islands, no houses and off in the distance I could see houses down by the water. I pointed with my finger and said to myself, “That’s where I would like to live”. Soon after, I went to the lounge and sat by a woman that had her daughter with her, and she had a guitar. I was pretty good with the guitar… at any rate I came into a conversation with the lady and she asked me what I was doing in Norway. I told her and she said, “My husband is a musician (Arne Nordheim) and we have a big music room with room to put you up for a while. You can use our address. – Bingo. 

12 weeks afterward, I answered an ad in the paper for a flat or house to rent and I got an answer. I took a bus out to the place and signed the contract. It was down by the water. I could through stones in the water from the porch. I also had the use of a boat with a motor. A week after, I was out on the water where I had been 12 weeks earlier and realized that I was living in exactly the spot I had pointed out, and at the time I had no idea where it was. 

Of course the realization was mind blowing. I did not understand what could have been the methodology behind the magic until 1987 when I was introduced to huna from Hawaii. They have a psychology model that includes the Higher Self, called “aumakua” – the utterly trustworthy mother/father. 

This put me on the track of discovery. The year after, I was introduced to NLP and hypnosis and there I found a method to research the structure of human psychology and the higher self. 

I could write books on this subject, so I will keep this short as possible… Higher Self seems to appear as a trinity of beings, “That know it all”. My clients met them in trance, in the period between lives. They were usually in a trinity configuration. I know understand this to be the integration of Masculine, Neutral and Feminine. They/it uses superior logic and they never make mistakes. You cannot argue with them successfully. They have solved all the dilemmas and resolved all the conflicts. 

They have three agendas with you while you are alive. They protect you from the accidents that are not on your agenda. They provide you with the catalysts you need to develop and grow spiritually and they manifest your desires if you are willing to take responsibility for them. The communication from you to it/them is via the emotional mind, or inner child as you wish. If the inner child has a bad consciousness, it will hide and this means you are left without any aid from higher self. 

If you are in a relationship with a psychopath that takes all your energy, your inner child will not have the proper energy to reach to higher self to “make the call” for assistance. You have to get out of the situation on your own energy. Tough lesson for sure. 

After many years of research, trance experiences, trance channeling, reading the RA material and translating half of that into Norwegian…. I guess my love for the Higher Self was rewarded by “owning” the knowledge. The RA material also confirms that when you stretch out to become Higher Self, you are rewarded with the gifts. 

The following “story” was downloaded a couple of years ago while I was writing on my computer. This is now how I introduce the higher self to clients and friends that want to know what it’s all about. Take it as a gift and use it freely. Own it for yourself if it works for you. 

Once upon a time…

“Imagine that you have lived so many incarnations as a human that you have learned all the lessons you needed to learn and that you leave your body and end up in “seventh heaven” where you discover you are together with others that also have learned all their lessons as a human, both a man and a woman. You discover quickly that this place is very special. In the seventh heaven, you discover that you know all the answers to all the questions. You know all the songs by heart and you master all the musical instruments. There is nothing left to do and to your amazement you become very… very bored. 

You notice that everyone else is also very bored and wondering what they are going to do in this “seventh heaven”. That is when the manager walks in. He says, “Hello everybody, it looks like you are all bored. Would you like to play a game?” Everybody agrees that a game would possibly be quite ok considering the circumstances. So they all agree to play a game. 

The manager says, “Everyone here knows all there is to be a human”. You think there is nothing left to learn. But there is one thing you have yet to do. You have never replicated yourself. The creator experiences self by creating fragments of itself and experiencing their evolution back to source. This is what you are also going to do. This is how eternity works. This is how the universe grows. 

You will take a fragment (perhaps several) and donate this fragment to create a human soul for the first incarnation of its life as a human from the animal or plant kingdom into third density. You will have your fragments under your care as they develop and eventually master the task of being human, as you have. That is when they take over your position and you can move on to your next assignment. 

Your fragment will have direct access to you between incarnations. You will be making decisions on the fragments behalf up to the time when they realize that they can make and take responsibility for their own decisions. Your agenda is to provide security from accidents that are not on their agenda. To provide catalysts for their development and to manifest their desires. 

Of course all of the Higher Selves now have a task they need to work on collectively because everybody is very intertwined at this level. When your fragment has a request, you will find the right higher self with the right fragment that is willing to “fill the bill”. It is going to be busy at some times, and there will be many times where you can relax and enjoy your seventh heaven. Of course you can look in on how things are going at any time for any reason. You may even appear to your fragment in their dreams if there is something you think they need to know or think about. It’s all up to you now. Have fun”.

Now you know what Higher Self is, and how it works. 


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