Mom, what do you do at your work?


-Mom, what do you do at work?  My son asked me, when we where driving to school.

I stumbled…This was a tough question! 

I am a Quantum Hypnotherapist. How do I explain that to 6 years old?

-Well, -I said, – I am helping people reach their inner resources, to accomplish their dreams. 

 Long pause….

 I realized this wasn’t quite a clear explanation for my 6 year old boy. Well, my usual adult’s concepts wouldn’t work here. This might be interesting, I thought, and decided to try from different direction:

 -Everyone has a dream, you know, every person wants to become better at something, or make a certain change in their life, to be a better version of themselves. I have the way that helps people to do that.

 -You can do that? How do you do that? – My son became very curios.

 -Well, not exactly, I do not do that by myself. I help people to connect to a very powerful resource that they have but don’t know about. When they discover it, they are capable of much more then they think. You see, our mind is like a very sophisticated machine. There is a part of us that sees much bigger picture than we do with our eyes.  Let say, it is a like a miraculous navigation system, like we use when we drive a car.  We use navigation system in our car, don’t we?

 -Yes we do! – He replied. 

 -How does it help us? – I asked

 -Mom, it is easy. Papa has it too. When you want to know how to get somewhere faster, or if there is traffic, or if there is a better way- we use it.  So you can drive with no worries.  It tells you everything, where to turn, and where to go. Why are you asking this, mom?

 -Imagine, that our mind is a driver, and the car –our vehicle to move around – like our body.

 -This is funny mom; can I choose the body I want? I mean, the car I want? I want to be a Lamborghini; it is fast and looks cool!!! – My son was lit with enthusiasm.

We laughed.

 I started to like this conversation, since the metaphor I choose was working good and I wanted to explain that we all come to this experience with a particular purpose.

 -Ok, lets imagine, that we choose our body before we came here, and when you choose, you think not only about the look of it, but also about the purpose of your life. When you choose a Lamborghini, you know that it is fast and it is cool, but there are no spaces on the back for kids, right? If some one wants to have a big family –will choose a mini van, for example. Or, if someone wants to do some hard work—probably would choose a tractor or a truck.

 So you choose your car according to your purpose or your plan. Then, we start driving it. Let’s say that the destinations we have — are our dreams and our goals.

You drive in that car of yours and you look around, so you know what is going on around you, this way you can make the best decision about the situation on the road. Lets say, you see the tree felt on the road. What would you do?

 -Of course, I would find another way!

 -Good. This decision is very similar to life situation when you want to do something but it is impossible, so you need to act differently. For example, someone applied for a job he wanted, but got rejected. What to do? Find another way: apply for different job for example.

 Now this is where your navigation system will come handy! You see, navigation system has a different perspective than we do. We can only look through the windows of our car and see only where our sight can reach.

 We can only see with our eyes, hear with our ears, then send this information to our brain, then it compared with the data we store in our memory then, we interpreter it compering to the things that we already know. This is how a driver sees and understands what is going on around him. This perspective is quite limited, if you think about all the other things that are happening in the city: better routes, ways to avoid traffic, accidents and other things that effect out journey

There are so much more then we could comprehend with our limited senses!

Luckily, we have more systems in our car that help us to navigate. 

In the same way, in our mind we have our Higher Self that holds information about our past and our future experiences, about our connection with other people, about our purpose in this experience and so much more.

This tool that we have in our car doesn’t have this limiting perspective that we have as humans.  It can see much bigger picture. Since it is beyond our physical senses their picture is bigger then a neighborhood, bigger then the whole city, bigger then this continent, bigger then the whole planet and bigger then our universe. It is much more than we can imagine!

-This is cool, mom. Can it see in the space too?

 -Yes it can. It can see so far, that we as humans cannot imagine with our mind. This is how wise it is. It can see beyond time and space. It knows when and why you choose your car and it knows what journey you planned. It knows about all the cars you have ever had before and it knows where you went with the cars and what you did there. All those stories are there and you can ask you Higher Self and it would tell you.

 Now, let see, how this could help us to drive safely and effortlessly, bypassing all the possible obstacles and getting us to our destinations (goals).

 Just imagine a car in the unknown city, driving, using navigation system, which can see many options and is able to choose the right and optimal way to reach the desired destination, bypassing all the obstacles on the way! This smart navigation system in our vehicle is very wise and caring, supporting and capable to make any adjustments to the journey and to the vehicle (our body). Would it be fun to use this wise system during your driving experience?

 What if I tell you that it can also make changes to the car, optimizing all other systems that are involved?

 -Wow! – My son said,

This must be fun! What else can it do? Can it make a flying car out of a regular one?

I like it! I would like to have it! Can I have it?

 -Of course! We all have it This system comes with the car. It is ‚Äúbuild in‚Äù, comes with the car from The Manufacturer!  This system is always running in the background when we drive, but we don’t hear it, we don’t know where is the button to turn the volume ‚Äúup‚Äù. It is like a radio station that always plays, even if we do not listen to it. We can hear it only when we tune into it. It is there always, even if we turn the radio off. The only way to listen it to it is to turn the radio ‚Äúon‚Äù and tune into the right wave, you see.

 At my work I show people how to find this miraculous navigation system that comes build in with the car, so they know more than their physical senses can provide. When people connect to their Higher Self they have greater intuition, they can understand why things happening to them, they know the reason for their issues and the ways to resolve problems. It is like having a Super Mind, which sees beyond.

 This is what I do.

-Mom, so you help them find this Navigation system that knows everything?

 -Yes, that is right.

 -Mom, it is so easy, you just find it and that’s it, right?

 -Yes, that is right.

 -Mom, if this is so simple, why does it take so long?

 I started laughing.

 -Hmm, you know, son, people–they are very complicated creatures!

 Alexandra Sasha Tarakanov

Certified Hypnotherapist CHt

QHHT practitioner

To book your QHHT session, please contact Alexandra 

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