Ovarian Cysts Gone And More Client Testimonial

Ovarian Cysts Gone and More! Client Testimonial


Client Testimonial

About two months ago I had a very interesting QHHT® session with a woman in her 40’s. She was curious to explore her UFO experiences as a child and in young adulthood. 

Within the session, she re-lived one of these encounters and saw herself being “abducted” and taken onboard the ship. She was 5-years-old and was able to vividly describe what she saw: beings from Sirius who were watching and helping her. 

During the session, she also received a lot of healing from her Higher Self. Today she got back to me in an email:

“Hi Tom.
I am sorry that I didn’t contact you sooner. I just haven’t been ready until now. It’s been almost two months since our session. There has been so much going on this summer with deaths and other difficult things happening.

I just listened to my session recording and I must say that a lot of it was very surprising to me, even if I right after the session remembered everything. I listened to the recording yesterday and also this morning. It was very strange to not know the answers to the questions that were asked. It was also a very strange experience listening to my own voice. I didn’t recognize the voice and the way I spoke. My daughter listened to some of it, and she also didn’t recognize that it was me. She said: “I never would have thought that this was you. You talk in a totally different way”.

About what I have experienced after the session:

I was bleeding a lot before, during and after the session (from her uterus). I was afraid that the cysts had developed even more. When I went to the doctor for my check-up, the cysts were gone! Just like my Higher Self said they would be removed. It felt like a great miracle to me.

My neck, shoulders, and back are also no longer bothering me, and I am sleeping much better!

I have always demanded a lot from myself but now I have actually “thrown in the towel” a couple of times and admitted things to myself and others saying that my goals are too high or not realistic. It is quite amazing!

I have become more aware of my own body and I can see that even if it is not perfect, it is fantastic! Seeing myself as a creature from Sirius was really an A-ha experience.

I have become more social.

In the first past life that I was shown, I worked in a stone quarry where the rocks were black as coal. Two days after my regression I went on a trip to Sweden and what do I see? Exactly the same kind of rocks alongside the road. That felt very special to me.

Looking back it is easier to see why these images and experiences came to me. It is more complex and has a deeper meaning than what one might think. It’s all-encompassing in regard to my life and how I experience it from day to day.

In my role as a mother, I can now see that I did a good job despite everything. What others contribute is out of my reach. The stability that I provided and still are providing, is my strength. I am now satisfied with this.

Life is about learning. All this has given me an enormous boost. It has been a lot to take in. To experience myself being inside a spacecraft and also as a different being on another planet. It all seemed so natural and not at all traumatic. I feel good about finally being able to understand why I have always felt different.

Another strange experience was when I was listening to the recording. It was the sense of resistance to receiving help even if it was from my Higher Self. It felt awkward seeing how difficult it has been for me to receive help in this life, but so good to become aware of it. How deep it goes, but I have made it! A lot of things have become much better. The road unfolds as I walk.

Thank you so much for helping me. Here is a drawing of the UFO-captain from the Sirius constellation.

I wish you all the best and recommend you as a practitioner to everyone that is ready.”

Practitioner Tom Waagboe

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