New Earth

New Earth


There is a lot of talk about this subject and it is a popular topic to bring to sessions. A lot of people are getting information about it also and Dolores talked about it too. We are all familiar with this at this point in time.

It is still a mystery when it is happening, how it will be, who will go and who will be left behind.

Spiritual teachers have given us clues all through history and we don't seem to 'get it'. Just one example by Dr. Wayne Dyer: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".

That right there is the New Earth. It's not something outside of ourselves. It's all happening inside when we open our hearts to love and choose to look at the world differently. Everything changes. With all that follows with the change. Because we are the New Earth. We are the Universe and the Universe is inside us. It's all here, right now and we have to stop this constant search for stuff to appear on the outside to give us the answers we already have.

We are all moving into the New Earth, all in our own time. Inside. We constantly have to dive back into the hard stuff so therefore we move between the worlds already. Many many people are in the New Earth already because they are in complete peace and they have ridden themselves from the guilt, fear, shame and old karma that used to run their lives. And they don't see the world the same way anymore, the old perception is gone. Yet they walk among us.

When the last person (or soul) has decided to move for good the pain on Earth will be over. No more wars and hunger. Because everyone has chosen love in their hearts. And it begins with what we choose for ourselves. How we percieve life and the world around us.

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