The Secrets of Mind Mastery

The Secrets of Mind Mastery


This article is probably more directed toward fellow practitioners, especially those working with hypnosis. If you are a prospective client, I am sure you too will find this information useful. I have uncovered a number of important distinctions concerning how we better can understand the two brain hemispheres – the part in the middle, called the corpus callosum – and how this relates to what we call the “mind” as the non-physical greater extension of the brain as a physical interface to gain two-way access to the “ghost in the machine”. 

I say that because literally, nobody has ever seen themselves. When you look in the mirror, you see a body, a face and eyes. You do not see what you call “I” – or your “self” You never have and never will, at least on this side of “life” as we think of it. 

The very act of thinking that you or anyone else sees themselves in the mirror is like a (excuse the expression) “mind fuck” about your true identity. You are not physical. You are a spirit being inside a body that someday will wear out and not be able to support your spirit any more. That’s when you will leave that body. 

When you leave your body, you will become more aware than you were before your left your body. Most people will find that to be an amazing concept. It is also one that is relaxing. Death of the body is about gaining awareness. When you come into the body, you come into artificial limitations. The first of which is the brain. 

If you work with Hypnosis, I think you should be required to know about the right and the left brain hemispheres and what each hemisphere has as its specialized set of talents, skills and attributes. The reason for knowing what this set of attributes is all about will be clear soon. 

Everybody has heard of the word “rational”. It is bound by convention to have hundreds of positive attributes to its name. The list of synonyms is enormous. This is normally the left brain hemisphere. You have a “rational” brain hemisphere and you have an “irrational” right brain hemisphere. If you look up the word “irrational” you will discover that it means pretty much “crazy”. 

All of this may have something to do with the fact that Sigmund Freud had too much influence in the field of psychology. He had concluded with his map of reality that our emotions were a primitive left-over from our evolution from the animal kingdom. I guess his taste for cocaine did not expand his ability to access any higher truth. 

At any rate, Sigmund Freud was a man that thought that rational thought was absolutely superior to emotions. As a matter of fact, emotions are not even considered to be thoughts. This is because you have been taught that emotions do not have intelligence. This is kind of depressing to most people and maybe this is why his daughter – Anne Freud experienced that all of her life long patients ended their lives by suicide. So much for the psychotherapy cure. 

You might also be interested in the fact that there is a certain group of people on this planet that have an alternative understanding to the Bible story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. These people – I call them the “Snake People”, believe that Adam and Eve were held hostage in Eden by a “god” that was very jealous and threatened to punish Adam and Eve if they disobeyed their “god”. These people said that Adam and Eve were kept like “pets” and not allowed to really be masters of the universe and therefore be as gods themselves. 

You have to admit – the story is compelling. It makes you understand that Eve was pretty convinced that the Snake was telling the truth. Consider this… Adam and Eve must have had access to both hemispheres of their brains. They were given the job of giving all the animals names and that is a rational trait – language and categorization. They were also naked and that did not bother them at all. This implies that they had a dominant emotional intelligence because this is the accepting side of the brain. The right or emotional brain hemisphere does not judge. It accepts things literally. 

Because the emotional mind was over riding the rational mind – they did not have that same kind of access to critical judgment that the snake was alluding to. What they did not know, Adam and Eve was that the snake was an expert at what we know as a “mind fuck”. It’s the same thing that a Muslim terrorist experiences. He is told that when he dies he will go to heaven and be greeted by 24 or more vestal virgins that will be at his service for the rest of eternity. The thing is that after the guy blows himself and a lot of others up to bits, he finds out on the other side that he says he is sorry to his victims and ends up making agreements to make good on his ending their lives so artificially without their consent. We are of course talking about many life-times of karma in servitude to his victims. That is a “mind-fuck”!

The snake told Adam and Eve that they would become able to dominate over all of nature and make incredible technology with their rational intellect, proving that their god was an “ass-hole”. This is also the reason why “rational” thinking is so praised and why emotions are so demonized. Here comes the “mind-fuck” that I have discovered. I have not read it anywhere else. It does not exist in any of the books about psychology that I ever have read. 

Every single rational trait that belongs to the left brain hemisphere MUST use the process of fragmentation, or splitting off, breaking apart – to call itself rational. No exceptions. This means that our institution for science is built upon a thinking pattern that can only take things apart. It cannot put them back together again because that trait does not come with the rational brain/box. This also means a special form of logic known as sequential logic. It can only scan from 1>2>3>4 etc. or a>b>c…. The rational mind think that this logic is the only kind of logic that exists. That is very wrong. 

Conversely, the “irrational/crazy” right brain hemisphere, or emotional intelligence has a set of specialized traits, skills and abilities that must use the principles of wholeness – also called de-fragmentation, in order to be called emotional. These abilities cannot be fragmented without losing their meaning. You cannot have a quarter of eternity. You cannot have a third of fear. You cannot have a half of a whole and still be whole. This brain hemisphere and mind uses a logic form known as “simultaneous logic”. This means that everything happens instantly. This is how emotions work. They are actually multi-sensory experiences like a collage that presents itself immediately for the mind that becomes only aware of the signal that has a name – like fear. All of the details of the emotion go to the background because all humans have a limitation concerning conscious awareness. This is very important. 

At best, the mind can only work with precision on 7 plus or minus two things at one time. Otherwise the mind gets overwhelmed. What is beyond the 5-9 pieces of information will go to what must be called awareness outside of our awareness or unconscious awareness. I am trying to say here that you and nobody else I know has an unconscious mind. You have stuff that is outside your awareness – that’s all. I’ll get back to that shortly. 

Those two opposing brain hemispheres

A considerable number of very important things happened when Adam and Eve took the fruit of the “Knowledge of Good and Evil”. Most of this is considered to be at best a metaphor but still there is much deep truth hidden inside.

First of all, humanity switched from having a dominant right brain hemisphere to a dominant left brain hemisphere. This translates to having a dominant rational intelligence instead of having a dominant emotional intelligence. By dominant, I mean that the non-dominant side is recessive and acts as a servant. What did Einstein say about the rational mind? He said that the rational mind was an awful tyrant but a wonderful assistant. Too bad that didn’t become a viral truth. 

Being a dominant rational mind means that the human psyche became fragmented from the whole. It lost its connection to the source. We call the rational mind the masculine and the emotional mind for the feminine. There are good reasons for this. If women were not as emotional, they would not be equipped to be take care of their children. The emotional intelligence is a long-term thinker, accepting of differences. Anyway, with a dominant rational mind, our society became also dominant masculine or “paternal” (patriot) has to do with having an external leader. We have a God outside of us that is a masculine authority. It judges and punishes for mistakes- which is foolish in the extreme. Punishing mistakes inhibits growth and development because we all learn from trial and error in a state of relative confusion. 

A good teacher not only wants his or her students to make mistakes but to make lots of them and learn from it. 

Another important change in the psychological landscape for humanity after the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge – was competition. The rational mind thinks that competition is unavoidable, natural, necessary and good for all development because the rational mind is a master at fragmentation. Competition must fragment anything it touches because it breaks down the whole to different teams working against each other. 

The emotional mind does not believe in competition because it is connected to the whole. It believes in altruism and empathy. 

In systems thinking, we say that no system can have more than two main bottlenecks because it would never survive more than two. In our society, the two bottlenecks are both fragmenting. The main one is one-sided domination of rational thought while the other is this stupid belief in competition. 

Hundreds of scientific studies have been made to try and answer the question, “How much competition does a system need to gain the best possible performance results?” The answer to that question is always zero – 0, Nada, NONE AT ALL. This brings to bear a very important principle. 

“No living or dead system can ever produce optimal results in an environment of internal and or external competition”

We live in a society that encourages, rewards and demands competition at a social level. Due to the one-sided focus on emotional dominance, each individual is introduced also to competition at an internal level – between emotions and the intellect. 

The snake people of the planet enjoy watching us play the games of competition. They support our sports activities and understand that the best competitors are usually good candidates for the military –where they will end their competitions at the cost of their lives. The snake people cooperate between themselves because they realize the dangers of competition, but being rational minded, they cannot escape the thought virus that they also infect the rest of the planet with. 

How to get back on track?

The creator is very… very smart and has created the human brain with the primary needs that are required for the human being to become a master – a true master of the universe. The hallmark of any master is the ability to take apart and put back together again. This is especially true for any master creator because the act of creation is always a process of continual improvement. 

As a child, you build a tree house and you tear it down because you want to build a better one after the first is finished. The same is true with a regular house. I have built lots of houses. I know the drill. The creative act is about the continual destruction and re-construction. This means that you must be able to put the whole back together again. While the rational mind alone can successfully build and tear down a house. It cannot do that with anything living. In biology, you learn to dissect the frog but you never learn how to put it back together. This is how science works. It can only fragment. 

My aunt was a specialist in communication – she told me, “A specialist learns more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.” This is why we spend billions of dollars to research the smallest particle. The one we never can find. 

At any rate, we now have a solution as to how to become the master. We need to activate and integrate all of the brains many specialties, bring them together and use the rational mind as a care-taker to take responsibility for the wholeness. This means also that the masculine is the caretaker for the feminine and that the man is the caretaker for the woman, as the woman is a caretaker for the man. This is where we get back to the principle of balance in service – 51/49% in service to others and self. This means everything is self sustainable. 

This also resolves the political issues of the day – the government must not rule the people or dominate but serve. The thing her that most do not understand is that there are huge rewards for the service done to the emotional mind, or the feminine aspects of any relationship. The feminine and the emotional mind have abilities that are mostly unknown to the rational mind – which is a book in itself. One of these things is that it is the only one with the ability to communicate with Higher Self. It is metaphorically referred to as the “inner child”. 

If the rational mind wants the magic in its life, it has to cut the grass, take out the trash, and clean the windows. From my experience this is where NLP- comes to bear because it provides the tools necessary for the rational mind to become a worthy trustee for the emotional mind. 

Labels/names – the difference that makes the difference

Almost every professional that I know of in the field of psychology and especially hypnosis, talks about the “conscious mind” and the “unconscious mind”. Deloris Cannon did the same as far as I can remember off hand. Consider the consequences of what these labels really do. For the first part, they do not correctly address the differences between the brain hemispheres. Remember the law of correspondence that says, as above, so is below. This means that we use our right brain hemisphere to look for isomorphic patterns of likeness that appear up and down the chain of structures in our universe. 

I promise that you will discover in time that the same rules that apply to magnetism, also apply for the human brain and the mind and the mind of the universe. You have a brain hemisphere and a mind that appears to be separate from its partner. We have the rational mind and the emotional mind. We have the rational brain hemisphere and the emotional brain hemisphere. We do not have the conscious and unconscious minds – They do not exist. There is however, awareness or a lack of it. 

If you have a “conscious mind”, you are replacing this label instead of using the rational mind and you will never learn about its patterns of operation and limitations. It does however appear to be superior because it is as the word says – its conscious…  which means literally awake. This is a really twisted reality. The emotional mind and the rational mind are both awake. You can be just as aware of emotional and the emotional specializations that this brain hemisphere works with if you focus your attention in that direction. 

If you had an unconscious mind than you get off scot free. How can you take responsibility for a mind that is hidden from your awareness? It’s just like Jung said, “The problem with the unconscious mind is that it is unconscious.” We want to take responsibility, not avoid it. You can only change what you can take responsibility for – that is an old Kahuna saying. It is also very true. This is why they said, “Take responsibility for everything”. 

When you understand that you can use the power of your conscious mind – the will power to change the way you focus your attention – wide angle, small angle, split focus or singular focus….. than  you can delve into the realms of the emotional mind and use it the same way you would your rational mind. It is your friend. It has responsibility for everything automatic and that is a big thing. This is your autopilot and the rational mind is needed to make general corrections if the strategies are not properly encoded into its memory.  This is where NLP comes into the picture. 

The ability to become aware of anything in the right or left brain hemisphere seems from my point of view, not to be relegated to any specific brain hemisphere. It is more of a meta-function. It is a function of the “I” that is you in the illusion of separation. The “I”-ness changes also in dreams and can be your rational, emotional or higher self-mind. This is also important because that means that you do not have a “higher self”, you are your higher self – literally. You just have to shift your perception of time to get into the future to be that part of you. I will cover that in a later article if people want to know. 

My point is that you STOP using the names – conscious and unconscious mind. It does not benefit you or your clients. It actually stops them from realizing their potential because it makes things difficult. It makes it seem difficult for the rational mind to accomplish something like mission impossible – to be aware of the unconscious mind. You can always move awareness to your emotional mind – that is no problem. 

Learning about the specific aspects of the skills and talents for the rational mind and the emotional mind takes a couple of hours to go through in a teaching situation. It is outside of the framework of writing an article. Of course this can become a teaching arrangement if people want to or need to know. It would certainly be useful. 

While we are on the topic of precision in communication with the emotional mind, it might be a good idea to realize that the emotional mind communicates and best understands sensory experiences. It prefers that kind of communication instead of words. Of course it does understand language in its own way – very literally. So when you use language, especially as a hypnotist, you need to be sure which mind you are addressing. 

That should be an important part of your hypnosis training. 

Changing the status arrangement between both minds

The goal here is to have the emotional mind be the pilot in a plane with room for a co-pilot. The plane also has a connection between the pilot and mission control – or Higher Self. The co-pilot helps the pilot go through the checklist, has arrangements with the maintenance crew and has checked out with the weather prognosis. Both need to be fully up to the task at hand. 

To get there from here, the rational mind will have to step down from its pedestal of dominance. There is a good process of going through this. One constructive model is from the Hawaiian O’ho-ponopono – the process of making bad relationships right. It requires asking for forgiveness to the “inner child” that has been neglected for all these years. The rational mind should have been reported to the authorities for being a bad caretaker of the “inner child”. The relationship usually reflects how your parents treated you as a child.  If you were provided with a safe environment to play as a child, and was otherwise respected and nourished – than chances are good that you also can play as an adult and that is very, very important as a creator. You need three things in life – true work, true rest and true play. 

The inner child must be allowed to play. It also needs structure like all children need. This is where the caretaker rational mind comes into the picture.  At first, the inner child will be a bit apprehensive to the arrangement the rational mind is trying to establish. Although happy that at least there is some positive attention, it is weary of being tricked from before. You need to put your money where your mouth is. Ask for a temporary contract. If you screw up, ask the inner child to kick you hard in the legs to remind you that you are screwing up. Getting to know the inner child is a longer process. I found a very good book on this that i have lost. It had something to do with the huna philosophy from Hawaii – using the pendulum to better understand and communicate. 

NLP is also a good tool so you can understand better how the emotional mind communicates -. Through sensory channels of information.  Since it is responsible for automatic processes, you can also use things like muscle testing or finger signals like are used in hypnosis. This can be quite fun when you get going. Learning to interpret dreams is also part of the new arrangement. I remember that I spent many years on working through layer after layer, getting to know this part of myself better. I found the huna books very helpful to introduce me to some of the secret abilities that the emotional mind has just for the right occasions. 

Understanding how polarity really works helps a lot with resolving conflicts concerning rational and emotional intelligence

We have all been brought up to believe in duality. The Yin and the Yang, the positive and the negative, the good and the bad, the masculine and the feminine…. Are all good examples of duality considerations and they are very good at creating dilemmas for the human psyche. The solution to this conundrum is to remember that there is something called “neutral”. Yes we have forgotten the neutral and its role in the struggle for duality supremacy. 

It is the neutral that makes a high and low pressure rotate against each other. The neutral is stillness in this case. The creator is also neutral and did not create good and bad. There is a much more interesting way to understand this dramatic issue. The creator fragments parts of self to be able to experience self evolving. As such the creators purpose for its creation is to evolve and there are two different ways to evolve – through the process of pain or pleasure. When I first heard about this concept from my hypnosis clients – I found it easy to believe on the one side, but the problem was why so many chose the path of pain to evolve. 

Then I found out what the path of pain really was about. It is the path of short term pleasure that leads to long term pain and dependency, while the path of pleasure or love – is the one that leads to short term pain in stretching and confusion due to new learning and mastery of skills and knowledge. This of course leads to more freedom and flexibility and therefor pleasure. 

When it comes to the rational and emotional mind, the path of pain is absolutely created for rational consumption. Since it believes in competition, thinks that time is limited, thinks only in short term sequences and does not have very great critical thinking skills due to being short term orientated – it will usually fall for the trick of going for instant gratification and the short term pleasures, the comfort zone, the easy way. This is why there is a highway to hell as they say. 

The Rational mind is a firm believer in there not being any creator in the universe and the logic is that if there was a God that was supreme, it would not create competition for itself. Well, the creator did not create competition for itself. That is the illusion when you forget to apply the principle of the neutral. Higher Self is also Neutral and will provide for you the pleasure of evolving or the pain according to your choices. 

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